Russian to judgment is all Dem#44

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Excuse my little play on words there in my headline but, well, y’know … Real Americans know that the first imbecile from nowhere (OK, Dem #44) had handlers, a low IQ and was only in his position to harm We the People who ultimately paid his way through life. Following the corrupt collusion between enemies foreign and domestic, it will be more than grand to watch this perp shuffle his way to the Gitmo barge. The dramatic opening up of his life’s lock-box documents and the information therein will only add to the satisfaction of witnessing traitors to the Constitutional Republic finally getting their comeuppance. Russian or no.

Else why, dear fellow-seekers of the truth, would former Dem #44 AG Eric (Fast & Furious) Holder scream louder than a trapped skunk yesterday along the lines of ‘William Barr is unfit to be Attorney General‘? Former wingman to OBO the clown prince, dutifully pushing the usual demoMarxocrat agenda to discredit and smear anything and anyone involved in the complete dismantling of the former disastrous Dem #44 administration, while sullenly observing We the People’s president setting the course on MAGA! And succeeding.

Obama and Holder were always in it for the money … the real Russian to judgment

To have Eric (Fast & Furious) Holder call out anyone as ‘corrupt’ is to challenge simile. Damning proof of corruption within the ranks of the highest law-enforcement agency on the planet – to which the current AG has appointed prosecutors to uncover the extent to which it exists – and the former Dem #44 AG has the unmitigated gall to warn them to mind their own business. Just who was it who ran the Dem#44 admin anyway?

To cut to the chase, AG Barr may be pursuing a RICO action. If that’s the case, these actions are quite involved and do take time especially with a corrupt process that has been going on for well over three years.

One has to believe that AG Barr wants to put together the best possible case because he really has only one shot at this and it will take place in DC. He’s had a successful career and I for one don’t believe he’ll want to ruin it by not doing anything or putting together a sloppy case.

Ari Lieberman, FrontPageMag: ‘Obama or Trump: Who’s the Real Stooge?’ …

Democrats and their socialist allies have been quick to portray President Donald Trump as a tool of the Russians. Pejoratives like “Putin’s puppet” and “Russian asset” are terms routinely employed by Trump’s shrillest critics with banal regularity.

The Mueller Report, compiled by a team largely composed of Trump antagonists, conclusively established that neither Trump nor members of his campaign conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election. That fact, established after wasting $32 million in taxpayer funds, has not stopped Democrats and their echo-chamber puppets in the establishment media, from regurgitating tired tropes and talking points steeped in Alice in Wonderland-like fantasy.

Democrats and elements within the leftist media have absurdly attempted to portray Trump’s efforts to establish good, working relations with Russia as an attempt to undermine the republic. However, no such criticism was ever leveled against Barack Obama when he attempted his farcical Russia re-set, which ended in disaster. It’s a tired double standard that Trump and his supporters have become accustomed to.[-]

[+] … In fact, even a cursory review of Trump’s record on Russia reveals that he is anything but Russia’s stooge and can more accurately be characterized as its worst nightmare … Energy: In September 2019 the United States exported more crude oil and petroleum products than it imported, marking the first time that the U.S. was a net petroleum exporter since monthly records were initiated in 1973.[-]

[+] … Ukraine: Despite the Democratic narrative, it was the Trump administration and not the Obama administration that provided lethal aid to the Ukrainian army to repel Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine.[-]

[+] … Poland: In 2012, Obama was infamously caught on hot mic telling Russian president Dmitri Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” to capitulate on missile defense after the November presidential election. In 2017, Trump partially reversed Obama’s Russia cave-in by signing a memorandum of understanding with Polish president Andrzej Duda in which the U.S. agreed to sell Poland Patriot missile defense systems. The MoU signals to both America’s friends and foes that America does not abandon allies.[-]

More in full disclosure link below…

Comey the compromiser …

On Dec 9 Mark Warner of all people tweeted that “AG Barr is acting in bad faith,” going on to accuse Barr of being partisan. Hmmm. He and Eric (Fast & Furious) Holder scared? Both of ’em? I guarantee they’re not alone.

As Ari Lieberman closes it out: [In Russian to judgment] during his tenure, Obama pandered to the Russians. He allowed them to violate missile treaties, gave them a twenty percent interest in America’s uranium mining capacity in the now infamous Uranium One deal, transferred sensitive technology to Russian companies that would later end up in the hands of the Russian military, dismantled missile defense shields in eastern Europe, eroded the U.S. military, prevented lethal aid from reaching Ukraine and stifled the fossil fuel industry. If the Democrats want to find a Russian stooge, they need look no further than Barack Obama.[end]

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Ari Lieberman, FrontPageMag: Obama or Trump: Who’s the Real Russian Stooge?

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  1. Exactly treason has been committed against the USA
    And it went from the top to the bottom . If you go and listen to Trumps Speech from the beginning he tells us the whole story about how the system was rigged and he was not just talking about the Presidency he was talking about the whole system was rigged for them and not to help the American people

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