Schiff miff over Trump Fusion tiff

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Barely had We the People’s president got over the deserved acclaim for the entire content of his State of the Union address, than the not-so-hidden deep state snakes in the grass inhabiting the Dark Side arose in feigned outrage at the temerity of him coming into their own house and upsetting their corrupt multi-billion-dollar political apple cart.

The nerve of him!

In terms of reference, going back in time a couple of years, I well remember Schumer sashaying to Rachel Maddow on MessNBC that president-elect Trump shouldn’t talk badly about the Intelligence Community or he would regret it. ‘Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.’

Schiff miff over Trump Fusion tiff…

He said that with his usual snigger-tic and ever-shifting eyes. But I must say that in the ensuing two years, the warrior-president has in fact, won over more battle-enemies than he has lost; including the government shut-down which was totally caused of course, by the aforementioned Schumer, plus Pelosi and the gang of thieves on the Dark Side.

Don’t forget folks, that he has also been battling the equally-corrupt big deep-state fake news media and government bureaucracy all this time, and yet, as I pointed out yesterday, he still keeps emerging as the good guy!

Which has all to do as a round-about way of coming to the topic at hand, the content of which is no less of a Dark Side, since it’s all about the tiff of miff in the air of one Adam Schiff (alliteration intended); in fact a Schiff miff over a Trump Fusion tiff. Finally, maybe?

Today’s Conservative Treehouse and ‘sundance’ with his opener: ‘Shifty proof of collusion as Adam Schiff caught meeting with Fusion GPS …

Oh man, this is unethically priceless. John Solomon received photographs of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson meeting with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff in 2018 during the height of the ‘Spygate‘ cover-up… [STORY HERE]

The Hill […] When confronted with the Aspen conference photos of Schiff, in sport coat and open-neck dress shirt, and Simpson, wearing casual attire, representatives for both men tried to minimize their discussion, insisting nothing substantive about the Russia case was discussed.

“In the summer of 2018, Mr. Simpson attended a media-sponsored social event where he exchanged small talk with Rep. Schiff and many other people who were in attendance,” Fusion GPS said in a statement to me. “The conversation between the two was brief and did not cover anything substantive. There has been no subsequent contact between Mr. Simpson and Rep. Schiff.”

The congressman’s response was even more vague: “The chairman did not have any pre-planned meeting with Glenn Simpson, and any conversation with him at the Aspen conference would have been brief and social in nature,” Schiff spokesman Patrick Boland said.  (read more)

And there’s more – evidence of Senate Intelligence Committee vice-chairman Mark Warner trying to conduct covert communications with Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS during their Senate investigative cover-up…..

Adam Schiff stiffed by Russian collusionists…

This covert meeting Schiff had with Simpson clearly shows the entire Russian collusion ‘dossier story’ going all the way back to the original Clinton Collusion, and has absolutely nothing – nothing – to do with the president. It was carefully planned and manipulated by the (gulp) Obama collusionists etal when their polling showed Hillary Rob’em drawing tiny crowds and Trump filling every venue to overflowing.

‘Miff, tiff, Schiff’ has been a conspirator from day one. Which all goes to prove that when it comes down to their own needs and deeds the DemoRINOMarxist Left is shameless, shiftless, corrupt and blind.

From the ‘baby-talk’ tarmac in Arizona to a ski slope in Aspen, institutional corruption knows no bounds, or even worry of exposure. Until a few brave individuals confront the deep state big fake news media and government bureaucracy with an intrepid prosecutor and an impaneled grand jury, this charade will continue unabated until time runs out. Even on Hannity last night, it was revealed that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr told CBS ‘We don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia’.

Are gonads no longer in style inside the beltway? It’s like the 3 monkeys and the concept of evil. ‘Monkey see; monkey do; whatever you do I do too’.

But then there’s a man in the arena, who isn’t finished yet!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J Trump – MAGA!


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