P left runs D scared as J gears up T

En Garde in the bunker…

P left runs D scared as J gears up T … Never in your wildest imagination would you ever believe that the most famous person on the planet would be hounded and pounded by the dogs of war to prevent he / she (slight cover-deflection there) from escaping the bitter clutches of arguably the most evil perpetrators on the planet under the guise of (ahem!) “Social Justice Warriors.” AKA TwitFarce; GoggleBox; and FacialBlinders.

Broaden the scope somewhat and if they were indeed very confident of their election heist they wouldn’t even worry about PDJT. They’re getting away with outrageous indignation but a day of reckoning is coming and they aren’t gonna like it. This entire debacle is fueled by self-serving germophobics that have had freedom and the essentials of life delivered to them on a silver platter. Completely and totally disconnected from the reality of life, names like Biden, Gates, Pelosi, Schumer, Clintonista’s, Bush’s, Feinstein, Waters and so on have just about fulfilled their allotted time on the destruction of the Constitutional Republic.

P left runs D scared as J gears up T…includes Dr. Farce Fauci

Everything important is taken for granted. Food comes from a store and so we can get rid of cows. Farming practices are enacted that would starve any country with limited land. Electricity comes out of an outlet so we can build windmills that deliver zero results but look impressive rotating in 5 mph breezes. Names like the above-mentioned and so on. They think everyone can sit around doing nothing but when the bellies get empty they’re going to find out that they’re just dead men walking.

The BiteMe Regime is easily capable of eliminating leaders and targeting organizations. What they can’t defend against is citizens planning individually and acting individually but with common purpose. It is not the lack of organization or “leaders” that is the problem, it is the lack of spine. (Also lack of imagination and the right equipment. Guns are not useful in this situation.)

The critical vulnerability of BiteMe and its Republicon supporters is their dependence on the Establishment ‘Misleadia’. Such a target-rich environment for hilarious non-violent physical action. And the ‘Misleadia’ is not government. Nor is it a vital electronic carriage service. Its primary role is to use vacuous entertainments to sell pet food to busy moms who want more mileage for their kids and better nutrition for their cars.

P left runs D scared as J gears up T …

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘First Person Content Banned from FB/Instagram’…

This “guidance” is simply an [outrageously] outlandish position that only highlights how Big Tech views President Trump, and by extension his MAGA supporters, as a threat to advancing their political ideology. Banning and removing content based on the origination of that content is a control effort on steroids.

Control is a reaction to fear, never forget that.

This approach is beyond fascism and far beyond socialism… this is totalitarianism.

I have never advocated for departure from any social media platform because I strongly believe we fight where the enemy is. Retreat is not an option, fight them where they exist and do not pull-back from the ideological argument because MAGA is the message of the American majority. Some may be inclined to withdraw from Facebook and Instagram based on this new “guidance” as expressed. Fair enough…. However…..

If you have already made the decision to withdraw from the social media battlespace, let me propose another approach, MAKE THEM BAN YOU!

If mentally you have already made the decision to depart, there is nothing to lose. Do not take your voice out of the fight, without making them target and remove your voice. Proclaim your voice. Proudly proclaim your position.  Do not just simply withdraw, make them deal with you as an insurgent or dissident voice in the ideological combat. [-]

Full link below with others…

P left runs D scared as J gears up T … plus falling up the steps of AF1…

As Conservative Treehouse Admin ‘Menagerie’ puts it: Most people will never commit to action without a leader. And now people blame President Trump for the election steal, because one man could not stand alone against the evil of the Democrats.

The Democrats won partially because they do have leaders. Those community organizers we justifiably hate so much do get things done. Those activists get things done. It might be driving in a van in the middle of the night with fake ballots, but they work together, have a plan, and execute it.

Great leaders can sometimes get slothful humans to actually act. In my mind, that’s the definition of great leaders. They actually get reality tv-watching whiners to act! [end]

In conclusion, ‘they’ don’t just study them. ‘They’ are them, not just imitators. The leftists in America are going to become the heart, soul, and future of the worldwide Communist movement. They aren’t just duped puppets of China, they’re full on just as evil, just as intent on destroying this country and society, just as capable of murder – especially-so when you can kill millions and millions of innocent babies, what’s a few million more rebels?

America was once the country the world looked to in fighting for freedom. It could well become the country the world will bow to in submission, to finally give in. Only individual people who have the courage to get involved can save us.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill and the likes of Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!



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