The enemy within full of lies, deceit

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The enemy within … There’s a great comment from “codemonkey” on the response thread fully cognizant to the fact of Biden fulfilling his role as “the enemy within” that is so appropriate for my opener on his presidential illegitimacy that I couldn’t resist; to whit:

He’s no more “our president” than anyone else who isn’t Donald J. Trump. He has no right to the office, no legitimacy, no standing whatsoever. Every order of his is illegal and the only reason any of us are complying is because of the threat of force being used against us. That has to be said, again and again and again. “I want it clear that the only reason I am complying is b/c of the threat of force, but that not a single order of that man is legitimate”.

Law isn’t just about the “barrel of the gun”. You need that gun to enforce the Law. But before you have the gun you have to be speaking the Truth. And the Truth is that Donald J. Trump won the election, and the demoMarxocrats took over in a full-blown coup. [end]

“demoMarxocrats took over in a full-blown coup”.

The enemy within full of lies and deceit.. China Biden

Took over in a coup after numerous other unsuccessful coups, remember. Let that never be forgotten that all of this mess is a stark example of why treason must be swiftly acted upon because – believe it or not – the country is currently occupied by a hostile enemy force hellbent on achieving one thing only: Destroying the USA on every single level, incredibly even to the point of women’s sports of all things being destroyed.

From the sublime to the ridiculous? Biden himself is a lie, nowhere near being a functioning president, and definitely not a functioning person. What he is, is a regular “Chauncey Gardner” (( Peter Sellers and the movie “Being There”, 1979 )).

Fact is at the moment, we don’t have a true president, he happens to be functioning on other matters from his home base in Florida. What we do have somewhere, is OBO#44 acting as the functioning “anti-president”. But this isn’t a Hollywood comedy either. It’s a nightmare, with OBO#44 laughing maniacally at the people he hates for letting their nation be stolen. OBO the Clown Prince of Fools is the master liar.

Because of Soviet levels of vote fraud we may never know how many Dirtbagocrats voted against President Trump but each and every one of them knew their vote against him was going to that inveterate serial liar, aka Dementia Joe. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

David Horowitz, FrontPageMag: ‘The Biggest and Nastiest White House Liar – Ever’…

He’s our president now.

Yes, Joe Biden – and it isn’t even close. Of course, Biden is widely regarded as an endangered species, a status that serves to protect him from criticism that would be directed at a younger, more mentally stable individual. Even his political opponents are somewhat wary of saying what a catastrophe and menace Biden and his presidency represent. Meanwhile, the whoring intellectual left at the Times and the Washington Post fawn all over this empty suit almost to the same degree that they have slandered Donald Trump for four years as an unrivaled serial liar.

Fortunately, these smears persuade only dedicated Trump haters, who  pretend to be horrified because he exaggerated the size of his inaugural crowd. To those not afflicted with Trump-phobia, a politician who can draw 50,000 people on a winter’s night to Butler Pennsylvania (Pop. 1357) is actually insulated from this kind of slander because the reality is clear enough. Trump has the largest and most devoted following of any politician in our lifetimes. His crowd was as large as Joe Bidens are small. [-]

[+] … [no] presidential candidate – no president ever – has been so brazen and malicious at telling political lies as Joe Biden. Before an audience of 70 or 80 million viewers of the final presidential debate, for example, Biden accused Trump of being a mass murderer, of killing hundreds of thousands of coronavirus patients because he “did nothing” to fight the virus. Vote for me, Biden appealed to his audience, because if elected, I will rescue you from the clutches of a villain who doesn’t have a “plan” and doesn’t care how many innocent people die. As president I will change that. I have a “plan.” [-]

[+} … [Biden’s 40+] executive orders had no rationale other than as sticks poked in the eyes of every American who had voted for Trump – all 75 million – and every American whose life these, and a host of other destructive policies, endangered. The fact that these were Executive Orders, and not appeals to a bi-partisan Congress, was a brazenly calculated warning that there was not going to be a healing or unity, as Biden had promised. Instead, Biden himself intended to lead an assault on half the nation, dividing the country for another generation. It was another brazen Biden lie – this time aimed at America’s heart. [-]

Full link below…

The enemy within full of lies, deceit ..Biden etal

The “Dirtbagocrat” party, which includes the fake news media, is hopelessly criminal and anti-American so it didn’t hesitate to burden us with a doddering old crook by the name of Beijing Biden, a corrupt relic with advanced dementia who got hustled in by criminal default. Memory reminds the lowlife had to drop out of an election decades ago (pre-hair plugs) for lying outrageously on camera and insulting an audience member while at it. Once a blowhard, always a blowhard. His non-stop lying is no secret.

At least We the (75 million+) People – plus more, truth be told – don’t recognize Biden as President. We don’t care what anyone says, Trump won that election. Biden is just a vessel for the radical left. Does anyone with half a brain honestly believe he’s drafting those executive orders? He can’t even read, let alone find a pen. Someone has to place this stuff in front of him on his fake Resolute desk in the fake Oval Office.

Anyone who hides in his basement and who could barely fill social distancing circles at his own rallies did not win fair and square. The last time I checked there were 26 states (including Florida, and here in Texas) who are planning secession. And that’s ok, right? Our nation is being reborn AND we are leaving behind all those people who have had their sticky fingers in our earnings and assets for far too long.

The enemy within that will be no more. In the immortal words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “Free at last; free at last; thank God Almighty we are free at last!”

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!



2 thoughts on “The enemy within full of lies, deceit

  1. I knew that Kyle Biederman had filed some kind of paperwork to get the secession of Texas started but I had no idea that 26 other states were doing the same. That is wonderful news. I had written Governor Abbott the day Biden took office and asked him to help Texas secede. After Biden and his thugs ruin the rest of the country, they will be begging the states who seceded to bail them out. That will be our opportunity to give them the rules for joining our United States and a iron clad paper work that will prohibit them from ever pulling a coup like this again.
    Before I forget, in one of the presidential debates Biden also told us he had a cure for cancer. We (the ones in their right minds) thought if he had a cure for cancer, why does he have to be elected president to share it.

    • Thanks, Jeanette, I’m a little late in responding, but as to your content, well done … I noticed even earlier today that Joe BiteMe apparently is putting plans together to flip Texas … good luck on THAT dopey Joe, but we guardians at the gate need to stay aware … cotton-ball idiots all around us!!


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