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With Kavanaugh and Barrett now fully confirmed as the latest ‘hiding in plain sight’ additions to the leftist Supreme Court, does this mean that demoMarxocrats in Congress will abandon their goal of packing the bench? It would seem to be superfluous, having now a guaranteed 6-3 majority for at least another decade.

While most of us were sleeping (or something) The Constitution was replaced by “Equity” which our wonderfully progressive ruling class prefers. I don’t think though that Equity will wear as well or last as long as the Constitution did. That’s just a feeling I have about our future.

One of the first things the village idiot did when he took office was to issue an Executive Order to stop “systemic racism” by committing the federal government to enforcing “Equity”, aka “Equal Outcomes.” Equity means that any area of society from STEM fields to medical schools, government agencies, businesses, universities or public schools -where there isn’t proportional racial representation in all areas- is violating the law.

Supreme Court snakes in the grass… 3 out of 9 good guys…

In effect then, JoeBama’s grand slammer of Executive Orders nullified the Constitution and all of our civil rights laws forbidding racial discrimination, reversed Martin Luther King’s idea of judging others by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, and pretty much nullified the United States of America by boldly announcing that tribalism and group identity is our new national creed.

We can have unity though or we can have tribalism. We can’t have both. Unfortunately for us all, our Supreme Court voted for tribalism which means they voted to declare the United States of America, null and void. This does not bode well for our future. Bottom line is that for the most part (with maybe a few exceptions), the SCOTUS is compromised and corrupt!

This latest “ruling” that denied the voter fraud cases from being litigated are prime examples. The question should be, just WHO got to the “justices” and what was the payoff? As the erudite Dennis Prager would put it, “courage is the rarest of human traits”.

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘Kavanagh and Barrett’s Share of the Shame’…

With Election Day looming and early voting underway, Judge Amy Coney Barrett pledged at her confirmation hearing in October she would not act as a Republican “pawn” in any election dispute.

Democrats and the media, anticipating a close vote in the Electoral College, warned Barrett would rule in favor of the man who nominated her if the ultimate decision reached the Supreme Court as it did in 2000; Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) demanded Barrett recuse herself “in any case involving Donald Trump’s election.”

Blumenthal, in essence, got his way. Democrats must be thrilled—laughing all the way to 2022 and 2024—at the de facto recusals by Justices Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh in every post-election lawsuit petitioned before the court, even those not filed by the Trump campaign.

Kavanaugh and Barrett, sold to the country as “originalists” who would counteract the bench’s Left-leaning jurists, instead joined their liberal colleagues and Chief Justice John Roberts to reject each case. In doing so, Barrett and Kavanaugh broke their promise to defend the Constitution and gave their imprimatur to lawless state elections—a clear and present danger to the future of the country.

Unilateral Action

The first sign of trouble came in December. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit on December 7 asking the court to delay the December 14 deadline for states to certify electoral votes. It was a last-ditch longshot attempt to do the work the U.S. Department of Justice, Democratic state attorneys generals, and lower courts refused to do: adjudicate provable election fraud before it was too late.

Paxton’s filing, immediately joined by several Republican attorneys general and more than 100 Republican House members, detailed election illegalities in four states—Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia—and argued those states violated the Constitution by flouting election laws passed by their respective legislatures.

Using COVID-19 as an excuse, unauthorized officials made up their own voting rules to greatly expand mail-in voting, a massive—and decisive—gift to Joe Biden.

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Supreme Court snakes in the grass… ie the Chief Snake…

Someone reportedly overheard the Chief Justice expressing fear of riots if they got involved. Which also makes one wonder if some were afraid of Schumer’s threat to pack the court, if they ‘didn’t play ball’. These hard times have revealed much shame, from doctors letting people die over politics through their refusal to use hydroxychloroquine (negligent homicide), mainstream media acting openly as mere agents of the demoMarxocrat Party, and now, judges on our highest court bending their rear-ends to fear. Not what our Founders envisioned by any stretch of the imagination.

The first time I finally understood that the highest court in the land was just as political if not corrupt as the rest was during Obamacare, when Roberts decided to re-write it. However, his decision could still be argued using the dribble of legalization to some extent, but where it became patently obvious was DACA. Roberts, once again went out of his way to ignore that the EO itself was unconstitutional but still was allowed to whine about “procedure”.

Got that folks? It’s an illegal unconstitutional EO, unconstitutional as no Executive can make law but that is what Roberts allowed because, well the way they wanted to end said illegal EO, did not follow the right process. THAT’S why!

What? Yes, both of those black-robed clowns were clearly sweet-talked by Roberts and now have abandoned their Constitutionally sworn duties; just understand that’s par for the course in D.C. now.

On that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump storming ahead as he outlined yesterday, leading the way as ever – MAGA! KAG!


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