Octogenarians not needed in office

Go ahead, make my…

Octogenarians … Patrick Leahy, who has been in one form of government or another since 1966 (he’ll be 81 years old this coming March 31) is currently acting as the shadow Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States due to the fact that Chief Justice Roberts basically told the demoMarxocrats to go pound sand on their outrageous faux impeachment fiasco against United States Citizen President Donald John Trump.

That very same government within which Leahy has known no other employment is corrupt – the entire Judicial System from the Supreme Court way on down to local level judges at the DOJ level is totally corrupt; biased, ‘in-your-face’ political ‘rulings’ which are slanted to favor the specially protected, politically designated classes who support the Uni-Party. Octogenarians.

The ‘election’ as it stands was a total sham scam, with the demented Joe-puppet character currently hiding away in a Hollywood-style movie set, installed -not legally elected- just as he would be in Third World Communist countries. There are presently criminals going unpunished and even rewarded and celebrated, in the highest echelons of government – i.e., FBI, FISA, CIA, DOJ, and the WH. For all intents and purposes the Legislative Branch is filled with corrupt lawyer/politicians who operate on ‘pay-for-play,’ and who coordinated a treasonous coup d e’tat against a legally elected president.

Octogenarians not needed in office…masks or otherwise

They subverted and sabotaged his every action, spied on him, told bold-faced lies about him, exacted their hateful revenge on him, and are still yet attempting to destroy him. This is criminal on so many levels that it is absolutely mind-boggling and yet it is still allowed to continue, while criminally-insane government perps remain unpunished in their (toilet) seats of power.

It was after all, coordinated. Puffed-up TIME Magazine and their guardians of fake and salacious escapades, proudly documents how they did it.

Not surprisingly the majority of these China-first politicians and lawyer/bureaucrats expect preferential treatment, clearly witnessed in the haughty, snobbish attitudes and egos that most of them exhibit. When a large contingent of ordinary Americans -(who are often called ‘rubes’ and ‘hicks’, and ‘hillbilly’ Walmart shoppers from flyover states, who pay the exorbitant salaries of these anti-American reprobates, and who they have ignored for decades)- came too close to them on 6 Jan 2021, it scared the living h&ll out of them. Octogenarians!

Let We the (74-80 million+) People exercise again the power that scared them that day, before it is too late. Their over-reaction proved how well it worked. God bless our 45 and all America-first Patriots!

David Zukerman, American Thinker: ‘Patrick Leahy’s Disgrace’…

The New York Times, February 10, has a “Trump on Trial” sidebar-type article, featuring Patrick Leahy, the four decades–plus Democrat senator from Vermont. Leahy gets celebrity treatment from the Times because as Senate president pro tempore, he is presiding over the sham Senate impeachment trial of private citizen Donald J. Trump. The senator has accepted his role as presiding officer at this unprecedented proceeding, as the longest serving senator of the majority party in the Senate. The role came to him because Chief Justice John Roberts declined the part, as did Vice President Kamala Harris.

Actually, Vermont’s senior senator should have refused the part as well, if traditional principles of fair play were to be observed. As the Times article by Emily Cochrane points out, “Mr. Leahy is simultaneously a witness to the alleged high crime [inciting insurrection], a juror weighing the former president’s fate and the judge presiding over the proceeding.”

Madison, in Federalist No. 47, quoted Montesquieu for the proposition that “the preservation of liberty requires that the three great departments of power should be separate and distinct.” This principle applies no less to separating the powers of judge from the powers of juror — but the senior Vermont senator is apparently untroubled by mingling powers that should be separate and defined.

Consider the 56-44 Senate vote to proceed with the Senate “trial” on the Trump impeachment. One of those 56 votes to go ahead with this sham proceeding was cast by Presiding Officer Leahy. Had he ruled that he could not both preside and cast votes in this proceeding, and opted to preside,  the trial would have been approved 55-44.

But what if the Unholy Six Republican senators had followed the Constitution and voted against the “trial”? With Presiding Officer Leahy not voting, the trial would have been stopped in its tracks, 50-49. Sanity, not ruthless partisan zealotry, would have ruled the day … Quite simply, Mitch McConnell, leader of Senate Republicans, should have demanded of Leahy that he verify his asserted fairness by giving up his vote as juror at the Trump impeachment “trial.” … Cochrane inserted in her piece  the usual anti-Trump propaganda, apparently obligatory at the Times, that in this “highly politicized trial … Mr. Trump’s false claims” that the Biden team “had stolen the election were likely to be a topic of debate.”

And in the Capitol, the presiding officer at this charade — at one moment, an impartial arbiter, the next moment, a fierce partisan. Montesquieu weeps. [end]

Full link below with others…

Octogenarians not needed in office … Hatch (ret), Grassley, Feinstein, Leahy, Durbin, Whitehouse…

Somehow, around the 1960’s the spending increased and the politicians made more and more money (exactly why Leahy hung around so much). Tales have always been around that the foreign relations committee is the most prosperous and even more so today. Foreign relations committee make donations to foreign countries and the payments come back through the state department and line the foreign relations committee members pockets handily. Now y’a’ll know how the Clintons, Schumers, Pelosi’s, Bidens’, OBO#44, Feinsteins, Waters’, Jackson-Lee’s, shifty-Schiffs, Comeys, Clappers, Brennans, McConnells’, Bag Pipes Barr, and on, and on, and … “we’re all in it, and you ain’t” … corrupt politicos get their loot!

Yours truly would start with one premise – the fact that congress can spend more and more money and we have absolutely zero say in it. There is zero accountability for bad or good ideas. Zero follow up on where the money goes – think that $1.9 trillion is being spent right now – the third Covid-1984 package and where is this money going? Does anyone know? Does anybody care?

Somehow we have to stop this runaway train. Octogenarians not needed in office.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!



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