Sullivan ire and Gen. Flynn unmask

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Ahem, pardon my interruption, but  surrogate ‘judge’ in name only (aka one Sullivan) would appear to have a lot of answering to do. Where are those who protest the separation of power(s)? Judge Sullivan has dropped all pretense of being an impartial judge and has now taken on the role of lame duck prosecutor. Where is tax man Chief Justice and corrupter-in-chief Roberts who recently claimed there are no ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’ judges? On that basis of prosecutorial indifference Roberts and Sullivan should both resign. That would be in an ideal world but our world is toppling from corruption. Does anyone have a guillotine handy?

As Dan Bongino is always wont to put forth, ‘the media is there to tell you a story, not THE story’, while Iowahawk expresses it as ‘the media’s job is to cover a story’ – with a pillow – until it stops wiggling. (RIP Judge Scalia)

The mystery surrounding the dearly-departed Antonin Scalia will never ever go away, except to pop up every once in a while to remind an audience at large wringing hands over gubernatorial ‘offings’ that they generally belong in the realm of the mafioso and not to be mentioned in ‘good company’. Or something.

Mentioning of which, and back to the Sullivan issue, the “writ of prohibition” apparently is the proper tool in this case, though it is rarely used. SCOTUS ruled 9-0 on this very issue just one week ago, when they smacked down the Ninth ‘Circus’ Court (and what a ‘beaut’ it is!) for relying on “outside experts” to improperly render a ruling. Ginsburg wrote the scathing concurrent opinion for the court, citing the “impropriety of procedure” and “lack of regard for the rights of the plaintiffs”.

Sullivan was a Clintonista appointee and morphed into an Obamanation #44 surrogate, thereby General Flynn was fired by Obamagater and persecuted by Obamanation appointees in the in-Justice Department.

The current Attorney General says Flynn’s prosecution was 100% fraudulent and wants to drop the charges. Sullivan, being the duty-bound Obamagate lacky, won’t let that happen. He’s going to extraordinary lengths, including bringing in outside “prosecutors” to keep the Obamanation boot pinned on Flynn’s neck. And not about to let him go and talk about what he knows about Obama.

According to Sullivan, political injustice overrides Constitutional Law. Nasty – very, very, nasty.

First up, James V. DeLong:

The latest development in the persecution of Michael Flynn was Judge Sullivan’s unusual order reacting to the DOJ motion to dismiss. As the DOJ establishes, a decision to drop a prosecution is a prerogative of the Executive Branch, so a judge’s role is limited. He should establish that the dismissal is requested not to harass the defendant and then sign off.

Instead, Sullivan opened the door to amicus briefs in opposition to dismissal and then appointed an outside party to argue the point and to argue, as well, that Flynn should be held in contempt of court for perjury because he said he was guilty when he was actually innocent. (Or perhaps Sullivan intends to charge him for claiming innocence — it is a bit murky.)

It is unlikely that this effort to extend things will go on too long.

The DOJ and Flynn can request a writ of mandamus from an appellate court holding Sullivan to his duty, and there is square precedent that mandamus is proper in a matter such as this one.

But suppose the case does go on, with extensive briefs and a consideration of a perjury charge against Flynn. It is unlikely to develop as Sullivan seems to think it will.

The DOJ motion to dismiss was carefully crafted. [end]


From Thomas Lifson:

The biggest political scandal in the history of the Republic is finally being exposed, and the dominant corporate media are pretending nothing usual is going on. The unmasking of the unmaskers of General Flynn’s telephone call is the camel’s nose under the tent of the Obama administration’s conspiracy to sabotage the incoming Trump administration, using the vast resources of the federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies using Deep State operatives within them.[-]

[+] … The reason is simple: the leak of the phone call to David Ignatius of the Washington Post was a felony, and thanks to Ric Grenell’s declassification, the federal prosecutors now have a finite list of suspects to question, and then they can seek warrants for their electronic communications (such as phone calls to Ignatius) — with the same criminal penalties for lying to federal investigators that resulted in a 5-year prison sentence for General Fynn’s coerced “confession.” [-]

[+] … These are questions that investigators for the Durham probe can legitimately demand answers to. Given the number of people who have lied under oath already as part of this cover-up, I have little doubt that there will be indictments. Those who are facing criminal prosecution will start to sing. It’s one thing to ignore this unmasking. But indictments and guilty verdicts or pleas cannot be bottled up. Not with the internet in place.

As this gigantic, historic scandal is prosecuted, the world will see which media outlets were covering up, not covering it. [end]

Both links to completion down below…

Sullivan ire and Gen Flynn unmask…

So rogue Judge Sullivan is attempting to do the very thing SCOTUS just ruled on and as a result should be disbarred for his attempted kangaroo court actions and obvious political vendetta against General Flynn.

General Flynn was ambushed by men he took to be colleagues; then coerced into a guilty plea on the basis of a transcript nobody has seen, and the testimony of a man fired for lying and falsifying evidence. Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan, and the rest of the bunch all committed far worse examples of the very same crimes. The Deep State has made it very clear: They’re loyal not to the Constitution, or the United States, but to Obamagate #44 personally. To them he’s their leader for life. God forbid!

Time to stop sweeping the corruption under the rug and quit letting traitors off the hook by allowing them to resign or firing them. They’re not interested in protecting “muh beloved instatooshins” from embarrassment, so drop the hammer of justice already. Throw the book at them!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: Unmasking Flynn no big deal to corrupt Dem MSM Pols

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Sidney Powell Responds to Latest Sullivan Political Efforts

James V. DeLong, American Thinker: Judge Sullivan should be Careful What he Asks For

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