Supreme failures mark of top Court

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Supreme failures mark of top court … In an 1832 landmark case, Worcester v. Georgia, President Andrew Jackson responded to the verdict: “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” Ergo president Trump can do the same in like manner; especially with a current Supreme Court consistently ruling way, way, out of its original intended mandate.

Under the terms of our construct as a Constitutional Republic, brilliantly developed by our founding fathers, the president has as much Constitutional authority to pronounce a court ruling be it a circuit court, an appeals court or the Supreme court, as unconstitutional and either ignore the ruling or proceed in spite of the ruling; the court has to pronounce a law or an executive action unconstitutional. The difference being the court has no mechanism to enforce its edicts and ruling.

We now know that Justice Kavanaugh is not enough. Judge Thomas is getting old and Chief Justice Roberts has gone way over to the dark side. What will he give up to get that 5th vote? To balance things the court definitely need 2 or 3 more conservatives. In the meantime, we should be grateful that the DemoMarxocrats and their allies have finally shown the entire world just how evil and power-mad they are.

Supreme failures mark of top Court…

The Marxist left and other swamp dwellers have been able to get away with their lying charades for so long that they never thought anyone would call them out on it (check – no one ever has.) President Trump, however, is not one of those rollover Republicans. He didn’t resign, he fought back, and through all their investigative nonsense, the leftist cabal still haven’t figured out how / what to do about, or with him.

This is a Senate leadership failure more than anything else. Just remember 35 years ago Joe BiteMe’s buddy Chappaquiddick Kennedy was “Borking” republican judges simply for being republicans. Now it’s standard operating procedure as we all witnessed with Kavanaugh. Not so much with Gorsuch hiding in plain sight.

The court in the meantime, needs to be put back into its proper place or We the (63 million) People will continue to be held hostage by 9 un-elected tyrants in black robes. An executive smack down of the courts is very much needed.

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: ‘The Supreme Court is out of Control’ …

With one exception, the Supreme Court causes supreme problems when it oversteps its bounds, as it has done regularly since Trump’s election. It did this most recently when it held that, although President Obama illegally instituted his DACA program, President Trump must jump through a series of arbitrary administrative hoops to walk it back. Daniel Horowitz says that there is a way to end the Court’s unconstitutional power grab.

Going back as far as 1857, with one exception, the Court’s major public policy decisions have been constitutionally invalid and had disastrous outcomes. Dred Scott denied African-Americans citizenship, Plessy v. Ferguson enshrined segregation, Korematsu v. the United States erased the rights of Americans of Japanese descent, and Roe v. Wade created an imaginary constitutional right to abortion that created a 47-year-long schism in America that perverts every presidential election. Each time, the Court waded into areas that are the preserve of the states and Congress, making up rights as it went along.

Only once did the Supreme Court improperly insert itself into a public policy issue and get away with it. That was 1954’s Brown v. Board of Education, a morally but not legally correct decision. Its virtue lay in how it focused America’s attention on the virulent racial hatred emanating from what many Americans then considered a backwater region.

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Then there’s this from Frederick Pierson, also in American Thinker:

In the 1850s the United States was roiled over the issue of slavery. Many looked to the courts for resolution of the issue. The Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision “settled” the issue by stating that, since slavery was permitted under the U.S. Constitution, slaves had no inherent civil rights that anyone was bound to respect. The plaintiff in the case, the slave Dred Scott, could therefore not obtain his freedom. Was the slavery issue settled?  Of course not, as the Civil War, four years into the future, so amply proved.

Going forward to 1973, the Supreme Court, by a 7-2 margin, issued the momentous Roe vs. Wade decision. Abortion, at least in the early stages of pregnancy, is now deemed legal throughout the nation, restrictions already placed upon the procedure by various states notwithstanding. Any turmoil that surrounded this issue prior to 1973 was dwarfed by the political and social contentions that ensued. The issue divided the country, to say the least. So, what could have provided legal clarity to the issue in 1973 instead catapulted the nation into political and social upheaval that has not diminished up until the present day.

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Supreme failures mark of top Court … They all have to know…

The historical rule is that the more crazy pols and judges become, there is a certain point where people stop listening to them. A very minor example from my native Britain posits that until recently in the UK, there was a standing law from the 13th century that decreed that all adult males had to practice archery several hours a week. After the end of the 100 Years War, this was clearly a ridiculous decree, so was ignored by the hoi polloi. Back home here, SCOTUS might just as well make itself look even more stupid with their decision-making, which eventually ought to be ignored too.

I realize this might be a silly question, but how long should it take for these corrupt judges to realize that if they don’t give people justice in their courts they’ll take it to the streets; and if the people do, then God help them. Because no one else can / will.

Just take a look at the modern-day ‘French Revolution’ going on in the streets of America. Keep this up and the coming American Revolution will dwarf the French revolution like a Sunday school picnic. With nothing of value left over.

And on that note time for today’s value-added MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Frederick Pierson, American Thinker: How the Supreme Court Failed

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker: The Supreme Court is out of Control

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