The ignominy of being (gulp!) white

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How come all of a sudden that we white men and women (those two years in Jamaica 1964-65 I did for Voluntary Service Overseas birthed my nickname ‘Whitey’!!) have been morphed into Public Enemy Number One in the eyes of progressive millennial cultural jurists? If you’re white and not sure of what I question then just hang with me for a few minutes (even if you’re not white!)

Tucker Carlson the other night had a rather humorous, but no less serious, conversation with one David Burstein, founder of something called ‘Run For America’ and author of ‘Fast Future – How the Millennial Generation is Shaping our World’. The exchange was a textbook example of the praxis of cultural Marxism which is the root of the motivation for these so-called social justice warriors.

Cultural Marxism erodes society through the tools of critical theory and political correctness. To wit, the premise of these anti-white ‘workshops’ is to malign a large segment of society as the cause for social and economic inequality, which quite simply, is critical theory. When you get there, notice also that Tucker asked for an equivalent criticism of another social group, and Burstein wouldn’t dare provide one lest he present himself as politically incorrect. He seemed rather stuck on ‘African-American and Latino’.

Cultural Marxism after all, is routinely dismissed by the Left as an alt-right phantom at best, or a conspiracy theory at worst. This sharp-spiced interview proved that it is neither. White is white.

Progressive DemoMarxist totalitarians love to spout their nonsense but the younger ones are too smug and self-assured in their ignorance and lack of ability to think in logical terms. David (Stoneman) Hogg stir up the hackles in anyone?

Thought so … Watching and listening to Carlson catch them in his web is often quite funny. As in this just under 7-minute gem…

I’ve always held the opinion that Liberal-Progressive DemoMarxists are their own worst enemies because they always fail to defend their positions without exposing the inherent contradictions and untruths. They can only win if we just give in to their Political Correctness and withhold our dissent.

Liberal, DemoMarxist-Progressives ’emote’ their way through life. Facts, history, human nature, science and reality have near zero influence on their convoluted world view.¬†They come with a pointer. Tucker comes with a laser.

When you really think about it, this is what the Left is reduced to, trying to make whites feel bad about being white. The fact is none of us had the choice in choosing when, where, and to whom we were born.

But, so be it.

When I wake up in the morning, feeling all white and depressed, I find that taking out the bullwhip and laying it across the backs of the oppressed does wonders for my spirit.

Honest! [sarc, of course]

Semper Fi President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


H/T Thomas Lifson and his American Digest

One thought on “The ignominy of being (gulp!) white

  1. If another race had been the dominate race in this country, I suspect they would have treated all other races worse than their own race. It has to do with being the majority. That isn’t to mean that all the members of a majority treat other races badly, but because they are in the majority there are always a few that will. If you don’t believe this, look at South Africa who are stealing the property of all white people, regardless of some Whites there having never been mean to Blacks.

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