The enemy that refuses to time out

En Garde in the bunker…

I’ve been meaning to call the enemy (‘these idiots’) out for a while now, but far greater things were developing that were of more immediate import. Like the ‘truth’, for instance.

But now’s the time.

By ‘idiots’ I mean the melange of talking heads that eke out a living by consistently prevaricating their diatribe(s) on what ‘is’ is (throwback to a former Clinton diatribe right there!), or what ‘what’ is, who ‘who’ is, and why ‘why’ We the People should care.

The overriding problem with the enemy Fake News Networks is that they are on cable with millions subsidizing them who recognize CNN, PMSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, and PBS as Enemies-of-the-People. The elimination of bundling would be a way in which they’d be forced to stand on their own in a competitive marketplace.

As for the enemy ‘crisis du jour’, it’s currently the border; last time it was Russia; next time who knows, other than there will be a next time. It’s one thing when these incidences are addressed individually, but quite another when taken in their entirety; which begs the question: Why is the Left so insecure about their own ideology that they feel compelled to distort everything which doesn’t bolster their narrative?

Some 60 years ago having the ‘educational’ channel was a good thing. There were three major networks and one, maybe two, independents. So it filled a niche and did it quite nicely. Flash forward to today. We have cable, satellite, streaming, all kinds of intrusive marvels; digital channels, sub channels and sub-sub channels. Nobody really needs PBS as the niche is filled with multiple redundancies. In fact you can find more educational programming on your digital sub-channels and streaming than you can on PBS, which really needs to be divested from NPR and left to stand or fall on its own.

If the perspectives and ideology (and track record) of Liberalism-neoSocialism were so great, then its channels of reach would sell themselves. Nobody would have to distort, selectively edit or lie about the truth. But it isn’t that great and so they must continue the charade of fakery as truth, perpetuating their facade as the enemy that refuses to timeout.

Take for instance these miscreants, consistently lying through their teeth every time they’re on camera…

As yours truly has illustrated repeatedly lately, Mueller and his merry band either destroyed all the evidence or prepared a manifesto based on opposition research. One thing you won’t find in the Mueller report are facts. Facts are used and needed for convictions.

Try, for instance, getting facts out of this bunch included in the video. It’s a rat’s nest (in no particular order) of Brian Williams; Rachel Maddow; Wolf Blitzer; Chuck Todd; Chris Matthews; Lawrence O’Donnell; Brooke Baldwin; David Axelrod; Erin Burnett; Anderson Cooper; Chris Cuomo; Chris Hayes; Joe Scarborough; Mika Brzezinski; Hallie Jackson; Andrea Mitchell; Tom Brokaw; Dana Bash; Katy Tur; Ali Velshi; Amy Goodman; Greta Van Susteren; John King; Craig Melvin; Nicolle Wallace; Jake Tapper; Alec Baldwin; George Stephanopoulos; Maxine Waters; Michael Avenatti; Don Lemon; Van Jones; Lisa Kennedy; Chris Hahn; Charles Payne; etc., etc.


If Mueller had any facts he wouldn’t have had to concede defeat. Close to $30 million wasted and the Democrats are about to waste millions more on even more inquiries – at least 81 more. The swamp lives on and justice delayed is justice denied.

And THATs the enemy that refuses to time out.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump on the case – MAGA!


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