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The most telling line of Daniel Greenfield’s latest post from FrontPageMag is this one which runs near the end of his expose` – The Texas Dallas-Fort Worth area has the fourth largest Muslim population in the country with over 70 mosques. [emphasis mine]

As a long-time Texas resident since 1992 I can tell you honestly such information of that nature doesn’t exactly settle very well either in my mind nor my stomach.

As Daniel points out in the body of his piece coming up, Texas has had more than its share of Muslim terror,

    • ranging from brutal family ‘honor killings’ in Lewisville on of all dates, New Year’s Day of 2008;
    • attempted bombing of the downtown Dallas ‘twisty skyscraper’ known as Fountain Place September of 2009;
    • the illicit transfer of millions of dollars from the Holy Land Foundation in Richardson to fund the terrorist activities of 9/11;

Holy Land Foundation office in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Richardson in 2001.

  • the first United States ISIS/ISIL-claimed attack on the Culwell Center in Garland, May of 2015;
  • And finally – FINALLY – the effete Obama was forced to refer to the Fort Hood massacre as a ‘terrorist attack’ some six years after the fact.

Then there’s always the ever-present threat of Shari’ah Law (as it was in Irving in July of 2015) hovering around the Constitution of the United States, the aim of which is to eventually strip We the People of the Constitutional rights and privileges of American citizenship. The Constitution overrides and overrules any and all other national arbitration, United Nations-wise, Islamic-wise, or any other-wise.

Fact is that I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but my point having been made, we can segue` into the Daniel Greenfield piece titled ‘Texas Muslim Wanted to Please Allah by Attacking Mall’…

Daniel Greenfield…

Matin Azizi-Yarand had two cats and an older sister. He had taken taekwondo and piano lessons.

But while he went through life as a normal high school student, living with his parents in a home in a bland residential development in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, he was also plotting to murder as many non-Muslims as he could at a shopping mall. Unlike the green lawns of nearby houses, the Azizi family had a dead lawn. And there was something just as dead behind the high windows of its Plano home.

“There is a Hindu temple I want to shoot up,” Matin messaged. Then he moved on to plotting an attack at Plano West High School, which he attended and where he was eventually arrested. “School is a perfect place for an attack. Even a blind man could take 10 easily,” he gloated. His ISIS contact had told him that killing ten or a hundred infidels would be easy. “Just fire where you hear screams.”

But finally he settled on the Stonebriar Centre, a shopping mall in nearby Frisco. He collected pictures and scouted the mall. “The security guards don’t even have guns lmao,” he messaged.

Matin worried that the civilians in the mall might have concealed weapons. And he made plans for ambushing the one armed officer in the mall. “I’d actually like to make a cop surrender and drop his gun, then douse him with gasoline and burn him.”

The area has a large Muslim community and Matin didn’t want to harm the Muslim “sisters” who frequented the mall. So he decided to attack during Ramadan, “iftar time//to limit Muslim casualties.”

“No Muslims are going to be at mall when it’s time to be breaking your fast//in sha Allah. (Allah willing)”

His victims might be Hindus, his fellow students, or random shoppers at Stonebridge mall. Matin and his correspondent only worried about accidentally killing non-Muslims. They considered taking hostages to better weed out any Muslims from the Americans whom they would stab, shoot, or burn to death.

Like many ISIS supporters, Matin admired the group for its eagerness to kill non-Muslims. “What other groups have you seen brave enough to slaughter the Kuffar? (non-Muslims),” he challenged.

As Matin’s plans developed, he focused in on the movie theater and a popular restaurant. He followed the security guards and police officer around the mall’s three floors and developed an attack plan.

To read entire piece to completion simply click on LOGO…

Culwell Center, Garland TX  Islamic Terrorist Attack May 3, 2015…

If Matin Azizi-Yarand of Plano, Texas, were an infidel, he could probably be categorized as a psychopath, but he isn’t; he’s a Muslim, and his thinking is perfectly in line with Islamic ideology. As a Muslim planning to mass-murder unarmed victims, he is not a psychopath at all; he is simply a devout Muslim. The psychotics are the Congress-critters inhabiting the D.C. Sewer-Swamp who allow free-rein Muslims to inhabit the United States as a takeover target.

Considering that Paul Weston, Matt Bracken, Jamie Glazov etal have all recently duly received their Muslim Twitter marching orders, it gives me no more satisfaction that the very same ‘crimes’ that these patriots are being punished for, are de rigueur for Islamic Muslim adherents like Matin Azizi-Yarand to use at will without punishment! Just how double-faced is that?

As Weston expresses it: “I have been banned, as has Tommy Robinson and a woman called Shazia Hobbs, whose crime as an ex-Muslim was to campaign against Female Genital Mutilation. I was banned for breaching Twitter’s Hateful Conduct rules, but Twitter, somewhat strangely, is unable to furnish me with any details of just what was in breach … Twitter is driving all non-leftists away, so perhaps now is the time to get onto Gab, the genuinely free speech Twitter alternative. I am already there as @paulweston. Hope to see you there too”.[end]

Since Muslims don’t want us preaching from their own specious Qur’an, they’re hoping that they can continue their charade on the “religion of peace” by playing the victims of “Islamophobia,” even as they infiltrate Western Civilization by whatever means possible. The irony is that they are now emboldened enough to shout out ‘Allahu Akbar’ as part of their demonic attacks, yet still millions of people don’t believe them, even while standing in the pools of their own countrymen’s blood.

The West needs to wake up from its media-induced stupor.

Semper Fi President Trump – MAGA!


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