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Let me begin this historic day for news releases with the conclusion of the matter, rather than the build up to it. Basically, because of the various time zones between the United States and Singapore, everything had already happened while the nation was sleeping. Save for the ‘news night-hounds’ that is, following Singapore events throughout the night.

The ‘spokesguessers’ of the ruling class elite Establishment were all over the Deep State Big Fake News media in the buildup to the Singapore Trump / Kim get-together, droning on about Trump having little reason to expect much out of the summit, notwithstanding the fact that Trump would succeed and make fools of them once again.

In all areas – economic, trade, international, etc – the president has taken all ruling class established norms and tossed them into the manure pile where they belong, exposing them for the incompetent, underachieving dunces that they are while rubbing their noses in it. No wonder they hate him so.

First conclusion from Pat Patterson in American Thinker (linked down at the bottom) …

Long story short: The Trump economy is the driving force in the world today. Everyone wants a piece of this pie. Trump will parlay that power to its maximum effect. China knows it. Merkel knows it. As does eyebrow boy up north.

Trump knows that the Nork missiles are going away. He wouldn’t have gone to the summit if he didn’t. He also knows we won’t be putting any nukes in South Korea or Japan, as a nod to China once North Korea destroys its own. But at that point, who needs them?

June 16 2015 … Historic announcement at Trump Tower…

At the risk of repeating myself, ‘Candidate Trump’ told all who would listen, that he would do these great things. Remember this on the escalator in Trump Tower?

Trump formally announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, with a campaign rally and speech at Trump Tower in New York City. In his speech, Trump drew attention to domestic issues such as illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the U.S. national debt, and Islamic terrorism.”

And from that day forward, the entire media construct continuously discredited Candidate Trump. The noise was loud, so loud that sanity forced us to filter out the noise which left one, and only one, credible voice. Candidate Donald J Trump morphed into MAGA President Trump.

Trump’s greatness was obvious during his campaign rallies. The unAmericans never stood a chance of winning a contest based on MAGA. Being American after all, is an act … not a noun.

And another gem for your readership … David Prentice and his opener to ‘Trump’s Statesmanship Surprise’ …

Nobody knew. None of us saw it. Amongst his biggest supporters, maybe a handful suspected it. Many of us expected the economic renewal of the US to happen. Many of us foresaw a significant roll back of Saint Barrack’s horrid, destructive agenda.  A lot of us hoped for a major push back on the left.

All of which we have gotten.

None of us, no one I have read, no one I know, expected Donald Trump to be a giant in foreign policy. No one expected him to reshape the world. Yet Donald Trump, in a short time, is doing so.

That was supposed to be one of the reasons to vote against him. He had no foreign policy experience. He did not understand the world. He was going to lead us into wars. He would be taken advantage of by our enemies. He would ruin our alliances. He would be a rube. A bumpkin. An embarrassment. That was what we were told.

Well. Guess what #nevertrumpers? You were so wrong, desperately wrong. Your shame should be bottomless.  Bill Kristol, Max Boot, all of you stand up and please voluntarily go into the stocks and throw rotten veggies at yourselves. You should be ashamed to speak. Yep, the entire left-leaning foreign policy establishment as well. All of you.

Read to its magnificent conclusion by clicking on LOGO…

Which has all led to this Singapore summit …


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Pat Patterson in American Thinker: Dear stupid media – North Korean denuclearization is a foregone conclusion

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