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Truth serum: noun; a drug, as the barbiturate thiopental, that induces in the subject a desire to talk or a state of heightened suggestibility, used in psychotherapy and in interrogation to discover repressed or consciously withheld information.

Adam Schiff, for what it’s worth, is a congenital liar. A statement by the way, that can be traced all the way back to his early rise as a writer of fiction for Hollywood moguls. Hollywood remember, has forever been labeled as ‘the land of make-believe’.

Joe Biden went outside the ‘legitimate law enforcement processes’ to influence an investigation in Ukraine. Adam Schiff condemned Joe Biden with Schiff’s own comments and standard. Methinks the Schiff standard is actually that anything demoMarxocrats do is OK, while Republicans (or especially Trump) doing the very same is punishable.

Never forget that Schiff has zero credibility. An example of which, for instance goes… 1. Schiff said he had seen secret evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, but the Mueller report ultimately refuted Schiff’s claim… 2. Schiff’s memo claimed that the FISA surveillance was acceptable and that Nunes’s memo was wrong, but the Horowitz IG report ultimately refuted Schiff’s memo… 3. Schiff said his office had no contact with the whistleblower, but he had to retract that statement.

Capiche? In other words, Schiff is today’s version of ‘Leave It To Beaver’s Eddie Haskell’ … dead ringer, in fact. For those who are far too young to know what on earth I’m talking about, see the link below.

It’s possible, possible I say, that yours truly may be misjudging Mr. Schiff (sarc). After all, he’s still here, 19 years later. ‘Career politician, thy name is…’ Then there’s Nadler, 28 years and a very identifiable 500-pound weight loss. Weird looking guys who are long-term politicians. Doing something right or wrong that continues to get them re-elected over and over and over. Not saying I agree with them. Let’s see how well it works.

In the immortal words of our very first president: I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world. ~ George Washington

Tyler O’Neill, PJMedia: ‘Schiff Squirms at Ted Cruz’ Hypothetical on Obama Romney Biden Corruption’…

During the question and answer session for the Senate impeachment trial, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asked House impeachment managers if former President Barack Obama would have had the authority to ask Ukraine to investigate hypothetical corruption surrounding his Republican opponent in 2012, Mitt Romney. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) struggled to answer the question.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts read the question from Cruz and Graham: “In Mr. Schiff’s hypothetical, if President Obama had evidence that Mitt Romney’s son was being paid $1 million per year by a corrupt Russian company and Mitt Romney had acted to benefit that company, would Obama have authority to ask that that potential corruption be investigated?”

Rather than directly answering, Schiff first attacked the hypothetical.

“Well, first of all, the hypothetical is a bit off,” he began. “Uh, because it presumes that, uh, in that hypothetical, that, uh, President Obama was acting corruptly or there was evidence he was acting corruptly with respect to his son.” Schiff clearly meant to say the question presumes that former Vice President Joe Biden was acting corruptly in pressuring Ukraine to fire the prosecutor looking into his son’s company.[-]

[+] … “Now, if you have a legitimate reason to think that any U.S. person has committed an offense, there are legitimate ways to have an investigation conducted. There are legitimate ways to have the Justice Department conduct an investigation,” Schiff claimed. Of course, if Hunter Biden cashed out on his father’s name by taking the lucrative job in Ukraine and if his father was truly motivated to get the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son’s job fired in order to protect his son, it would be extremely hard to prove either of these actions directly violated U.S. law. Corruption need not be illegal in order to still be corruption.

Link to completion below…

Mr. Schiff getting his Mittens Romney and Quid Pro Joe BiteMe Hunter all tangled up together in that little operetta. Like I mentioned up above, Schiffty-Schiff showing his Hollywood ‘land of make believe’ credentials all over again.

All in all, We the (63 million) People have been well-represented in this Schiffty-Schitt-for-Brains Show, with excellent summary’s with the brilliant defense of Trump, and the constitution, by Dershowitz, Bondi, and the prescient Framers. What continually strikes me is the apparently infinite disparity in intelligence, honesty, and knowledge between the idiots attempting to con the nation and those who are defending Trump.

On the other hand, I’m eventually going to have to strangle someone if I keep hearing about ‘abuse of power’ and ‘quid pro quo’. As far as this impeachment case goes, both have the equivalent ontological status of Leprechauns or Mike Bloomberg’s personality.

There was no abuse of power, but I’m beginning to wish there would be. And if these idiots understood the term, they’d realize that the best synonym for foreign aid is ‘quid pro quo’! Even the US State Department understands that much!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president prevailing BIGLY – MAGA! KAG!


Tyler O’Neill, PJMedia: Schiff Squirms on Obama Romney Biden Corruption

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: Dems’ Case for Witnesses Collapsing Fast

Joseph Klein, FrontPageMag: Alan Dershowitz Shreds Bolton’s Testimony on Quid Pro Quo

Adam Schiff as today’s ‘Leave It To Beaver’s Eddie Haskell

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