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Respectfully, Jeff Sessions ‘done been come and gone’ as we might express it in the great state of Texas, and was a little late to the shindig to boot. That particular crucial time in our nation’s history demanded that he not recuse himself. Still, feeling himself not up to the task at hand, he should’ve then resigned immediately, or alternatively, not even accepted the position in the first place.

Rather more crucially to the point, he wasted most of the president’s first term in refusing to do his job and defend his position. We the People are long since past caring how many drug dealers, human traffickers, or other losers he put behind bars. None of that matters if the Dark Side retake the whole kit ‘n caboodle back.

Sessions was dead weight then, and has become even more-so in the interim. Let’s not forget also, that through his actions he ushered in Rosenstein, and look where that move ended up (or didn’t). At worst, he was complicit in the coup. At best, he got rolled by the deep state bureaucrats. So how exactly did he ‘fight back’ for the two years he was AG? Zero.

Jeff Sessions, unfortunately, turned out to be a turncoat enemy of the president.

President Trump and Sessions.The looks say it all.

One of these fine days – hopefully very soon – the Barr/Durham investigations will be completed, delivered, and hopefully, those complicit traitor-renegades lodged behind bars as a message to all Americans that we don’t play the same games that communists and banana republics do.

When that day does come, it’ll be interesting to look into the micro-details of how the good guys won, the bad guys lost, and just how Sessions got the ball rolling in the right direction. Or, on the other hand, if he was just another turncoat like most people seem to be asserting.

In the meantime, for him to show up again basically out of nowhere and ask for support from the same people he removed himself from, is simply a bridge too far. Especially for we the majority.

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker, and ‘Jeff Sessions announces Candidacy for Alabama Senate race’…

Former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants back the Senate seat he vacated to take office as the attorney general, only to recuse himself from deciding on the appointment of a special council and thereby endure severe criticism from President Trump. He announced his decision to run last night on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program. [-]

[+] …So, does Sessions have a chance to reclaim the seat that was allowed to slip into Democrat hands with Doug Jones, when Judge Roy Moore (who is running again) proved unpalatable to a majority of Alabamians?  While I am far from familiar with Alabama’s electorate, I think that the themes he enunciates will have enough appeal to bring him victory. He is showing the forgiveness of saint by pledging his loyalty to Trump’s policies, ignoring the very unkind things said about him. He stresses that honor is why he recused himself, a theme that ought to resonate deeply in the South.

The fact is that Sessions was a very popular senator before, and has the stature to defeat Moore in the primary if he can overcome the taint of his tenure as AG. My guess is that with the approach he is taking, that will work for him.

Two links available below…

Sad to say in a lot of respects, but it would appear that Sessions knew before accepting the position of AG, that he would recuse himself whenever push came to shove, especially when tough decisions needed to be made. It certainly appeared so from a distance, that he was quick on the trigger for recusal. The right thing for him to have done at the time he was offered the AG post, would’ve been to refuse the position, and allow the president to put someone else in that powerful spot which was so important to the administration.

Jeff Sessions succumbed to an embedded group of entitled people with evil intentions, holding on to the position for a year or two, effectively blocking the president from putting someone else in there who would’ve been more helpful to him. In hindsight, he should have left the AG earlier, but that would not necessarily have meant that PDJT would have found just the right stud to fill that position as Sessions’ replacement.

You would also think that Sessions got President Trump’s tacit endorsement before he announced that he was running for the Alabama Senate seat. Without the endorsement, Sessions can forget about it. Truly.

President Trump is definitely over Sessions. But you never know. After all, President Trump is a master of 3 and 4-dimensional chess. Stay tuned!

And on that note – time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Thomas Lifson: Jeff Sessions announces Candidacy for Alabama Senate

‘Sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: Jeff Sessions Confirms Senate Bid to Tucker Carlson

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