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For fully three-plus years, now going on four, shifty-eyed-Schiff-for-brains-Adam opined that he had the evidence of Russian collusion with Trump. He opined he had the evidence of whistle-blowers. His opinionated self-servitude was fully revealed in (yes, a Russian scam!) a set-up phone call from a couple of Soviet comedians who gave him a made-up story of Trump and a couple of prostitutes. His opinion became fact! Until it wasn’t and he became a dumb fool. Which is where he has remained up to this day. Turns out if he wasn’t opining, he was out and out lying.

Fast-forward to the events of the past 72 hours and his droning on has morphed into the opinions he and his ‘investigative team’ have coerced into Hollywood-type screen plays, all for the purpose of impeachment. Pelosi’s control of Congress is paralyzed by the intransigence of the demoMarxocrats in the House of Representatives. And then there’s the entertainment factor in witnessing the demoMarxocrat struggle to do something, anything to prevent the coming Republican whitewash on November 3rd, 2020.

Opinion is insufficient to impeach…

It isn’t so much about Pelosi’s demoMarxocrats hurting America, but the danger they’ll literally sellout America and the American people to maintain their power. That’s the problem. Schiff opined on more than one occasion that he had evidence of collusion (which in and of itself is not illegal) against Trump. If so, where is it? This current charade, ie the ‘trial’, is Schiff’s time to present the evidence that supported the articles of impeachment. Yet all We the (63 million) People have to show for it is Zero. Nada. Nil. Other than Schiff’s slew of opinionated hogwash.

Schiff and the rest of the demoMarxocrat opinion-makers, spent an entire first day whining, moaning and opining, but did not present a single piece of evidence. Basically, they wasted (and continue to do so) the entire nation’s time in trying to overturn the rightful election of President Trump.

Seven opinion lies by Schiff in the Senate: 7. Promoting the bogus Steele dossier he knew was fake. 6. His repeated claims of having “ample evidence” of collusion. 5. Denying FISA abuse even though he knew it happened. 4. Lying about having contact with the whistleblower. 3. Misrepresenting a key text message that was from Mykola Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma. 2. Claiming Ambassador Sondland’s testimony proved there was a quid pro quo when Sondland was told directly by the President Trump that he wanted nothing, No Quid Pro Quo. And 1. His fictional version of the Trump-Zelenksy phone call that had Trump demanding Zelenksy multiple time for dirt on Biden.

Opinion is insufficient to impeach.

J. Marsolo, American Thinker: Schiffty Schiff to Senate: ‘Give us evidence to make our case’…

The Democrats and their lapdog media, led by Adam Schiff, AKA Shifty Schiff, lectured us for the past three years that President Trump must be impeached and removed because they had clear, compelling evidence that President Trump committed impeachable crimes.

Now that the impeachment trial has started, Shifty Schiff is arguing that the Senate must subpoena documents and witnesses to prove the Democrats’ impeachment articles. What happened to their “evidence”?

The premise of the Shifty argument is that President Trump must be guilty of something, so there must evidence somewhere to prove it. Democrats want the Senate to issue subpoenas so they can rummage through documents and question witnesses in the hope of finding something they can use. The logical question is, why and how do the Democrats believe that President Trump is guilty if they have no evidence that proves that President Trump is guilty? If they had such evidence, they would present it instead of whining for subpoenas.

The Shifty Democrats know there is no such evidence because they know that President Trump did not commit an impeachable offense. If there were evidence of guilt then the Democrats would have it.  President Trump released the transcript of his phone call with Ukraine’s President Zelinsky, so we know what he said.

There is no obstruction of Congress because President Trump, like every other president, can invoke executive privilege and immunity to protect the powers of the presidency under the separation of powers doctrine. The Shifty Democrats did not file suit in federal court to enforce any subpoenas because they knew they would lose.

Full link below…

Opinion is insufficient to impeach…

There is a reason that 21 attorneys general are saying throw it out. It shreds the Constitution as it passes along.

Picture a freight train parking in your two car garage, what’s left? Even the slightest argument is giving this relevance in the Senate. Just like the lies, innuendos, (and yes, opinions) that started this whole mess, all run through the lying media for validation. Just like a certain #44 who was never legitimate as a presidential candidate was run through this same laundering process by the demoMarxocrats.

It should’ve been made clear from the moment Schiffty-Schiff and his mob started this sham, either do it by the law or we will not hear it in the Senate.

Opinion is insufficient to impeach.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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