The queen of hearts stole some tarts

Go ahead, make my..

‘The queen of hearts stole some tarts’ – (hint: she WAS a ‘tart’).

But first: ‘The only thing uglier than an angry Washington is a fearful Washington. And fear is what’s driving this week’s blitzkrieg [against] Attorney General William Barr.’ ~ Kimberley A. Strassel, Wall Street Journal

Last week at the same time Kamala Harris and the leftist DemoMarxists were attempting to smear William (Bill) Barr in the Senate hearings, there was another ‘hearing’ taking place in the form of a three-ring circus over in the House of Representatives, headed up by circus clown Jerry Nadler. All that was missing was a rendition of ‘Send in the Clowns’.

But I digress. Kamala Harris is in the spotlight at the moment. Again.

Kamala Harris no match for Bill Barr…

If you recall, she was the very same who was the prime member of the evil-eyed witch hunt during the DemoMarxist attacks on Brett Kavanaugh in the Senate Judiciary Supreme Court hearings back in September of last year. Those very same hearings that brought forth this history-making gem from Lindsey Graham.

Well it turns out that Ms. Harris – prosecutor – found herself entangled in a #MeToo scandal after it was revealed that Larry Wallace, Kamala’s top aide, settled a $400,000 sexual harassment lawsuit back in the tail end of last year.

And guess who paid the harassment claim? Wanna bet it was the taxpayers?

Like most social justice warriors, Kamala Harris talks a big talk on sexual harassment. But all along she was employing and sheltering a predator.

Thomas Lifson in his American Thinker and ‘Kamala Harris’s Glass House’…

When Kamala Harris started throwing stones at A.G. Barr during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, she apparently forgot that she lives in a very big glass house.

In case you’ve forgotten what she demanded of the eminent lawyer sitting before her, here is a video of the question, starting at the point in her questioning when she was laying the predicate for chastising him for not reviewing the supporting documents of the Mueller Report, which, we should note, include over a million pages.

This is laughable on its face, a stunt for ignoramuses who don’t know that man-years of time would be required — Mueller, after all, had two years and dozens of people working for him as lawyers and investigators.

Less than two months ago, we read about Senator Harris’s lack of due diligence on one of her signature issues: sexual harassment:

Sen. Kamala Harris, a 2020 candidate for president, says she still has not spoken to the woman who sued one of her longtime staff members of sexual harassment, leading to a $400,000 settlement.

“In this specific case, I have not talked to the victim,” the California Democrat said in a recent interview with Univision. “That case is being handled by the Attorney General’s Office and I’ve left it up to that office to handle the case as they’ve seen fit, which included a settlement.”

The case against Larry Wallace was brought in 2016 by Danielle Hartley, who was working as an assistant to Wallace in Harris’ attorney general office. Wallace was accused of engaging in “gender harassment” and retaliation. The case was settled in 2017.

Poseur and phony are two of the kinder labels I can come up with for Harris, who recently has been affecting African-American accents (she is half-Jamaican, half-Indian in racial heritage).


From one woman to another, Monica Showalter also in American Thinker, can spin the story much better than I can … ‘Willie Brown admits it: Kamala Harris slept her way to top

Kamala Harris is a #MeToo enabler; the type overwhelmingly attracted to powerful men. Looks and age don’t matter. Look at the younger wives and girlfriends of Soros, Redstone, Bezos etal.

‘The queen of hearts and tarts’ women seduce their way to the top all the time. It’s a female predator tactic that is as old as the human race itself. Under the Obama administration, they weaponized a women’s art of seduction to subjugate the male voice. You see examples of ‘the queen of hearts and tarts’ all the time in the US Senate: Mazie K. Hirono, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer (former Senator, etc.).

Harris knowingly granted her sexual favors to an older, powerful and married man in order to leapfrog over more qualified candidates for a payday she hadn’t earned. It got her where she is. Does she condemn other women for doing the same?

Mmmm. Go ask Danielle Hartley what she thinks about the queen of tarts.

Losing their mind with common sense disappearing down the deep state rabbit hole quicker than you can say ‘jack rabbit’, the current iteration of DemoMarxists have become nothing but a loose pack of cards in the hands of some real wheeler-dealer antagonists.

The queen of hearts [who] stole some tarts being just one of them…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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  1. Maybe Kamala Harris is just a slut lawyer who stumbled onto high paying jobs by sleeping with men of influence.

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