The blackness of American angst….

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The blackness of American angst … Wanting to be like everybody else is part and parcel of human nature. Liberals in particular would rather die than hold an unfashionable thought.

How does it work? Most of us have at least one anecdote as kids of asking our mothers to do something really stupid. Mom reacts with horror and says, “NO!”. Junior gives the standard rebuttal of, “But Mom. All the other kids are doing it…..” To which Mom retorts with the classic line, “If all the other kids were jumping off bridges, would you want to jump too?” The answer, of course, is yes.

The blackness factor would determine whether or not both Mom and Junior would jump off that bridge if doing so were fashionable enough, and being “woke” is proof positive. If the “woke” crowd gets its way, they are going to wake up ‘woke’ one morning to discover they are hated, and no longer have any safe spaces since they gave their country away. Or their blackness factor.

The blackness of American angst… #44-wise, that is…

It’s okay to be white too! But wait … There’s certainly a double standard with BLM/Antifa. Retired blackness police captain Dorn was shot in the head and killed by BLM/Antifa looter. Peaceful blackness 22 year old protester, Italia Marie Kelley was shot and killed by violent BLM/Antifa protester. So proclamations that Black Lives Matter is really just a lie of the BLM/Antifa communists. Wouldn’t you reckon?

And if you can sort all that out, you’re a better blackness man than I, Gunga Din!

BLM does have an agenda, but for those making demands on others it proves they are not secure in their own professed beliefs. Shaming, demanding, attempting to silence others is what anxious, insecure people do because they are emotionally stunted and incapable of validating themselves. Thus they demand validation and recognition from others by getting those others to agree with them.

It’s really very childish and the only people who will give in are those who emotionally never left high school and still need to “belong”. The one thing we can do to stop it is to show a backbone. Stand up to mob mentality. When they command your compliance tell them “no”. If you lead others will follow. Cults only win when nobody is around to call out their insanity.

The blackness cultists all deserve each other.

Stella Morabito, The Federalist: ‘Socialits BLM Weaponize fears of Loneliness’…

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist scam. As with all totalitarian ploys, BLM uses your natural fear of social rejection to force conformity and compliance with its goals. If we buy into it, we have a lot to lose, including all individual liberties—freedom of speech, of thought, and especially the right to a private life and private relationships.

The BLM goal should be obvious by now: conjure up enough blind conformity to create the illusion of unanimous support. Support for what? The uncontroversial slogan that black lives matter is just a tool to draw you in emotionally to its broader and more destructive agenda.[-]

[+] … So, what’s the secret of creating enough woke conformity to get to such an anti-thought point? How does a well-organized band of power-craving elitists get people to surrender the right to speak their own minds? To open the door to giving collectivist elites the raw power they crave?

I’ll use the terms socialism and Marxism somewhat interchangeably. Marxists tend to refer to themselves as socialists, even if some socialists claim they aren’t Marxists. All are collectivists, though, with the same patterns and tendencies and agendas, some harder than others, depending on their “state of evolution.”[-]

[+] … People with politically incorrect ideas often confide they feel completely alone. Identity politics works by forcing people to focus only on a collective identity and collective guilt while erasing each of us as unique individuals. Both are alienating. Both empower bad actors.

Most of us have never had a chance to learn the history of how blind conformity breeds terror, and vice versa. Abject conformity led to the hellscapes of Stalin’s reign of terror, of Hitler’s Germany. Those who submit to false confessions of “white guilt” can just as easily submit to such regimes because the psychological mechanism is the same: seeking the social approval they crave and avoiding the social rejection they fear.

In the end, weaponized loneliness is the fuel of socialism, as well as hardcore socialist organizations, including BLM. Recognizing and rejecting this scam is the only way to begin coming together as whole human beings. [end – full link provided below]

Yesterday in my Sunday blogpost I wrote the following: “There is no ‘collective’ guilt … just as there is no ‘collective’ salvation. There is no ‘white guilt.’ There is no ‘white privilege.’ White privilege has become a Democrat political construct, to declare everyone guilty without any possible defense simply based on a light skin color; which is what creates the false white guilt. When people stop accepting the false premise of white privilege, white guilt, and collective guilt, the Demo-dark left will lose much of their power.”

“Bottom line is one cannot be a Christian and a Democrat. Under present circumstances with their pet project ‘Planned Parenthood’, which is nothing more than abortion on demand and other ghoulish operations, no Democrat can conceive of going to heaven, unless they truly repent.”

“Knock at no door which thou wouldst not have opened. Or it may open on a sudden, and thou wilt stand confounded. When persons speak for a cause which they do not really believe in, they may have to pay dearly for their words. Some who defend Socialism may soon have too much of it. I would not have you exchange the gold of individual Christianity for the base metal of Christian Socialism ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Stella Morabito, The Federalist: Socialists BLM Weaponize fears of Loneliness

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