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Sweden commonsense corona virus … It needs to be noted that there was strong internal opposition to the Swedish approach to COV-19, from leftist, globalists in their own medical community. These operatives did all they could to inflate the death numbers in Sweden, by calling anyone that died with coronavirus, a ‘confirmed coronavirus death’. Don’t know about Fauci, but Birx has a propensity to calling that “liberally classifying deaths”.

Sweden was and still is, a success within and beyond this COV-19 fiasco, and anyone dismissing that looks foolish when confronted with the actual numbers. It isn’t that the Press in America is not free; it’s that it is corrupt. Other than the fact that Sweden is reeling from a wave of shootings and bombings mostly related to the religion that must not be named, fact is that Malmo has a significant (you know what) problem which are mostly (you know who)..

[censors lurk everywhere don’t ya know. Turn the dial on your secret decoder ring and it will fill in the blanks for you].

Sweden commonsense corona virus…

Over on OANN Alex Berenson was talking about his new book on lockdowns, and made an interesting point. For fifteen years, the W.H.O. had been evaluating the concept of lockdowns as a solution, and it was strongly, and articulately, rejected by the scientists at W.H.O. Then, in 2019, under Tedros, “extreme social distancing” was added as an approved solution, by edict. Quite a coincidence, the very next virus comes along, and lockdowns, are seemingly the only solution.

The real tragedy (after the results from Sweden were clear) was from the Republican governors rushing back to lockdowns, when faced with likely fraudulent data, from the manufactured surge.

If the past six months don’t defy commonsense, I’d suggest that if not obsolete, commonsense has surely morphed into an archaic precept.

Robert Curry, American Thinker: ‘Coronoavirus commonsense’…

Have you heard the news? The epidemic is largely over in Sweden, the country that has been criticized for not imposing lockdowns. Sweden chose the commonsense approach of protecting the elderly and those with pre-existing health challenges and allowing people at low risk to circulate, contract the virus, and develop natural immunity.

Mike Whitney, writing about Sweden’s approach and success over at “The Durden Dispatch,” put it like this: “Common sense has prevailed.” Another article at “Durden” provides truly amazing graphs that vividly illustrate Sweden’s success. America and most of Europe tried one approach, the Swedes tried another, and the results are now in. Going with common sense worked; going against common sense failed.

Anthony Fauci claimed we could stop the spread of the virus by imposing generalized house arrests. This had never before been tried. Then, in a bizarre progression, the restrictions went from a 15-day lockdown in order to “flatten the curve” to the ever-lengthening lockdown we are in now. There is no clear exit strategy for us, no end in sight, except apparently we are to wait patiently for a vaccine to appear, who knows when and who knows with what effects.

In the meantime, the lockdown is keeping children out of school, causing the failure of countless businesses, creating vast losses of savings and capital, and shutting down normal life. Meanwhile, life goes on quite normally in Sweden. And Sweden’s economy is doing better, much better, than its neighbors.

There are at least two general observations to be made. [-]

[+] … For the most part, the people in the press are not interested in finding out what is happening and reporting it to you. The model for the press has become Walter Duranty or Nikole Hannah-Jones. Duranty was the Moscow bureau chief of The New York Times during Stalin’s rise to power and some of the most murderous years of Stalin’s rule by terror. Duranty painted a glowing picture of Stalin and of life in the Soviet Union, winning Stalin’s favor and a Pulitzer Prize in 1932. Hannah-Jones is the creator of the 1619 Project at the Times. The purpose of the 1619 Project is to convince Americans that America is a racist country.  Hannah-Jones was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2020.

Today, if you rely on the Times or ABC or PBS, what you are being told may not be factually correct, but you can be certain it is politically correct. [end]

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Sweden commonsense corona virus…

Somehow the bad people have stumbled onto the President’s Achilles Heel. It matters not how or why the President has been sucked into this foolishness, only that on occasion, he has been. Perhaps he now realizes that he’s been conned and is playing along until after the election. As the President likes to say, sad.

Since day one, he’s mostly left it up to each state as how to handle things. The governors have done permanent damage with their abuse of “emergency” powers. Next is the abuse of power by local politicians who have attacked peaceful law-abiding citizens while letting criminals and rioters off the hook.

Having done business in Sweden many, many Moons ago, it’s a nation not known to be a bastion of conservative thought by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps the news blackout on the Swedes’ COV-19 policy is meant to hide some inconvenient facts. For what it’s worth, mark my words, if Biden is somehow illegally-elected and they cart him out in a wheelbarrow, the masks will all disappear and the Zelenko Protocol will become the new cure for Covid; discovered of course, by Joe the-lying dog-faced pony-soldier Biden.

The entire world seems to have gone nuts and blaming one person, like Trump, for the madness seems too much and not any different than what the loony left would ‘fess up to. But don’t worry, it won’t ever reach that point!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump pumping life back into America – MAGA! KAG!


Robert Curry, American Thinker: Coronavirus commonsense



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