Saudi UN-HR member beheads 37

Go ahead, make my..

Ethel C. Fenig has a very compelling piece in today’s American Thinker on the ‘how-to’s, why’s, wherefore’s and absolutions’ (if that’s the right word) of staking justice on the lopping off of heads, particularly when it is conducted in full public view and sanctioned by (of all worldly organizations) the United Nations.

I need be careful here in that people might well think I’m being somewhat satirically sarcastic, but I kid you not – this is real, not concocted!

If you think it’s tough being a Muslim in a Christian country, or vice-versa, try being a Muslim in a Muslim country. ‘Some people did something’.

Almost every day.

Omar rails Obama as ‘a pretty face murderer’ …

Apparently that’s how the Saudi regime (believe it or not, members of the United Nations Human Rights Council) get rid of Islamic terrorism. Kill all people involved and anyone suspected of involvement. They don’t hold a candlelight vigil and chat about the peaceful religion of Islam. The Saudis terrorize their own citizenry.

There will, after all, be Peace in the Kingdom.

The cynic of course, would argue that the majority of the terrorists in Saudi Arabia are Shiites so why shouldn’t they be the majority of those executed for terrorism? Considering how Iran is probably the biggest state sponsor of terrorists and are seemingly always engaged in an undeclared war with Saudi Arabia there’s hardly anything wrong here. Iran is behind terrorism all over the Middle-East. Stirring up discontented minorities is one of their well used tactics.

Muslims are killing Muslims; what’s the problem?

On to Ethel C. Fenig and ‘UN Human Rights Council Member beheads 37’…

While Vermont’s independent senator and Democratic presidential wannabe Bernie Sanders supports allowing all jailed individuals the right to vote, including the terrorist Boston Marathon bomber, longtime U.N.Human Rights Council member Saudi Arabia has a different opinion. The Saudis behead those they deem terrorists. In public. In mass executions. And pin the heads to poles.

Yesterday, they did it again, whacking off the heads of 37 of their citizens, mostly from a minority Islamic branch, for alleged terrorism, an act they justified with Islamic law.

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday beheaded 37 Saudi citizens, most of them minority Shiites, in a mass execution across the country for alleged terrorism-related crimes. It also publicly pinned the executed body and severed head of a convicted Sunni extremist to a pole as a warning to others. …

It marked the largest number of executions in a single day in Saudi Arabia since Jan. 2, 2016, when the kingdom executed 47 people for terrorism-related crimes in what was the largest mass execution carried out by Saudi authorities since 1980. …

The individuals were found guilty of attacking security installations with explosives, killing a number of security officers and cooperating with enemy organizations against the interests of the country, the Interior Ministry said.

The statement was carried across state-run media, including the Saudi news channel al-Ekhbariya. The statement read on the state-run news channel opened with a verse from the Quran that condemns attacks that aim to create strife and disharmony and warns of great punishment for those who carry out such attacks. …

Saudi Arabia’s supreme council of clerics, who are all ultraconservative Sunnis, said the executions were carried out in accordance with Islamic law.

Shari’ah Law is counter-productive to The Constitution…

Fenig winds up with: ‘Sunni Islam predominates in Saudi Arabia, while its enemy, Iran, is majority Shiite Muslim. These beheadings will certainly ‘create strife and disharmony.’

‘Busy condemning the US and Israel for something called Islamophobia, Sunni Muslim American representatives Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia in Minnesota) and Rashida Tlaib (D-mythical Palestine in Michigan) did not comment on this action “carried out in accordance with Islamic law.” The U.N.’s Human Rights Council also does not seem to think this action is a human rights violation; Saudi Arabia remains a member in good standing.'[end]

Omar, no doubt, gets all hot and bothered at the thought of being able to apply this standard of justice here in the US. Even La Dimwit Ocasio-Cortez might smile as she envisions herself holding the sword above a Conservative’s neck. Other than that We the People could surmise that the UN has been hijacked by Islam, but we all know that anyway.

The plain fact that ANY Islamic nation could sit on a ‘Human Rights Council’ should keep people awake at night. But it doesn’t.

As Paul wrote to remind us, ‘The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light’.  And it’s not going to be the day that many envisioned.

Because freedom of religion. Or something.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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