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As always, ‘IT’ is a case of ‘follow the money’. The Pelosi tantrum is a corrupt precursor. Corrupt pols and their ilk enriching themselves with our hard earned money using foreign aid and NGO shell companies. Re-routing our tax dollars through foreign drop offs and multiple currencies. And lying through their teeth about it. Schiff. Schumer. Pelosi. Nadler. Romney. Comey. Brennan. Clapper. The deep state swamp dwellers. The complicit and equally-corrupt media.

PDJT is smoking them out. We the (63 million) People can’t understate how imperative it is for us to take back the House and Senate with super majorities. Otherwise all of PDJTs efforts on our behalf are for naught and America will fall to the traitors that could well lead to Civil War 2. We have to be prepared for whichever event occurs.

There is a coordination of events going on. Yes, I believe even the triumvirate of Horowitz, Barr, and Durham. But it goes way beyond that. Pelosi provides the Bubbles in the background. The American public wouldn’t accept what is coming unless the American public believed what is coming is justified. PDJT needs the corruption to culminate with the corrupters attempting the unlawful shredding of our Constitution by impeaching our duly elected president. After all it was top of the list for Pelosi.

The curtain fell, ending the first act in this political drama with acquittal. Scene one of the second act was the hero yesterday responding to the seditionists and laying out his agenda, apparent to those who understand his imagery. The hero is now re-positioning resources; the longer the hero delays the reward the greater the gratification. Forget 3 or 4-dimensional chess, comrades. This is a five-act play.

Effective institutional changes are what can help drain the Swamp, and these will definitely drive certain people into a panicked survival mode. Hence the Pelosi meltdown.

‘Sundance’, Conservative Treehouse from yesterday: ‘Important: Secretary Mnuchin and the Way Forward’…

Against the backdrop of massively consequential events, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had an important interview today with Maria Bartiromo.

The interview covers multiple topics to include: China dropping tariffs; the overall status of the U.S. economy; potential economic impacts from the Coronavirus; an important legislative infrastructure program, and much more…  However, there’s a statement within the interview that’s subtle but highly important.

Long-term CTH readers may remember a key point, since we initially outlined the consequences of President Trump’s policy objectives in 2016, that everyone should carefully consider the scale of President Trump’s opposition.

We encapsulated by saying: “there are trillions at stake“.

Those who oppose the “America-First” agenda of President Trump are very powerful both domestically and internationally. President Trump is confronting the heart of corrupt global influence and their power dynamic that involves the world of global trade and finance. These confrontations surround massive institutional interests.

As a consequence of accepting the scale of what Donald Trump was willing to confront there were several dynamics that needed to be carefully evaluated.

From the perspective of knowing these interests would do anything to retain power and position, it was not surprising to see the global elites rise up, prior to the November 2016 election, in direct opposition to what Donald Trump was publicly threatening.

The use of the global intelligence apparatus, the ‘five-eyes’ network, and everything we have learned about the domestic weaponization of intelligence operations against candidate Trump, President-Elect Trump and President Trump, should always be evaluated against the scale of these interests.

Full revelation in link below…

When Trump ordered Mattis to execute a financial audit on the Pentagon, Mattis dragged his feet and then came back and said “It is impossible to audit the Pentagon right now, as their books are so fouled up.”

One had to believe him, I suppose but we still need a proper audit, and his firing was at least in part because he resisted that. Several of the Muh Russia conspirators including foreigners (think that Steven Halford guy, sp?) were/are being paid out of Pentagon murky budgets, and these MUST ALL be audited if we’re ever to regain proper governance. And then there’s Pentagon procurement, which is nothing but a trough of corruption and waste.

More ‘sundance’: They tried a weaponized CIA/FBI/DOJ Crossfire Hurricane operation, and failed. They tried a weaponized special counsel operation, and failed. They tried a coup effort from inside government with an impeachment operation, and failed. Now, as President Trump gains the upper-hand, survives their onslaught, and deliberately looks at retribution, those same interests are desperate. As all of those corrupt and united interests recognize that President Trump will likely win reelection in November, it becomes increasingly important to prepare for the worst.

The most dangerous time in the life of a rescue swimmer, is the moment when he reaches a desperate drowning man…[end]

Institutional change is where it’s at long term. The Big Ugly isn’t an event, it’s a process.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Must read to conclusion, ‘sundance’, Conservative Treehouse: Secretary Mnuchin and the Way forward

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