Politics is economics is trade,period

En Garde in the bunker…

Lesson for today – ‘politics is economics, and economics is trade.’ Period. Over. Out.

Wish I could lay claim to that ‘politics’ meme`, but I must give credit where credit is due, and that would be to the brainiacs over at my favorite ‘go-to’ outfit Conservative Treehouse. To whit: The real, consequential show is always whatever is going on with Main Street vs. Wall Street; the ‘sundance’ intuitiveness spells it all out, to where financial pea-brains like yours truly can make sense of it all.

Once you understand the politics of MAGA-nomics, for instance, you’ll understand why those who oppose president Trump, oppose him with a vengeance. Eventually it all makes all kinds of sense.

Upon discovering the Treehouse some years ago (link was forwarded to me by a ‘confidante’) I was apt to skim over the essays on MAGA-nomics to focus on the political spectrum, ie. the intrigue, the soft coup, and the ‘insurance policy’; which, to be honest, has since become like ordering a sundae, and only eating the cherry on top.

One of the favorite thread-commenters, hash-tag ‘seneca-the-elder’, expresses it thusly: ‘I know that it is often hard for political junkies like myself to tear away from the “red meat” of Spygate and assorted other debacles, but I really do need to understand what the hell is going on with my puny IRA investment that’s getting whipsawed all over the place by these damn algorithms and robots.’ [end]

Truly and expressly stated. We’ve seen what the hidden masters of the Google / FB / Amazon Universe can do to us via commerce and information. Fact is that the Rulers of Wall Street now have the same demonic tools at their disposal and are using them every which-way they can to take down our President without completely destroying the economy along the way.

They have now become so desperate and reckless that they’re capable of doing anything to save their money and power.

‘Sundance’ and his opener…

The investment instruments created by Wall Street billionaire hedgefund managers and institutional multinational banking interests; operated by robotic algorithmic data networks, while programmed to twitch and flitter with coded signals only decipherable by the hired engineers; are wildly swinging amid their detachment from Main Street.

This fluctuating Wall Street process is likely to continue; actually, it’s going to get a hell of a lot worse; because the invisible data driving the activity behind the swings is based on investment bets, derivatives that are entirely disconnected from actual Main Street financial results.

Reference to Chairman Hassett and:

Right up front, We the People determine that the problem is not Wall Street but rather our Congress-critters who think they know how to manage the economy by listening to their lobbyists as opposed to their voters. We the People-voters need to insist on a balanced budget that includes substantial debt repayment.

From where do all the multi-millionaire Congress-critters, for instance, get their wealth. We the People need to end crony capital.

Don’t we?

I may be old-fashioned, but color me so. Warren Buffet had the right idea about investing. The human element of research, watching and holding investments is gone. This computer trading needs to go. If the traders want to earn big bucks, make them do it the old fashioned way.

They ‘earn it’.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


See Conservative Treehouse and ‘sundance’: Disconnect Between Wall Street and Main Street

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