PDJT optimism vs Biden despair…..

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PDJT optimism vs Biden despair … Leftists personified: The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. ~ H. L. Mencken

Where there is hope there is always the opportunity to make a positive difference, despite all odds. When things begin to go wrong, a reflection, a gathering of self-confidence, a wing and a prayer all go toward providing the solution. It may not be elegant, or the smoothest path, yet it gets the job done. More often than not it’s generally a question of mind over matter. Over the years I got to know Mary Kay whose number one favorite quote was “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.”

When you say you can’t, you have set your limit already and created the outcome before you even try.

PDJT has had a lot of times when things were down for him, yet those times never had him defeated, even though the media would giggle with glee over his troubles; and he turned it around despite their professions of his failure for good “this time”.

PDJT optimism vs Biden despair…..

Freedom for instance, scares the living daylights out of the left beyond reason. It isn’t only the smarts that get you through; it’s mental endurance, and a belief in yourself and those around you which brings you the light in your times of darkness. The leftists never quite seem to get this. They believe everyone is better off if they’re under their control. They fear a free person more than anything else.

Fact of the matter is that PDJT came in on a positive message in the early days of 2015-16 and despite all the absolute nonsense that he and the country have been put through the last four years, it continues still to this day. Optimism is what the country was founded on not despair. No one in their right mind would support Biden and his dreary outlook, to say nothing about the downright intransigence of one, Kamala Harris. To see who is really willing in telling the truth, simply check the prices in grocery stores, gas stations, your bank accounts and 401 Ks. Believe in America in its solidarity, it’s guts, intelligence and future aspirations for yourself, your children and grandchildren.

Todd Starnes tweeted it very well the other day: “Republicans: Shining City on a Hill / Democrats: Gates of Hell. Vote accordingly.”

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse:  ‘Trump Optimism contrasts Biden Message of Despair’…

This segment from President Trump’s speech today [8/21/2020] deserves some emphasis and contemplation. As we have shared for several months the sales pitch of the DNC and leftists, writ large, is full of despair, doom, anger, hate and darkness. This is what they are selling in order to generate support…. and they are relying on their heavily created COVID crisis; hence the push to demand masks etc; to solidify this sensibility in the electorate.

The opposition’s arguments are weak, antithetical to the spirit of America, and their platform based on negativity. This provides a much stronger position for President Trump and all USA supporters to emphasize the opposite. We are a resilient nation. We live amid the most fortunate and abundant economic system in all the world; and we are not a people comfortable with despair.

Rally to the standard you set for yourself. Live your best life and influence those around you with a positive message. You might not even recognize it but there are people looking for you, looking for optimism and joy. Give that to them.

Our opposition is weak. They feed on fear and trepidation. Be courageous of spirit not just for self, but for those who need to see the path in others. Do not concede an inch in the battle of ideas by entering a space structurally designed to perpetuate a negative outlook toward our country. Stay focused, faithful to our American spirit, and optimistic. That is the way we build our coalition.

If there is a challenge I debate more than any other… it would be how to tell the brutally honest truth about the nature of corruption and yet not diminish the optimistic spirit we need to face that corruption. We cannot, ever, accept it.  Additionally, representative government does not mean standing around waiting for leaders to solve the problem or reluctantly engage… take action.  We are the solution we have been waiting for.

Surround your close-self with only those who raise your spirit. Do not ever succumb to dark imaginings… stride forcefully and purposefully. This election victory is not achieved when we cross the finish line; it will be won when we get up every day, alone, with purpose, and we deliberately train ourselves (mind and heart) to hold faith and live our best life.

We have the best team. We have the best message. Steadfast.

Put that smile on a person’s face and you will win every battle… 

PDJT and Melania optimism vs Biden despair….

PDJT entered the race by capturing all the good political real estate. The demoMarxocrats can’t compete against that so they created their own political real estate; total madness while appearing to thrive on making people angry. A world most of us simply don’t want to live in.

PDJT is also very kind and compassionate whenever he speaks about Biden’s state of mind. Anybody else notice that? Gotta love that about him. He’s genuinely compassionate for what Biden is going throuh, and he doesn’t attack him. He sees and “he knows” like the rest of us know what the reality is. He doesn’t give Biden a pass all the way, but does it compassionately. Even knowing that NONE of them would do that for him if the case was reversed, God Forbid.

No future leader can ever emerge from this demoMarxocrat party. Biden was the best they had to offer.  Simply just one of the million reasons that most of us with compassionate hearts love, revere, and respect our President so much.

PDJT has taken the insults, betrayals, and abuse daily since coming down the escalator with his beautiful bride. The vile Washington establishment has in essence, devoted themselves full time to impede, impeach and impugn him. As a result of all that constant opposition, President Trump has accomplished more in 3 1/2 years than all of the Presidents in the last century combined. Think about THAT for a while!

And on that upbeat note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Compassionate president Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to make America great for ALL American citizens – MAGA! KAG!


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