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Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego came to mind overnight as yours truly continued to savor the body language on show from a most extraordinary display yesterday of We the People (in the form of president Trump) versus the molly-coddling childish arrogance, petulance, and downright hypocrisy of the DemoMarxist front guard who are about to become ‘leaders’ of the House in a matter of weeks.

Invited to the White House by the president to discuss their upcoming agenda following the transition, it was clearly evident that Shadrach and Meshach (oops, Schumer and Pelosi) were totally and completely unprepared for what awaited them.

Entrapped in the proverbial fiery political furnace controlled by the president, both leaders crumbled unmercifully in front of the nation’s press and TV audience as the political flames of truth completely and totally immolated them. Especially Shadrach.

Abednego however (president Trump) remained calm, cool, collected and unsinged by the heat as he purposely laid out his own opposing agenda. Take a look and listen ….

As Thomas Lifson puts it in today’s American Thinker, ‘Trump sprang three traps on Pelosi and Schumer yesterday’…

284px-American_Thinker_logoPresident Trump clearly shocked House Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer yesterday with his televising of the Oval Office sit-down over his demand for $5 billion funding for border security, including funding of critical mileage for his border wall. Knowing well that Pelosi had already vowed publicly that “transparency and openness” would characterize the Democrat-run House starting next month, her plaintive request to speak in private scored points for Trump and revealed her hypocrisy before any substance at all was considered.

The remarkable body language during the meeting tells the story of Trump’s dominance.

That was merely the first of three traps Trump had prepared for the Democrats’ congressional leadership.

Trump’s second trap is his bold declaration of ownership of any “government shutdown.” Democrats have convinced themselves that what is called a “shutdown,” but really means furloughing non-essential federal workers, is a tragedy, a scar on the nation’s psyche. The fact that federal workers are now a major and solid constituency for Democrats skews their perception of the public’s concern.  Aside from cancelling sleigh rides in national parks and other such photo dramas, the fact is that life goes on very well for nearly all Americans during the furlough. They learn that there are a lot of non-essential government workers.

The third trap is maneuvering the Senate Democrats into standing for open borders, or at least ineffective border security. The current House of Representatives will pass the funding. It is in the Senate, where is 60 vote filibuster could be employed, that would be the obstacle.

Never forget that Trump was the most successful producer of reality television in the history of the medium. He understands drama and a story arc. Chuck Schumer leading a Senate filibuster right before Christmas to stymie border protection is exactly the story Trump wants the nation’s TV viewers to absorb.

Read to conclusion through link provided below…

Well, folks, we wanted a fighter, and we got one, coming at you like a rolling freight train. President Trump showed who the Alpha is – and it definitely isn’t Shadrach Chucky – nor for that matter, ‘Nancy with the lying eyes’.

The ‘let’s do this in private’ ploy was also there for all to see, and our president wasted no time in calling ‘Lyin’ Nancy’ out on it without flinching. The Left’s insistence on forever calling / thinking that Trump is stupid and disengaged makes for great TV. Things went so swimmingly-well, that Vice-President Pence even allowed himself time to ponder on whatever changes he might make (especially to the decor) should he be fortunate enough to carry on the current president’s third term come 2024!

All-in-all I’d say, a pretty good morning’s work, wouldn’t you agree?!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Abednego – erm Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See full Thomas Lifson in Trump sprang three traps on Pelosi and Schumer yesterday’…

Plus, just one of many videos freely available illustrating the hypocrisy of the current leaders of the DemoMarxist Cabal both present and former…

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