Paul Ryan stupefyingly dishonest id

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Coming in with a compilation of thoughts and opinions of irate (and definitely-so) ticked off commenters on various threads as to the obsequiousness of the not-departing-soon-enough Paul Ryan.

Yes, folks, unless you’ve been snoozing for the past couple of months or so, the elusive and wall-protected former Speaker of the House (O wait, he’s not ‘former’ yet) – let’s say the ‘hanger-on’ Speaker of the House – How’s that? – having announced in April that he was departing his responsibilities next January (ie 2019!) has effectively redefined the definition of Lame Duck id! Why doesn’t he go now and hand over the House Leadership responsibilities to those who actually want it? Like, for instance, Jim Jordan?

You would actually think that after his open borders amnesty fail recently, Paul Ryan would have got the message from his colleagues in the House to step down. But apparently not. Paul Ryan should never have received the Speaker’s gavel in the first place. He was a backbencher, pulled into Mitch Romney’s failed presidential attempt of 2012, and a failure in the House before being blessed by Boehner as his successor in 2015.

Since then, what has Ryan proposed for the Republican base? Keeping Obamacare? Mass amnesty? Bankrupting Omnibus bills instead of ‘regular budget order’? Well, all of the above and more.

Ryan knows precisely what he is doing; he’s trying to sabotage the Republicans and assist the “blue wave”. RINOs and other Ruling Class apparatchiks like Ryan are doing all they can to bring Trump down.

However, with yesterday’s announcement about Anthony Kennedy, the great economic news, and other wins by Trump (who’s on a roll), all Ryan is doing is – at worst – aggravating us by delaying his resignation.

John Ellis in American Thinker – ‘Paul Ryan must step down from the Speakership – now’…

During his tenure as Speaker Paul Ryan has shown again and again that he is without political instincts, skills, or judgment—and that he never learns. He is still scheduling votes in the House without first making sure where the votes are, still offering up omnibus spending bills that appeal more to Democrats than Republicans, still publicly floating ideas (like his “border adjustment” tax) without having any idea that they will go down like lead balloons. But all of these recurrent political blunders pale before his nonsensical plan to lead his House members into the 2018 midterm election just before retiring to Wisconsin.

In the 1994 mid-term election campaign Newt Gingrich promised voters that if they gave him and his party a majority in the House, he’d schedule a vote on all the issues listed in his proposed Contract with America. The electorate looked at Newt’s program, liked it, and voted for him so that he could do what he promised to do. Newt was more clear about this than most, but any congressional leader going into an election says, in effect: vote for me and my party and I’ll do X, Y and Z for you.

But what can Ryan say? Vote for my members, and I’ll wish you all well from my family home in Wisconsin? Some election manifesto! A man who is retiring can’t lead his party into an election because he’ll need to talk about what he is going to do with the mandate he is asking the electorate for, and Ryan can’t do that.

This point is so obvious that it should not need to be made — but not to the politically obtuse Ryan. Why are House Republicans not speaking up? Isn’t there anyone in the GOP with the brains or the guts to tell him that what he proposes to do is utterly absurd?  A leader in an election campaign must be able to say where the party under his leadership is going to take the country after the election. Ryan must immediately get out of the way so that a new leader can do just that.

Note that majority leader Kevin McCarthy sees nothing wrong with Ryan’s intent.  Evidently, it’ll be no use looking to McCarthy for better political judgment.

The very sad part of this debacle is that (since Day One) Paul Ryan and McConnell and House / Senate leadership has/is been intentionally introducing bills that are designed to fail (looks good on the surface, but better in defeat). They think it makes them look like they’re doing something while at the same time giving no help to our duly-elected president.

Thank God that the ‘Art of the Deal’ doesn’t rest in the corrupt hands and minds of the likes of Ryan and McConnell and the rest of the rat’s nest. Or should that be the rats’ nest sewer swamp of Washington D.C.?

Semper Fi Mr. President and Molon Labe` – MAGA!


2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan stupefyingly dishonest id

  1. And yet we’re surprised? Why? Why is it we can never determine who a person is by what they actually do? Instead they can hide behind their title and virtually do what ever. This IS the America of today. The gullible indoctrinated America where double agents now prevent meaningful duties from being performed by the POTUS himself!

    People – this is the result of letting government take over and BE the Dept. of Education. A dept head name that defies the reality of its words because it is 100% about removing education and installing indoctrination for THE VERY PURPOSE of creating and legitimacizing double agents BECAUSE WE ARE NO LONGER A SOVEREIGN NATION BUILT ON PRINCIPALS! We are now being destroyed by them because the freedom to own and use a conscience has been rescinded by the democrats and double agents just like and including Paul Ryan. McCain. Bush 1. Bush 2. And slew of others who are seeking the destruction of this sovereign nation.

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