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The road to nowhere leads to … Let’s begin today with the premise that it takes an evil, demonic mindset to lie to yourself every day, go to sleep, wake up and then lie even more to yourself the next day. To say nothing of what living in lies, lies, and fairy tales does to the mind, body, soul, and spirit. The road to nowhere.

Not to repeat the obvious but if the demoMarxocrats had anything of substance, they would’ve filed articles of impeachment months (or even years!) ago. But they didn’t and don’t, because they’re on a road to nowhere, so they do this little clown show where their ‘witnesses’ come and offer their opinions as if they were facts. This portentous derangement is for political purposes only, since they know very well they won’t win through the road to the ballot box.

The arrogance of the State Department Foreign Service officialdom stands in blatant defiance of the elected leader of the free world, through fools the likes of those making up the leftist big deep state lamestream media as part of the road to bureaucratic globalist politburos and their worldwide counterparts.

The investigations into the Bidens for instance are criminal, not ‘political’. Big difference, which can be seen in the case of so-called investigations into Trump. There never was any evidence of any crime. None. Zero. Nada!

Shifty-Schiff and the rest of the criminal bunch on the otherhand, searched and searched for ‘something’ while promising they had strong evidence. Which they didn’t. They finally settled and focused on ‘obstruction’ even though obstruction requires a valid investigation which itself has been obstructed. No valid investigation existed. However, we do know it was political in nature from the outset, because the intentions to impeach were announced within hours of the election results. BIG difference between political vs criminal.

Let me switch gears a little and bring in Don Sucher and his pithy piece in American Thinker: ‘Impeachment the great Why Should I Care?’…

It is almost amusing the watch the consternation of those in the elite bubbles as their Impeachment Circus Grande goes largely unwatched and their own pointed interests seem to be of little interest to others.

Why, oh why? In the end each person has and will have their own life story to tell. And I expect for many this Big In D.C. event will play almost no part whatever.

For myself, who has watched not a single minute of these proceedings on TV, nor even the snatches that have made it to the various blogs I read, it has come down to a few simple questions: “Why are the people doing this? Concern about law or justice? Or are they simply looking for personal (or political) gain?”

The answer is obviously #2, so why should I even give them my attention?

Then, to the degree I have any remaining interest, my questioning goes to more personal matters, and in this it seems I am not alone. “How am I and my fellow citizens being affected?” Do our interests and those pushing this thing share common concerns, or for that matter, do we even share basic human values?

No and no and no. And is this thing going to win? Not based on any rational numbers.

Therefore on with my life! Art, music, friendship, family, community. The things that properly make up my own life in our republic. In other words something more basic. Something once perfectly described with these few words: “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Note, that it is not that I don’t care.  I really, really do.  Just not in what they are selling, not in their motive for wanting to sell it.

Again, in this it seems I am not alone.

America under Trump is doing wonderfully. This I/we care about. But the other? The elites’ personal concerns? About that why should we care at all?

That, I think, sums it up for the many. Eat your hearts out, elites.  We simply do not care.

Pres. Trump has the road to nowhere measured…

By the way, while I think of it, can SanFranNan and her new word-dujour ‘bribery’ (which, for some strange reason seems to come out as ‘Ida Lee’ or whatever!) rise to the level of a high crime and misdemeanor if a) it appears nowhere in 3,500 pages of witness transcripts and b) it was hurriedly focus-grouped after no witness would attest to a quid-pro-quo during the calls?

Would anyone mind much if her fellow-Dhims ducked out for another quick focus group on a third potential sumpt’n’ or other? Hold that space! An appropriately heinous high crime will come to us!

Nevertheless, just remember Speaker SanFranNan Pelosi has hung her political fortunes – not to mention her dentures – on old Ida Lee.

So Ida Lee it must be. Just imagine what our fearless president would do with a word like that at one of his rallies – Priceless!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Don Sucher and Impeachment – Why Should I Care?

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