Paris, France, city of degeneration…

Go ahead, make my…

I’ve been to Paris, France, many times, mainly during the decade 1983-1993+ when Paris was barely hanging on to its reputation as the ‘city of lights, love, and fashion.’ I add ‘France’, as there are many cities named ‘Paris’ strewn around the world, even a beautiful one here in North Texas.

So let me get this straight.

It took the commies in Cuba about 40 years to turn Havana into a sh@thole, albeit still without homeless camps but a sh@thole nonetheless. So the French with their access to cutting-edge infrastructure still let their beloved Paris turn into a sh@thole only after a few years? Thanks, les Parisians, you almost made Havana look decent (not) but you get the drift. Import the third world, get third world problems.

Unfortunately, no matter where you live these days, it seems like the voting public just keep nodding heads with the same parties that are allowing this nonsense to happen.

Western Civilization must be restored, both in Europe and the Americas, or we are lost. There can be no chance that two diametrically-opposed cultures like the West, and Islam, can live peacefully together. It is impossible.

These things should be done while there is still the will and the power to do them. Time is running out. The clock of civilizational change is ticking. Every second we wait, the solution becomes more difficult. The Muslims of the world must live within the boundaries of their own cultures, and must be contained there, until Islam runs its course and dies a natural death.

This latest video from Paul Joseph Watson should be a warning to the US.

We haven’t sunk to this level quite just yet by any means, but we aren’t too far away from the crevasse of destruction either. San Francisco, California; Detroit / Dearborn, Michigan; Minneapolis, Minnesota ring any bells with anyone?

Uncontrolled immigration and submission to the devilish soldiers of Allah however, will get us there within a few decades or less if we’re not careful. It may in fact, be too late for us already, but if we don’t do SOMETHING now, we too will likely face these atrocious, unconscionable standards of living that has taken down most of Europe and Britain. R.I.P. City of lights, love, and fashion.

Stand strong, America and support our President as he fights the demons from hell to MAGA!!


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