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Got a great Intellectual Froglegs (current issue) for you today, but as somewhat of a lead-in, a few comments following my yesterday post on dingbat Waters …

From commenter ‘Schmutzli’: “Increasingly senile and demented old ladies are usually a very sad and pathetic sight, evoking great sympathy. Unfortunately, in some cases they can also be quite annoying. Pelosi and Waters are pushing 80; Hillary Abedin Clinton is not that far behind them, and Feinstein is 85. Counting Hillary, at least two of them (maybe three) have serious drinking problems. All four are quite annoying. Because of mental and physical deterioration and substance abuse issues that obviously affect their judgement and makes them not just a public nuisance but potentially a threat to the public, none of them should hold public office.”

Commenter ‘antimoonbat’: “This has been the mad Maxine modus operandi from the beginning of her career. The first time I ever heard of her was the day after the Rodney King[1992] verdict caused the riots in LA. She ranted and raved how all the mayhem was justified. Then years later ’60 Minutes’ did a puff piece on her. You are absolutely right. None of them should be in office.”

Commenter ‘andrewfalcon’: “When it comes to leftists, I find the “or” conjunction is seldom appropriate in explaining the problem. Why not eliminate the unnecessary guesswork and presume “and”? Hillary Clinton has a drinking problem AND the onset of dementia. Nancy Pelosi has a drinking problem AND the onset of dementia. Maxine Waters has a whole bunch of racist bones in her body AND the onset of dementia. AND she might have a drinking problem that hasn’t become public knowledge … yet.”

OK – sit back, relax, and enjoy Joe Dan’s latest erudite glimpse into the world of real living… you laugh, you cry, you applaud, you actually yell – YEAH!!

In overall retrospect, we are facing not only a party and a political movement that has gone stark raving mad, but which has also revealed a face of hatred, violence, and anarchy which is a danger to the tranquility, safety, and well-being of the republic. We are talking about criminal behavior and denial of the rights of citizens which neither party has shown any interest in addressing. Victims of leftists crowds have described people getting in their faces and spitting on them.

‘Progressivism’ has morphed from an ideology, into protest and anarchic chaos, in just a few years. The movement deserves massive repudiation by the electorate in November 2018. Nothing else will defeat it, nor get rid of the troglodytes like Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Feinstein, and the other octagenarians frequently caught napping in both Houses during the conduct of business.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump, Joe Dan Gorman, and MAGA!


See also Patricia McCarthy and her piece in today’s American Thinker: Mad Max and Nancy Pelosi

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