Senate impeachment turns inward..

En Garde in the bunker…

Senate impeachment turns inward. And it was excellent. The 5th day of the Senate hearings and President Trump’s lawyers just dismantled the demoMarxocrat house impeachment managers. Took less than 2 hours, and that was only because everyone was talking very, very, VERY slowly so everyone and their elderly mother could understand. Plus, the repetition of “they did not tell you that. Why?” was very effective.

Senate rules, after all, demand perfection!

Thank you Team Trump for recognizing and revealing just how much money this has cost We the (63 million) People and how the demoMarxocrats have been covering up the dirty facts. Boom again.

Gotta love the fact that the good guys rapidly wrapped up their introductory remarks in only two hours, rather than taking all three hours allotted to them. Two hours of concise, well researched, clearly delivered FACTS vs twenty-one hours of repetitive speculation, delivered in a scolding, nagging tone. Wonder which side the Senate dwellers preferred? Bet there are more than a few demoMarxocrats who are feeling pretty queasy right about now; they know darned well now that the facts and the law are clearly on the President’s side AND that any sane American watching will realize the same thing!

Good job, team. This could get a lot better beginning again Monday. Can’t wait. Amen Mark Levin…

Mark R. Levin … @marklevinshow 

2. Kudos to the president’s legal team.  Now, ignore the “analysts” and enjoy the rest of  your Saturday. You’ve reason to be very pleased.

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