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From years and years of studious musings on the future prospects of the Constitutional Republic of the United States, (especially-so in these immediate years of the Trump phenomenon), yours truly has long been of the opinion that average Trump supporters seem to be far more WORKING class, results-oriented variety than their counterpart average demoMarxocrat supporter; who rather more comes across as a drug addicted welfare recipient who can’t seem to figure out what sex they are, which bathroom to use, or whenever a baby in the womb is considered a live human being or not.

So being laughed at by moronic imbeciles the likes of what passes for CNN and other lamestream ‘anchors’ these days is a badge of honor. And my sincerest apologies to any demoMarxocrat that doesn’t fit the above description. That would be all two of them. Well, maybe three.

The three stooges, Don Lemon, Rick Wilson, and Wajahat Ali waxed comical in their appearance together this past Saturday night, thinking perhaps, that nobody would be around to see them. Or something.

As Patricia McCarthy opened it up in American Thinker:

By now, nearly every citizen near a television or computer has seen the clip of Don Lemon, Rick Wilson, and Wajahat Ali mocking and degrading Trump and his supporters in a particularly poisonous way.  Andrea Widburg today points out what a gift this is to the Trump campaign, and the GOP has already released an ad using it.

Don Lemon is actually the stupidest man on television, as Mark Levin often remarks, so no one expects anything other than rank infantile behavior from him. He is a child in an adult body and fortunately has no children.

Rick Wilson bills himself as a Republican strategist, but he has long been a vicious anti-Trump hysteric. He is no Republican; if he were, he would embrace President Trump, who has implemented more conservative policies than Reagan did in his first three years. Like all the other NeverTrumps, he hates this president more than he believes in his own previously held conservative principles.

Thanks to President Donald Trump, we now all know who the phony conservatives were and are.

Link down below…

It’s really quite amusing to watch this. Three people who collectively have zero skills except for self-preening talk about how stupid everyone is, when in fact, if left to their own devices, all would be dead meat in a month. My money says that not a one of them could survive a week if dropped in a true, live-by-your-wits-and-abilities situation. It would be fun to watch though….

Andrea Widburg also chimed in…

CNN’s Don Lemon helped Trump’s re-election campaign by giggling helplessly as his guests on CNN Tonight reached new heights of vitriol insulting Trump and his supporters. The video is a dream political ad…for Trump.

Indeed, Trump got the ball rolling for his campaign by tweeting out the video to remind Americans that Democrats, and their NeverTrump acolytes, have a “yuuuge” unearned sense of superiority. For that reason alone, they’re not fit to govern.

The set-up for the yuck-fest was a discussion about Mike Pompeo’s accusation that NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly mistook Bangladesh for Ukraine.  For Rick Wilson, a one-time Bush-era Republican campaign consultant and virulent NeverTrumper, the opportunity to ridicule Trump was too good to miss.

Link down below…

I bring you that nonsense to really highlight the impact of our fearless president not only on revealing the lamestream rubes for what they are, but in turning the entire United States political process into a pantomime sham. Perhaps some techno-wizard could stealthily pipe this footage into Don Lemon’s monitor at the Commie News Network’s studio and watch his and the other two rubes’ lemon-heads explode.

Prez Trump enormous Rally Wildwood NJ…

To call the Lemon clip unbelievably cringe worthy doesn’t even come close, yet again showing just how completely out of touch the Beltway insiders really are about those who support Donald Trump and how that support continues to grow exponentially every time clips like this are aired. Had the reverse happened when #44 and his criminal cohorts were in office it would have led every newscast in the country for days and everyone involved would have been fired immediately.

Which reminds me of the late film critic Pauline Kael who was shocked when Richard Nixon won his re-election bid back in 1972 and famously quipped her disdain of those who had voted for him in a landslide. “I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them.” (New York Times – December 1972)

Most times, the more things change, the more they stay the same. But NOT for warrior-president Donald J. Trump!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG! and winning BIGLY!


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2 thoughts on “On calling out all lamestream rubes

  1. We are about to see more of our young lost to the war for “social justice” than has been lost to the war on drugs. Our ignorant youth are being used as a shield as the violent stage play for socialism steps up it’s pace. Our children have been led to believe they won’t be challenged for their violence. Who will Lemon blame for the loss of lives. 100 million lost during the past century in attempts to establish socialism/communism world wide. America will not be exempt.

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