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While the snotty-nosed imbeciles (little bit of old English descriptive for y’all there) pretending to be ‘news anchors’ over on CNN, MessNBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of the alphabet-soups were indignantly waving papers and sneering sneers president Trump’s way on the stolen financials from the 1980s/early 90s (none of which, by the way, were earth-shatteringly criminal or against the financial laws of the land), our fearless president was among his nearest and dearest in Panama City, Florida, where he was greeted and supported by an estimated crowd of 12,500.

In case you missed it, check the Conservative Treehouse link down at the bottom for the full coverage, including pics of the crowd (not surprisingly ignored by said alphabet-soups).

But I digress. Main topic for today is the fact that the recurrently infuriating ‘Russia collusion’ is ages old; literally-so by the Dems. The trail goes all the way back to the early 1950s and all you need do is to test the algorithms on your favorite search engine and – voila – take your pick!

Ted Kennedy in Red Square, Russia 1974…

There’s a very astute commenter on one of the threads by the name of ‘wilyvet’ who definitely has a way with words: “Almost without exception every Red Russia Communist, if not a CP-USA member directly, dupe, agent of influence, fellow traveler, or sympathizer, could be found within the ranks of the Democrat Party. From the notorious Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, Harry Hopkins, Lauchlin Currie, Owen Lattimore, Victor Perlo, Virginius Frank Coe, Gregory Silvermaster, and hundreds more within the Democrat administration of FDR, were Ivy League educated or otherwise. White was an economics professor from Harvard and a traitor. Hiss was from Harvard, one of Felix Frankfurter’s Boys”.

“After 70 years of that malignant system, the ‘West’ was not allowed to celebrate its demise. George H.W. Bush was very kind to old Gorbachev; himself a legacy of FDR and the recognition of the Bolshevik regime of Joseph Stalin in November 1933.” [end]

Lloyd Billingsley and his somewhat tongue-in-cheek opener in FrontPageMag: ‘SC Report on Russia interference in the 1984 Election’…

In the course of the investigation into Russian interference in the 1984 election, the Special Counsel deployed 19 lawyers and 40 FBI agents, along with intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and other staff. The Special Counsel’s team interviewed 500 witnesses, issued 500 search warrants, 230 orders for communication records, 13 requests for information from foreign governments, and 2,800 subpoenas.

After two years and $25 million, the Special Counsel duly submits its report on Russian interference in the 1984 election. The findings include the following:

Parties participating in the 1984 election in the United States include the Communist Party USA. Although described as an American party, the Special Counsel has established through historical records that this party was in fact founded by Soviet Russia in the decade after the Russian Revolution. The Russians established the Communist International (Comintern) to fund and direct the Communist parties in many countries, including the United States.

The Special Counsel has found that the Communist Party USA is a foreign political party that has never deviated from Communist Russia on any issue in any way. Its participation in an American general election, therefore, constitutes direct interference in American affairs.

The Special Counsel has established that Communist Party presidential candidate Gus Hall, also known as Arvo Kusta Harber, joined the Communist Party in 1927, studied at the V.I. Lenin Institute in Moscow, and in 1949 was convicted of trying to overthrow the United States Government. A Party leader since 1959, Hall has been the Communist Party candidate for president in three previous elections. In 1976 Hall received nearly 60,000 votes, one of them from a college student named John Brennan, but failed to achieve his goal of gaining election to president of the United States.

Read to conclusion in link down below…

Ted Kennedy and Russia-collusionist Obama…

These dedicated enemies of American liberty and freedom, who in the course of their nefarious behavior, would have condemned millions more to the odious, malignant and murderous system of Bolshevism or world Communism, become heroes and martyrs to the demented Leftists if and when they were summarily tried and executed. The lives of millions is nothing, but the execution of one treasonous pile of garbage, is the REAL tragedy.

This from the same educated ‘class’ that condoned the deaths of close to 100 million people; just mere eggs in their Communist omelette.

In the crime of treason, intent doesn’t matter. Violation of the law is the crime. From Klaus Fuchs and Ted Hall, to Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy or Bradley Manning, they all had their ‘reasons’. They, in their misguided idealism or outright treachery violated not just the laws of their country in favor of a foreign country or adversary, their self-serving actions were put above millions of their own citizens. The lives of fellow Americans would have been sacrificed for their own demented purpose.

Yet as occurred with the Hollywood Reds, they become the victims. And THAT’s the problem with any Russian collusion by the Democrats; forever self-serving as they are.

And on that sobering note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


Conservative Treehouse: President Trump Panama City MAGA Rally

Lloyd Billingsley, FrontPageMag: Dems Russian interference in 1984 Election

Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor, The Federalist in Imprimis: Russian Collusion?

Allen McDuffee, Timeline: Ted Kennedy attempt to get Russians against Reagan

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