Poisonous snakes are everywhere….

Go ahead, make my…

Poisonous snakes are everywhere … Full disclosure – Yours truly does NOT have a degree in Statistics. I am however, very good at Arithmetic. So let’s suppose we have a hypothetical State, say the “State of Despondency” for instance (a good one, since OBO#44 once regaled us all with him having visited “all 57 states”). Say we get to the point where 80% of the voting precincts have reported in and there have been 3,000,000 votes counted thus far.

Those reports inform us that Trump is leading Biden by 5% points at 52.5% of those 3,000,000 votes, ie 1,575,000, leaving Biden with the remaining 47.5%, or 1,425,000, while for the sake of simplicity, we ignore the Libertarian candidate and those other thimblewits.

All of the above strongly suggests there are 750,000 votes still uncounted. This means that, in order for Biden to even TIE Trump, he has to get half of those 750,000 votes, or 375,000, PLUS another 150,000, totaling 525,000. And THAT means Biden must gain 525/750, or 70% of the remaining votes, plus ONE more, to win.

Now.. just HOW does Biden manage to suddenly jump from getting 47.5% of the vote to getting 70% of the remaining votes if things are, in fact, on the Up and Up?

Sure, in practice, that percentage distribution is going to waver around a bit as Election Night wears on, but a jump of 22.5% as late in the game as the 80% reporting mark?

Poisonous snakes are everywhere…

Anybody see any holes in my discourse? Poisonous snakes are everywhere. C’mon, man!….

Then there was this interesting sequence (maybe) of events yesterday:

1) Barr meets with Mitch
2) Mitch speaks up on the Senate floor
3) Barr drops statement about DOJ pursuing fraud
4) Team Trump appears before some court??
5) RCP (ie Real Clear Politics)  drops PA from Biden’s side.

Barr’s statement adds the threat of criminality to the fraudsters, does it not?

The President said he caught them all. All means all. That includes McConnell and his ‘House-of-Bush’ fixer Barr. President Trump loudly gave Barr a chance to do the right thing. Barr sat on his hands. With President Trump you get exactly one chance to think about proceeding. You don’t get two.

We’ve seen this playbook over and over again. Declaring no problem with Epstein’s death, sitting on so many laptops it’s akin to sitting on an overstuffed suitcase to lock it shut. Declare an investigation and then declare nothing found. Maybe we need to name the behavior a “Barrism”…

Poisonous snakes are everywhere…

He is now in a race with DNI Ratcliffe, who has 45 days to report on an attack on national security infrastructure by a foreign country. Which at least some of the fraud was. Ratcliffe has a 6 day headstart on the erstwhile AG. Just because he has 45 days doesn’t mean he has to use all of them. Can ‘Bagpipes Barr’ do an ”investigation” and find “nothing substantial or enough to change the outcome” between now and Friday?

Reports are numerous that President Trump watched the computer fraud take place in real time on election night. Ratcliffe meanwhile, had ninety percent of his own report written by the end of October, and spent the last five days on the last ten percent. Anybody heard a whisper about him or his whereabouts?

Poisonous snakes are everywhere…

What are the odds that Ratcliffe has his report ready to drop right about … mmmmm, Veterans Day? That would be a nice gift to the families of all our men who died in Iraq fighting the House of Bush’s endless wars wouldn’t it?

As for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (and if ever there was one, what a mighty tumbling fall down to the depths of Satanic whoring) I guess we can assume that there isn’t a public record – nor assume that there never has been – in the so-called “city of brotherly love”.

It’s time for some serious, brass knuckles federal investigation into these thugs. Give them some time they will worry about. The arrogance with which they stole Trump’s lead should be taken seriously as a grave threat to our nation. The DemoMarxocrats have clearly institutionalized election crime.

Fair and in-your-face elections are indispensable to a democratic republic, and especially-so in a Constitutional Republic. These kinds of crimes are an existential threat and should be punished accordingly. Everyone involved – EVERYONE – should be facing 20+ year minimums with no possibility of parole on the first offense. If they do it again, put them away for life and award the victory to whoever they tried to rob.

Pennsylvania after all, has always been the Poster-State of the history of the Constitutional Republic – Albeit Ben Franklin booming out down the centuries “IF YOU CAN KEEP IT”…

FYI, never forget, this was the result of the election when we all went to bed. Biden 223; Trump 299. Click the map to create your own at  270toWin.com

Think about it long and deep – The American Republic was born in Pennsylvania. Only for Philadelphia to attempt its demise.

Poisonous snakes are everywhere…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump fighting like hell to preserve the Constitutional Republic – MAGA! KAG!


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