Ted Nugent: government the enemy

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Ted Nugent cut loose the other day on just what’s happening to friends of his attempting to cope with the swarms of illegals bifurcating their way into the heartland of America with little to nothing being done by anyone at the highest levels of governance. Beginning with the gaggle of KamalaOBO#44Biden and “circle-back” circus clowns telling fairy tales within the confines of the WH daily briefings.

From the Americans that actually live on the border and beyond it is all real! We the (80 million+) People are being invaded and our government is the enemy.

But first, to the idiocy / odyssey of the Batman and Robin feature of the aforementioned KamalaOBO#44Biden and the “circle-back” circus clowns and their fairy tales.

The left is very good at displaying its stupidity and calling it smart. Their lack of common sense and real life experience allows them to do what they do without an ounce of knowledge of truth, thus, they pursue the lie and destroy themselves and everything around them while blaming everyone else for the catastrophe they created.

In the book of Revelation they’re referred to as “the destroyers of the earth”, as the UN (coincidentally) are currently funding weather-changing experiments, both dangerous and stupid. There was a time of course, when university professors would be paid by private sector companies to carry out such research into ideas at the time, some successful some not, but not anymore.

Those days are long gone because government research grants are far BIGGER than anything the private sector can afford anymore. So the professors simply research what the UN asks them, with a caveat if the professors find something the UN doesn’t like, their funding gets removed immediately. So of course they prove the UN’s communistic theories!

Lloyd Billingsley, American Greatness: ‘Questions For Kamala’ …

Since Joe Biden put her in charge of the border, Kamala Harris has been ducking reporters’ questions. If she ever gets around to it, here are some possible queries for the California Democrat:

Madame Vice President, in your view, what is the purpose of the U.S. border?

Are you aware of any countries that maintain a border policy like the one the Harris-Biden Administration is implementing? [-]

[+] … Vice President Harris: It’s known that you frequently stand-in for President Biden when he’s not feeling well enough to greet foreign visitors. If you have a chance, will you ask Chairman Xi when the world can expect to see the first woman communist dictator?

In 2014, then-Vice President Joe Biden said the foreign nationals coming to the United States in caravans were “already Americans.” As the current vice president of the United States, is that also your view?

When Central American parents send minor children to the border in the company of smugglers, does that in any way constitute child abuse?

Are you opposed to human trafficking? [-]

[+] … Vice President Harris: We’re all aware that diversity is our strength and have been taught that since childhood. Since we appear to be draining Central America of its vigor so that we can be more diverse, do you support a program of sending masses of white liberals to Central America so they can be diverse?

Vice President Harris: President Biden famously announced that he was going to choose the best black woman he could find to be his running mate. Were you offended at the time by this base pandering? [-]

Full link below with others…

Ted Nugent: government the enemy…

As Ted Nugent puts it:
For my friends that live out of state and my local friends that haven’t kept up with the news – here is what is happening where we live: 120 miles north of the Texas – Mexico Border.

This past 5 days our County Judge has issued a Declaration of Disaster (just like they do when there is a hurricane or tornado). Today our County Sheriff has also sent a letter to our U.S. Congressman. Our County is being overrun with the illegal immigrants that are pouring over the border by the thousands everyday.

More times than I can remember in just the last 2 weeks there have been countless cases of high speed chases with police in pursuit of human smugglers. Usually ending with the smugglers driving through ranch fences and everyone bailing out and running. Farmers and Ranchers are reporting property damage in the way of fences torn down, barns, tack rooms and residences being broken into.

Yesterday it was announced that several (at least 200) hotel rooms in our county have been leased by the Federal Government to house these immigrants. Many hotels in the area have been home to Oilfield workers for over a year. Today many of the Oilfield workers have reported that they have been issued notices to leave within 2 weeks so that the criminals will have a place to stay for 6 to 12 months.

Our tax dollars are paying for this. If you don’t think this is a problem please pay attention. Biden administration has asked the media not to report on this. Not reporting doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Our small, rural counties don’t have the manpower or financial resources to deal with this. Please pray for our law enforcement. They are facing this not on a DAILY basis but an HOURLY basis. Farmers and ranchers are armed and they are getting tired of this. [Ted Nugent end]

To say nothing of We the (80 million+) People getting tired of it all as well…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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