Pelosi Biden Harris kumbaya prom

Go ahead, make my…

Pelosi Biden Harris … To cut right to the chase, pre-PDJT many believed the American political system to be among the best, if not the best in the world. Since the elevation of dementia “Being There”  JoeBiteMe, that illusion has been shattered.

There’s no push back from the opposition, zero. zilch. nada. The MSM are propagandists. Totally and completely. The judiciary political as all get out. The demoMarxocrats more nutsy than a fruitcake. Wow, did PDJT ever expose the swamp. The world noticed, and many are plotting big time as they know the U.S.A. is a paper tiger, governed by lunatics and opposed by eunuchs.

Yesterday’s “Pelosi Announcement” that dopey dementia Joe will be hauled out of the bunker for a “speech” to a joint session of Congress on the 28th of this month, was full of innuendo, lies, fairytales, and bravura. This could actually be the beginning of the end for the old demented fool on the hill.

Pelosi Biden Harris kumbaya prom…

Nancy-doodle-dandy trots him out like a show pony and lets him have at it for 30 minutes or so without the benefit of a teleprompter. He babbles on like the incoherent buffoon that he is. The world and the press can no longer deny his obvious late stage dementia. The process begins to eliminate him by the 25th Amendment. Kamalla Cumala is ushered in with great pomp and circumstance and “bob’s yer uncle”. ‘erm, “Kamalla Cumala Kumbaya”…

On a more somber note of course, the few men and women of goodwill remaining in the House and Senate should stand up, walk out, and head back home to organize the nationwide Redress and Reform Act of this illegitimate government. Elected politicians, their staff, and bureaucrats in every agency should simply and forcefully walk away from this illegitimate China Pandemic Circus.

When the demoMarxocrats gather to hear China Joe speak, the American people might just start wondering if being a Leftist results in Mad Cow Disease! OBO#44, BiteMe, Hunter the Punter, Pelosi, Harris, RobEmClinton, BillyBob (where is he these days?!), HeinzBakedBeansKerry, ShiftySchiff and a Rogue’s Gallery of other demoMarxocrats acting as though they’ve been steamed with Mad Cow Disease or somesuch, would be well advised to check in with their local doctors… Either way it’s either a brain affliction or Diabolical Possession.

Good news is that The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of The United States are intact. Everything else: Redress and Reform.

Bruce Thornton, FrontPageMag: ‘Biden Team Learns Nothing and Forgets Nothing’…

Like Talleyrand’s Bourbons, the Democrats have learned nothing and forgotten nothing. Still remembering the heady Obama years, the Biden administration is working full bore on a program of not just replicating Obama’s policies, but multiplying their ambitions and costs despite forgetting their manifold failures.  At the same time, Biden and the Dems obviously have learned nothing from Obama’s missteps in handling the Great Recession and disastrous Iran deal, and Donald Trump’s success in correcting those mistakes.

At a moment when the economic recovery from the pandemic downturn is starting to gather steam, such old feckless economic policies, if enacted, will also duplicate the malign consequences of Obama’s: one of the most sluggish recoveries from a recession on record, leading to unnecessary damage to the economy and workforce. And working to return to the Iran Deal will hasten a thug regime’s possession of nuclear weapons, and increase its regional disruptive adventurism.

Obama came into office in 2009 when the Great Recession was five months from ending. [-]

[+] … Projecting strength rather than weakness is the most important lesson that the Dems for decades have failed to learn. We saw the evidence a few weeks ago when our Secretary of State could respond to a Chinese minister’s slandering our country to his face only by squeaking that at least we learn from them. We might think such a confession to be a sign of strength, but the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, and probably many of our allies know it’s a sign of weakness and an eagerness to buy peace with appeasement. But though the cost of such concessions may seem a bargain at the time, eventually it becomes exorbitant.

The Bourbons who briefly restored the French monarchy had forgotten nothing of their lost aristocratic glory and privileges, and learned nothing from the world-changing French Revolution and dictatorship of Napoleon. Similarly, today’s Dems have forgotten nothing from their glory days of Obama’s two terms, and learned nothing from Trump’s populist repudiation of those times and its anointed heir, Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, if Biden succeeds in this return to failure, it will be the American people, today and in the future, who will pay the price. [end]

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Pelosi Biden Harris kumbaya prom…

There are Internet Rumors now, that “mRNA vaccines” may cause your body to churn out PRIONS that “eat your brain” like Mad Cow Disease. The scientists are already churning out responses to squelch the rumors. We know that Covid-19 was used as a cover for Ballot Box chicanery. Maybe Covid-19 is also beginning to be used as a cover for the demoMarxocrats suffering from Mad Cow Disease!

Fact is that Biden and Harris must be the most worthless and useless political duo in American History; a senile and corrupt old fool and an empty-headed, yet opportunistic Leftist woman with a head fully in the sand; this is simply unbelievable and is sure to incite our enemies around the world. The Chinese are poised now to take over the world economy, to say nothing of the “waiting-in-the-wings” Muslim Jihadists planning yet another 9/11. If nothing is done about these threats, they’ll mosey along like a slow train wreck.

From Politicians, Hollywood Stars, College Professors to Rioters in the streets, something strange is occurring in America. Pelosi Biden Harris…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – God bless President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to MAGA! and KAG!


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