The spy who came in from the cold?

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A spy gets ‘offed’. The Epstein ‘death’, real or imagined, sounds like it would happen in Russia or some other South American military dictatorship. But it didn’t.

Real, imagined, or simply a puff of internecine smoke along the lines of John le Carré brilliance, as ‘The Spy who came in from the Cold’, whatever it is that has befallen Jeffrey Epstein, We the People likely will never ever get to the point of locking it all away on the assurance that it is the truth.

The spy is dead. He’s alive. Who knows?

As for the modern-day United States of America, We the People just recently had closure on a two-year-plus special prosecutors’ investigation of a duly-elected president hated by the Swamp, wherein that copy-cat ‘special prosecutor’ and the nefarious scoundrels around him knew from day one that there had been no collusion with Russia or anybody else.

None. Nada. Zero. Quick – see the squirrel? Talk about a spy!

Truth be told, We the People as a nation stopped living in a republic way back sometime during the Woodrow Wilson and FDR administrations. We stopped living in a representative constitutional republic somewhat more recently.

Indeed, we no longer know what kind of system we do inhabit because the modern-day Sith Lords control many of the levers of power that keep knowledge very private.

The real and relevant question is – Who owns the bureaucracy? Surely not RINOs?

The #44 spy stocked the whole federal government with his toadies and they owe their jobs to the Demonicrat party. President Trump can barely trust his inner circle not to go behind his back and leak. Does anybody really think he has any pull inside the federal corrections system? 

Put another way, there’s no better illustration of the (at least) two-tiered justice system we are now enduring in the USA than Epstein’s death. Anyone threatening the swamp powers will be “suicided”, financially ruined, or both.

Roger L. Simon, PJMedia and: ‘Epstein? Russia? Move the DOJ and FBI out of Washington’…

Jeffrey Epstein’s computers seized during FBI raid on private island ” screams the headline in Tuesday’s New York Post.

It’s meant to be a shocker, but are you shocked? Of course not. What’s shocking is that this didn’t happen ten years ago.

The behavior of the federal government in the Epstein matter from its inception to the tycoon/pedophile’s death has been nothing short of execrable. The attorney general was “appalled.” He should have been, although it’s likely little of this happened directly on his watch. But it besmirches the entire organization.

That people were hidden from exposure in this most heinous of crimes — they call it “short eyes” in prison for a reason — because they were important or powerful in some way is nauseating. Once the facts are known, everyone involved (adults only, of course) should be incarcerated or, failing that, subject to the public, career-destroying, opprobrium they so richly deserve. This should happen no matter whose ox is gored. (The repellent celebrities that continued to pal around with Epstein after his initial incarceration deserve their own special ring of Dante’s Hell.) .. [-]

[+] … If you read about the Russia probe, numerous names repeat on all sides of the argument. Everyone, or almost, knows each other. They’re all cronies on one level or another. When you know and are involved with people, when you eat, drink and socialize together, it’s hard to have the impartiality required by Lady Justice. In fact, it’s almost impossible. Corruption is right around the corner, as it clearly has been.

In a certain sense, all of Washington should recuse itself.

The solution — part of it anyway — is to move the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation out of D.C. Yes, I know they all have branches everywhere, but I’m talking about their headquarters. It’s the old fish from the top thing. No more J. Edgar Hoover Building with all the creepy overtones that has in terms of even-handed justice. (Maybe make it an adjunct of the Spy Museum.) Away, away.

It doesn’t matter that much where the new headquarters are, but probably somewhere in the middle of America far from these influences. The Bureau of Land Management has just moved to Colorado, appropriately enough. This is a good trend and should continue. Otherwise, I fear, we are headed for more of the same. [end]

Sad to see. American voters are slowly wakening to the fact that we have been lied to by our political elite for decades, that they are not working for us, that the system is indeed “rigged”, and that our current POTUS is in desperate need of our assistance in attempting to turn back the forces of darkness that the blackmailing pedophiles that engaged the services of Epstein represent.

Epstein the spy was only the tip of the iceberg. The devaluation of life in America is happening at an ever increasing rate. The exploitation of children for sexual slavery endangers every single American child.

Seventy six thousand children are forced to act as sexual slaves every day in the the state of Texas alone. Nationally more than 400,000 children are exploited for sex every single day.

This past Sunday to bring light on the subject, Mark Levin had Jaco Booyens on his show, an hour that every American should see. It is shocking, alarming and tragic.

Warning – it’s a toughie, but take a moment to view the link below and then share it. The extent of the problem has been purposely hidden by those that want to destroy the United States of America. The high and mighty for whom the spy Epstein pimped.

No President in recent history has done more to stop this satanic practice than President Trump. A man the media portrays as cruel to children is, in fact, their greatest advocate.

Trump in 2020, and please God, save our country from the civil war that is on the horizon if the evil is not cleansed from our politicians, media, and educational systems.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – KAG!


Mark Levin link: Life, Liberty & Levin

Roger L. Simon: Move the DOJ and FBI out of Washington

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