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Anybody beyond me remember (what was thought of at the time as insane) Dennis Rodman’s early trips to North Korea and his involvement with Kim Jong-un – especially on the basketball court? Hands UP all who thought it looked weird at the time, yet now might just show how important those visits may have been. The mightiest walls of defense remember, can all be brought down one stone, one brick, at a time.

I also noticed Rodman’s tweeting his congratulations to the events this week, and thinking it isn’t too far beyond belief to assume he would likely be a very good first ambassador, if and when events got so far advanced to that happenstance. The Don, as in President Trump, could well have the perfect first North Korean Ambassador right in his camp.

But that’s for then, back to the now.

It isn’t too outrageous to think that Rodman in his own way, has ‘accidentally’ paved the way for the future, having shown The Don PDJT, what respect and going the extra mile might mean – my own slant on the ‘outrageous’ coming from today’s developments as brought to light by ‘sundance’ and the crew over at Conservative Treehouse.

The full piece is truly extraordinary, especially with the realization that it was entirely vetted by North Korea. As ‘sundance’ states, there was much propaganda, but even the lamestreams can’t ignore the bold representation that the discussions involve denuclearization of the peninsula. And also the specific statement about returning to the Singapore discussions.

Absolutely stunning.

The deep state big fake news MSM are currently blowing into paper bags trying to figure all this out. After all, my above play on words from Don Quixote as it relates to The Don president, has a propensity of driving the Leftist loonies into fits of paroxysms beyond measure.

To get the specious lamestreams even more paralytically-deranged, I would again reconfirm (re Rodman) that this was a full court three pointer. Pass the headache pills to the punsters please!!

Conservative Treehouse, ‘sundance’ at the helm, and ‘North Korean Broadcast even more Optimistic and Respectful’…

Jumping Ju-Ju bones. Wow. The North Korean broadcast of the meeting between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un has now been fully translated to English.

Initially, even without the translation, we could see the optimistic message and a mutual strategy that would align the interests of Chairman Kim and President Trump. However, the translation is even better than anticipated. The message to the North Korean people is not just optimism and propaganda, the message directly and purposefully conveys an incredibly strong message of respect for U.S. President Trump.

Traditional propaganda messaging would convey great power and respect for Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un and a message of moderate diminishment toward the U.S. President. This type of propaganda narrative is also what the U.S. Main Street Media had stated Kim Jong-un would use. But they’re wrong… all of them.

The actual message conveyed to the citizens of North Korea is one of united celebration and magnanimous respect for Chairman Kim and President Trump. The broadcast specifically cites “wisdom”, “respect” and praise for the “incredible courage” of President Donald J Trump. Exactly the opposite message predicted by the DC naysayers.

All over southeast Asia the media reports are optimistic, positive and upbeat with the possibility of a generational crisis finally coming to an end. President Trump is being called a hero throughout Southeast Asia for bringing peace to Korea.

Yes the DPRK broadcast is “propaganda”, but this type of propaganda with a message of optimism and peace that proclaims the dignity and respect of both leaders is the best kind of propaganda. This is not anti-American, this is specifically pro-American.

What an incredible shift in the dynamic.

Read to historic conclusion in link down below…

President Trump and Kim Jong-un meet border-to-border .. Historic!

Right-minded people no longer pay attention to anything the anti-American big deep state MSM spews forth, nor for social media who are basically Snopes in disguise — a few Leftists buried in a basement somewhere posting under aliases so it looks like there are more of them than there are of us.

Which doesn’t mean I don’t worry for the USA and the future ahead.

As a student of history having been born and raised as a child during-and-post-WW II, the Nazis and Bolsheviks were fewer in number than the population but their violent ways were what put them in charge. Fast-forward some 75 years and the Antifa attack on Mr. Ngo should warn us that there are no differences between thugs or assassins whether they wear brown shirts (Nazis), red stars (Bolsheviks) or black shirts (Fascists). Nor an ex-fake hidden-identity #44 rousing the bloodthirsty hordes with ‘if they bring a knife to the fight, we’ll bring a gun’.

President Trump is The Don in the arena, the Dutch boy who put his finger in the dike to hold back the water that would have drowned us all had HillaryRob’em stolen it as planned in 2016.

It is now up to we Patriots to reelect him in 2020. MAGA-KAG !!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – The Don – MAGA!


Full ‘sundance’ in Conservative Treehouse : North Korean Broadcast even more Optimistic and Respectful

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