Still a republic if we care to keep it..

Go ahead, make my…

Now what?

Well, We the People are still a republic (and especially with a contentious ‘presser’ going on at the White House – just when will some of these miscreants temper their opprobrium?) … But I digress.

I think it was a dream floating around under my eyelids overnight, a dream that has tendencies of returning quite often when the thought processes of incredulity raise several brainiac question marks ad nauseam. As often is the case, Benjamin Franklin the good doctor was / is the dream, and his leaving Independence Hall in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787 when Mrs Powel posed the question of the ages “Well, doctor, what have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy?” To which the good doctor replied “a Republic, if you can keep it.”

Well, at least ‘still a republic’ is a good sign; yet not without its own questions. Barely had the full midterm results been declared when the wily warrior-president Trump picked up the phone and/or twitter pad to emote ‘In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!’

So go figure. We are still a republic, however.

In the meantime we’re gonna be OK. As Thomas Lifson puts it in today’s American Thinker (full link down below):

While there is certainly an element of trolling here, Trump is also likely to want to deal with another experienced deal-maker. Pelosi is a lot smarter than she sounds, and knows how to strike a bargain. She also understands that impeaching Trump (or Justice Kavanaugh) would be suicidal for the Democrats.

President Trump energetic during the 2018 midterms…

Commenter hashtag ‘Nahalkides’ on the thread: ‘House Republicans may have fought in their individual races, but the caucus as a whole, under the terrible “leadership” of Paul Ryan, absolutely refused to fight the Democratic Left. Indeed, the Republican Establishment doesn’t even want to fight the Democrats; it would much rather team up with them to defeat conservatives. This is a motif we saw repeated over and over again the past ten years.’ [end]

He has it exactly right on. The refusal of the Republican side to repeal Obamacare (OK, primarily the Senate’s fault) and their cowardice in making the personal tax cuts only temporary, meant that they had almost no record to run on save the Senate’s confirmation of Kavanaugh (which certainly helped) and that taxes will now go up automatically when the cuts expire unless the lame-duck session makes them permanent.

Is it just me or are there others of you out there who don’t see how the House with 220 DemoMarxists under Pelosi is any different than the House was under RINO Ryan and his merry band of now-purged ‘NeverTrumpers?’ Witnessing more and more RINOs exit is good news, but a bunch of us are of the opinion that there are still too many around. Everything of importance, remember, was done by Trump through the Senate. Thank God we’re still a republic!

And Obama? What did he get? Well, as Monica Showalter puts it (linked down below):

Zilch. Zip. Zero. Nada. The voters rather noticeably rejected the ex-president’s appeal for votes. Been there, done that.

A hard lesson learned that a prized and coveted Obama endorsement, or campaign stop, obviously isn’t the election winner in a tight race it used to be. In fact, with these midterms, when it mattered most, Obama with his ‘I, me, mine, and us’ meme was a complete bust. The lesson here that Democrats will surely notice is that it’s largely useless.

Obama will be not be easy to get off the stage, given his love for the limelight. But I suspect we will be hearing a lot less about Obama on the campaign trail, except in the easiest of races, as the reality of what happened among Democrats starts to sink in.

As a codicil to all of the above, as things stand, president MAGA needs only the stroke of a pen to unleash seven kinds of hell by declassifying a treasure trove of documents that will kick-start the Clintons, Obama, and their several and unruly sycophants on their way to a life hopefully behind bars. Remember what Hillary Rob’em herself said when defeated by president Trump in 2016, “There will be enough nooses to hang all of us.” The media frenzy over the exposure of their treason will drown out anything the DemoMarxists want to play around with. We’re still a republic, remember!

Bring it on, Mr. President, bring it on. Onward now to a red 2020 landslide!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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