Senate octogenarians time to ‘exit’

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Senate octogenarians time to exit … A couple of years ago during the Senate fiasco on now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, RealClearPolitics came out with a report titled ‘A Senate Trend that’s Getting Old’, which led off with: “The United States Senate has a problem that is complicating life in ‘the world’s greatest deliberative body’. And that would be the age of its members.”

At the time (now two more years on!) they revealed that seven of the nation’s 100 U.S. senators are octogenarians. In the Senate’s first 100 years, not a single member served into his/her 80s. Ten were born before the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was 79 years ago this coming December.

Twenty-two U.S. senators were born before Jackie Robinson broke major-league baseball’s color barrier 71 years ago this month. Forty-three U.S. senators – nearly half of the chamber – are eligible for Medicare Part A. Missouri’s Claire McCaskill and West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito made it 45 by year’s end.

Senate octogenarians time to exit … Hatch (ret), Grassley, Feinstein, Leahy, Durbin, Whitehouse, etc..

Seventy-four U.S. senators – nearly three-quarters of the chamber – were born before John. F. Kennedy became the first president since Warren Harding, 40 years prior, to go directly from the Senate to the Oval Office (only Barack Obama has done it since, 48 years after JFK). The median age in America in 2020? 38.3 years.

The tipping point, age-wise, in the Senate? Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, at 65, the chamber’s 50th oldest senator. Should this be a concern to fans of democracy? [end]

The DNC has used and abused the electoral process to an alarming extent over the years. Turning their backs on and refusing to accept President Donald Trump these past four/five years has set a dangerous precedent. Opposition parties from now on will undermine and subvert the democratic process at every opportunity, unless somehow the American people can press the reset button and reclaim their once great republican constitution.

Enter the fray president Trump with his nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

The current Senate hearings notwithstanding, this is all by way of a segue’ into today’s piece in FrontPageMag by Joseph Klein, about Pelosi using the Trump Coronavirus treatment to launch yet another coup; and all while Amy Coney Barrett stands truly magnificently dodging the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune by wiping out every single attack mode of the DemoMarxocrats Senate Brigade.

Joseph Klein, FrontPageMag: ‘Pelosi using Trump treatment for new Coup’…

Nancy Pelosi is the most unhinged, power-hungry speaker of the House of Representatives in America’s history. Consumed by her hatred for President Trump, Pelosi is willing to destroy the Constitution’s separation of powers in her monomaniacal quest to remove the duly elected president of the United States from power.

First, Pelosi and her loyal band of Democrats dragged the country through her bitterly partisan impeachment fiasco. It was all about impeachment for them, diverting the government’s attention away from the coronavirus threat when it first emerged. Still nursing her wounds after her impeachment coup attempt blew up in her face, Pelosi has now come up with another way to stage a coup and get rid of President Trump – exploiting the Constitution’s 25th Amendment presidential removal provisions.

Pelosi knows that as the speaker of the House she would be 2nd in line for the presidency after the vice president. [-]

[+] … “From the Russia collusion hoax to the sham impeachment and now the 25th Amendment farce, Nancy Pelosi has disgraced the office of Speaker in a desperate attempt to rig the system and seize power,” said Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler of Georgia as she prepared to introduce a resolution condemning Pelosi for politicizing the 25th Amendment. “If she is still serious about holding office, she should put a mask on, hit the salon and respect the election results when Donald Trump is re-elected for four more years.” [-]

[+] … Ironically, Nancy Pelosi’s own mental faculties appear to be rapidly deteriorating. She has repeatedly confused President Trump with President George W. Bush. She has had multiple brain freezes. At times when speaking in public before large crowds, she has forgotten what day it was and to whom she was speaking. She has jumbled her words and managed to confuse Valentine’s Day with Thanksgiving.

Her churlish public display of ripping up a copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address last February right after he finished delivering it was downright bizarre. Pelosi is the politician who should be removed from political office for unfitness to serve – permanently. [end]

Full link below…

Senate octogenarians, some house members exit time…

Law and order is an ongoing problem for Pelosi. All of her illegal avenues for financial profit have been cut off during Trump’s time in office, while her public display of hatred for him is a hoot. She’s never been a patriot so it’s hard to believe Nancy-with-the-crying-eyes has been able to use her office for all the wrong reasons for so many years!

This from the senile dingbat who had a hysterical meltdown on CNN yesterday when she was asked if she still opposes a 1.8 TRILLION dollar covid relief bill just to harm President Trump, which is obviously the reason she does.

Nobody but Pelosi has ever suggested that the corona virus often leaves some sort of “mental impairment.” But the media won’t challenge her, nor will they challenge Biden, who repeatedly shows signs of actual mental impairment.

Time for this crazy, vicious, idiotic lunatic – who thinks of nothing good for the country – to be sent packing, before she does some real damage. O WAIT – everyone can now see what she is doing and the damage she’s inflicting on all of us. She should be removed forthwith; Senate octogenarians and some house members, time to exit

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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