The Left out of ideas in pan(dem)ic

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Excuse my rantathon as a starter but Fox is just like all the other alphabet-soups with their running fatality rate of COV-19 death tallies that bear no relationship to fact. Do any of the MSM media do this with abortions? With black on black crime? (Both of which would actually be probative of something).

If you want to find out the true fatality rate of COV-19 it’s virtually impossible. If you want to find out the actual effectiveness of masks, forget it. If you want to know what the scientific basis for ‘social distancing’ is, you’re out of luck. When there’s good news however – and God knows there’s plenty of it to share around – the lamestreams are nowhere to be found.

If anybody really needs something to bitch and moan about, just check the latest Chicago death-rate killings from this past weekend and tell me just what in the world of God’s creation is going on?!

And if you thought the media couldn’t sink any lower, boy would you ever have it wrong. So don’t get me started on the fake Chris Wallace and his attack on Kayleigh McEnany this past Sunday. And that’s just for starters!

The Left runs out of ideas in pan(dem)ic …

The rapid degeneration of the entire alphabet-soup swamp-dwelling Deep State Intel agencies into lying, thieving, killing and stealing has already demonstrated that they’re out to destroy and remove a duly elected president of We the (63 million) People. In addition, there’s hardly any reason to think that the overflow Deep State operatives at the CDC, COC, WHO or any other federal / related agencies, are any better. Corrupt and evil to the core is more like it.

‘Hair-on-fire’ chaos and panic, followed by history’s first-ever experiment with the disastrous and ineffective nation-wide lockdowns of healthy people, has become the hallmark of every possible degree of imposition. To date no one – NO ONE – can cite a single research paper on lockdowns of healthy people as an effective strategy.

The CDC meanwhile, has morphed into the ‘Center for Death Counts’, due to their inability to manage the simple task of counting the dead. The ‘dead’ that is, of COV-19, not the mish-mash of regular age-and-disease-related killers that have been around for 200 years.

Back in 2009 for instance, the CDC’s look-back on H1N1 estimated that for every person who tested positive, there were 79 people who had been infected but were never tested. In this particular case, a mortality calculation using only those tested would overstate the real mortality rate by 7,800% – not 25%. Personally, I’d like to know what, exactly, was the real scientific basis for Birx’s estimate of 25%, or was she just guessing, like everyone else in the CDC, NIAID, and NIH seems to be so fond of doing?

Brian C. Joondeph, MD, American Thinker: ‘Cooking the Books on COVID-19 Deaths’…

Fox News, and other cable networks, run a COVID death count ticker on the side or bottom of the television screen just as they show the major stock indices during the business day. Why are they so obsessed with deaths from the Chinese virus?

Most peoples’ moods are already melancholic over the unending economic shutdown, along with social distancing, masks, and restrictions on movement and assembly not normally seen in free societies. Why don’t news networks show a tally of recovered patients rather than deaths?

If more deaths are better for the Democrat and media narrative, expect to see inflated death counts, erroneously blaming non-virus deaths on the virus. The left is practiced at this since every type of extreme weather, from rain to snow, heat to cold, hurricanes to tornadoes, is blamed on global warming or climate change, depending on which term fits the weather in question. [-]

[+] … Let’s look at some specific examples where government officials are playing footloose and fancy free with death counts. New York provides a good example, which might explain why the NY metro area is responsible for almost half of COVID deaths in the U.S.

In mid-April the NYC death count spiked. Not because the virus mutated into a more dangerous form, but instead due to bureaucratic malpractice. As the New York Times reported,

New York City, already a world epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, sharply increased its death toll by more than 3,700 victims on Tuesday, after officials said they were now including people who had never tested positive for the virus but were presumed to have died of it.

A one day increase in 3700 deaths? This was not due to the virus but instead to cooking the books, or death based on presumption. How’s that for good science? Those screeching the loudest about hydroxychloroquine and anecdotal evidence are happy to “presume” the cause of death, a far lower standard than even anecdotal evidence. [-]

[+] … ObamaGate sedition revelations are creating a great awakening and Trump’s approval numbers remain strong. The left has played all their cards, each one trumped by one of Trump’s cards. As Q says, is it a PAN-DEM-IC or DEM-PANIC? Inflated death counts are Democrats’ latest gambit to shift the narrative, one they lost long ago.[end]

Link to completion of the real TRUTH down below…

The Left runs out of ideas in pan(dem)ic … Mich Gov Whitmer

If numbers here track with the Italian investigation of the numbers, 18% of the official death count is actual coronavirus deaths. Virtually all COV-19 deaths are old people already dying; maybe the virus killed them, maybe not. A few deaths among those that are somewhat younger (40-60) are people afflicted with severe medical issues – just like the seasonal flu for example – only maybe not as bad as the flu. Seems like we locked down here because we didn’t know, but now we do know.

Amazing how president Trump has single-handedly cured the flu and pneumonia deaths that have plagued us for years and years. In a typical year for instance, the number of lives lost to these two diseases combined, generally numbers close to 100,000, but since apparently, no one is dying from the flu or pneumonia this year does it simply offset the number of people who’ve succumbed to COV-19?

Can’t have it both ways, but if the left want to play the game fairly, they also need to give due credit for lives saved. Unfortunately within their pantheon, ‘fairness and the left’ are complete strangers. End the lockdown completely. Now!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker: Cooking the Books on COVID-19 Deaths


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