Submission and existential freedom

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Daniel Greenfield and his essay coming up raises the eternal question that yours truly and many others have long been pondering (most times at the risk of social media rejection/incarceration/banning) to wit – by what rule should a tolerant, secular and open society give carte blanche to intrinsically, unabashedly and irredeemably supremacist, totalitarian, belligerent, subversive and intolerant ideologies of hate – such as the ideology of ‘Submission’ –  be allowed to subsist with a peaceful, tolerant, and good-natured populace?

What does it take for free peoples to finally draw a line in the sand and state that we will not allow the practice of such an ideology on our shores, that we will not allow the building of houses of hate and insurrection?

Why should ‘Submission’ be allowed to exist at all in a secular, constitutional republic that values the ideals of the Enlightenment, when ‘Submission’ and its adherents are inherently opposed to those ideals – perpetually and actively attempting to subvert them?

Londonistan .. Jihadist Submission Terrorist with blood on his hands – RIP Lee Rigby – 5/22/2013

Basic notions of self-preservation dictate that the ideology of ‘Submission’ be treated as a cancerous plague upon humanity. Where exists the rule, for instance, that one must allow the free practice of ideologies to be constantly at war attempting to achieve the destruction of their host nation?

Well the Dhimmi-crats for one (aka DemoMarxists) if they actually cared about human rights, should be supporting a ban on ‘Submission’. Oh wait – they actually DO care about rights – problem being they’re in support of the wrong humans – at war with their fellow-Americans…

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Submission Problem in Trump’s old Neighborhood Queensistan’ … Please note that I have kept his piece limited, with severely redacted words related to, you know, ‘Submission’ for reasons that I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on; just get to Daniel’s full piece asap in link down at bottom!!

[+] .. A terrorist plotted mass murder just a mile from President Trump’s childhood home.

Awais Chudhary, a Pakistani immigrant, lived with his parents in their $920,000 house whose street number ends in 911, a block away from the Grand Central Parkway, where he hoped to drop bucket bombs on passing cars, and blocks away from the Dunkin Donuts where he plotted a stabbing spree.

On the other side of LaGuardia International Airport sits the New York City headquarters of CAIR.

Once upon a time, Queens was the home of working-class New Yorkers. These days it’s the home of a growing number of I*****c terrorists. The Pakistani terrorist’s mother showed up to support him in court wearing a full black burka. Cameras caught other members of the clan covering their faces with hijabs.[-]

[+] … But terror plots just seem to spring up in Queensistan.

In August, Asia Siddiqui and Noelle Velentzas, Queens roommates, pled guilty to a pressure cooker bombing plot. Velentzas had gushed that paradise lies through the “flesh of the kufar” or non-M*****s, and had cited the attack by Zale H. Thompson, a M*****m convert, on two police officers in Queens.

Imam Charles Aziz Bilal of the Masjid Al-Hamdulillah in Queens denied the charges against the terrorists.[-]

[+] … Earlier this year, Najibullah Zazi finally pled guilty to a plot to bomb the New York City subway system. The Afghani Zazi family had moved to Pakistan and then to Queens. Zazi was recruited by Al Qaeda in Pakistan and along with two M*****m high school friends from Queens began plotting mass murder.[-]

[+] … Nafis plotted to kill hundreds of Americans one mile away from President Trump’s former home.

The decline of the borough that once gave rise to Trump and Horowitz into a terrorist enclave is the outcome of the immigration policies that have killed thousands of Americans. And the terror goes on.

That’s why President Trump understands that we won’t stop the terror until we stop the migration.[-]

Read full story through link at bottom…

President Trump at G7 summit .. The forces of evil across the globe need to be curtailed…Forthwith

It’s a very simple plan, folks, and one that is being implemented right now worldwide.

Here’s basically what has happened in my native Britain since c.2000, and imported here and other countries … Multiple wives; breed constantly (actually, clone); also import (the Four Amigos currently in Congress, eg). Take over a small section of town, then the town (Dearborn, MI eg); Mayor, local offices etc; then the county, and then; and then; and then…. Rome wasn’t built in a day.. Patience is a virtue, a trait most Americans lack …Not so our enemies within the gate…

Breeding. Stealth jihad. Infiltrating. Constantly.

The question I began with above: What does it take for free peoples to finally draw a line in the sand and state that we will not allow the practice of such an ideology on our shores, that we will not allow the building of houses of hate and insurrection?

Answer: Testosterone. Estrogen not so much.

And on that somber note, time for today’s MAGA Pill (and God knows, our fearless president could sure use our involvement right about now!!) – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Read full Daniel Greenfield Trump’s old neighborhood Queensistan

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