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Point & About; point, counterpoint … Back in the day when I began to write while still a student in school, James Bond was the spy of all spies. Somewhere deep in the bowels of education are the remnants of a first spy novel that embraced a private intel agency that had Blofeld contractors doing search engine optimization for made-up copies of top-secret wires and selling them for cash to Nazi Germany. Back in the Bank of England 20,000 small add-on accounts with the equivalent of $50k each, (held in blind trust accounts for most Members of Parliament making them $$$ so they wouldn’t mess with/investigate them) which generated their operational funding through insider trading.

Throw in rogue former Russian (yes real Russian) KGB agents training hot chicks (OK, I didn’t know about Pussy Galore until later) to become offshore brides, marry in UK, kill off rich husband, date/seduce lonely nerd programmer and get access to global database, create invisible backdoor. Fast-forward to today and I guess I’d have to go with the vaccine/hidden microchip thingy…still keeping the hot chicks – they never seem to go out of style.

Now, it’s all been exposed.. 😦

Point & About; point, counterpoint…

Which is what I and many other sleuths suspected when the NSA database was being mined by contractors a couple of years ago. For anyone who doesn’t understand what today’s Sundance “Point” and “About” queries means – imagine that every phone conversation, every email, every text, every financial transaction/purchase/sale you’ve ever done is recorded and kept in a vast database. And someone who doesn’t like you, or your politics, or your religion, sex, race, etc., has access to that. Imagine.

Imagine Americans being robbed blind by their own political “class” on a continuing basis while our taxes are raised, new taxes invented, a tax here, a tax there, more regulations that only create new entities and more money out of our pockets… only to find out most of it doesn’t go into the military, or to maintain roads or bridges or schools or keep the air clean, while federal agencies become so bloated the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing – utterly ineffective.

And we find out that most of the political class “reward” their family members and friends with cherry jobs at ridiculous salaries, while we struggle to put our kids through college with both parents working. Every time we clamored for fairness in the “system”, the government would create another entity to “manage the problem” and money would be funneled yet again to their family members and cronies.

COVID and Antifa/BLM are just huge distractions. They don’t want their crimes against Americans exposed so they’ll throw whatever they can think of in our faces to make us afraid. When people are afraid for their families and their livelihood, some – not all – will do anything, cower, bow, take a vaccine, just to get some semblance of peace back into their lives. The political class knows this and they exploit us ruthlessly, relentlessly.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Point’ …

SusanPhd Notes: “For the first time, I saw Sundance make a comment on his Twitter about authorized “contractors” – like Crowdstrike – that were possibly using the NSA database for insider trading purposes.

Most people who are not in the securities industry would NOT understand how this works. But Trump certainly does and Mnuchin definitely does. Bannon for sure understands this.

If you are a big trader – like Soros, Gates, Goldman Sachs, or a major bank – having inside information is a freebie – no risk – goldmine.

If you are a greedy political family like Pelosi, Clinton, Bushes, Feinstein, Burr, McCain, Obama; Biden Family – inside information is a freebie no risk goldmine for the entire family.

I guess if you are John Brennan or a foreign intelligence service, and you want to finance a nefarious off the books black op operation FOR FREE, outside of your normal budget, you can use inside information and stock trades to finance your operations.

What kind of inside information can be freely gleaned from the NSA database? Correspondence between PUBLIC COMPANY CEO’s who are looking to do a merger, acquisition or spinoff of another public company; confidential audits of a company that may be in discussions to be acquired by a public company; confidential emails, phonecalls, texts between CEO’s, their accountants, their lawyers, their bankers, their competitors; their R & D department; their patent department.

Once the secret NSA information is obtained, stock trades are placed (by the ELITES and their families/cohorts) to capitalize and monetize the information. On any stock exchange anywhere in the world.

It would be great to have a securities lawyer or an outstanding journalist – who is familiar with insider securities trading – write an article on this topic. So far, I have not seen anything. Everyone is too focused on the big distractions: Russia, impeachment, racism, Covid, election…

But my instincts tell me this is a BIG DEAL COVER UP per Hillary, “If revealed, they will all hang.” ‘They’s’ why the elites want Trump out so badly. This is about money & theft on a GRAND GLOBAL SCALE.

Full link below…

Point & About; point, counterpoint…

Watch, for instance, where President Trump is putting our money: lowering our taxes and giving some of it back to us; space; the military; vets; the border wall; opportunity zones for jobs; manufacturing coming home; H1B visas denied until Americans are working; the most sex trafficking arrests than any other President in history; almost 200 constitutional judges; and the list goes on.

It’s stunning what this President has done in a few short years in the face of endless attacks as he exposes their schemes. *They* hate him for busting up their money-laundering and crony capitalism.

Once the truth is out in black and white, on full and hideous display, Americans en masse will rise up against the government. All that noise out there is to keep us from seeing and hearing the truth. Stay focused. Vote as if your life depended upon it. It does. Do everything in your power to protect and defend our Constitution and the Republic. Don’t underestimate the absolute evil We the (63 million) People are battling.

Peace out.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: Point

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