Obamagate the scandal of scandals

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Obamagate the scandal of scandals… The DNC, HillaryRob’Em and BO#44 teamed with corrupt members of the FBI, the CIA and the MSM to create and then proliferate against all evidence, a narrative that PDJT was colluding with Russia. As part of their efforts to convince America that this was real, BO#44 had thirty Russian diplomats removed from the country without any evidence of wrongdoing.

In order to calm the situation, the incoming administration’s top intel officer (one General Michael Flynn by name) had phone conversations with the Russian ambassador. BO#44’s operatives used these conversations as the impetus to frame him for lying (which he didn’t) and to remove him so that he couldn’t discover their schemes. Then BO#44 operatives continued their spying operations on the Trump Administration through four consecutive falsified FISA warrants.

Obamagate scandal of scandals; run but can’t hide

Fast-forward to the present and they’re all now scared to death that the truth is closing in on them, and has been for the past 3 years – full proof that the BO#44 administration had been using outside contractors to spy on hundreds if not thousands of political enemies via illegal 702 searches of the NSA database, and that they used the intel community to try to frame ‘PapaD’ and Carter Page. This cabal was corrupt to the core.

According to a new declassified ruling from the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), FBI personnel systematically abused National Security Agency (NSA) mass surveillance data in both 2017 and 2018. The 138-page ruling, which dates back to October 2018, was only unsealed 12 months later in October 2019 and offers a rare look at how the FBI has been abusing the constitutional privacy rights of U.S. citizens with alarming regularity. The court ruling is also a stinging rebuke to the FBI’s overreach of its ability to search surveillance intelligence databases.

Obamagate is not about perjury. It’s about a coup, sedition, and treason. Unless those are the charges, we’re done and dusted as a Constitutional Republic. ‘A Republic if you can keep it’ as famously described by Ben Franklin…

John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist: ‘Obamagate isn’t a Conspiracy Theory, but a Huge Political Scandal’…

When former president Barack Obama told supporters last week that the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case against former White House National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is a “threat to the rule of law,” he was relying wholly on the fiction, willingly propagated for years by a pliant media, that the Russia-Trump collusion probe launched by his administration was lawful and legitimate.

But of course it wasn’t. A string of recently released documents have confirmed that the entire Russia-Trump investigation, which eventually entrapped Flynn and forced then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, was an unprecedented abuse of power that amounted to an organized effort by the Obama administration to nullify the results of the 2016 presidential election. It was in effect an attempted coup.

If you haven’t picked that up from the news media, it’s not your fault. Instead of grappling with the implications of newly released details about what Obama officials were doing to undermine the incoming Trump administration during the transition, the mainstream media have fixated on Trump’s use of the term “Obamagate,” dismissing it as a conspiracy theory.[-]

[+] … A key aspect of that scheme was—and is—to make the case against Flynn appear legitimate. Flynn faced trumped-up charges that he misled FBI agents about conversations he had with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the weeks before Trump’s inauguration. (As the incoming national security adviser, Flynn was doubtless having conversations with numerous heads of state and ambassadors during this time, so there was nothing unusual about him talking to the Russian ambassador.) [-]

[+] … So why did the FBI want to interview Flynn ahead of Trump’s inauguration in January 2017? Top brass at the FBI weren’t exactly sure about their approach, but they knew they needed to get Flynn out of the way. As the bureau’s former head of counterintelligence, Bill Priestap, recorded in his notes, “What is our goal? Truth/Admission, or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?” [-]

[+] … But the ongoing revelations about the FBI’s targeting of Flynn can’t be ignored. They demand a full accounting. If ever there was a threat to the rule of law, it was the Obama administration’s abuse of power and its weaponization of intelligence agencies in an attempt to take down Trump.

However convoluted it might seem, pay attention to it. It’s the biggest political scandal of our time.

Full conclusion links below…

Obamagate the scandal of scandals…

‘Obamagate’ … Had most people been told say, back when they were 30’ish, that by the time they were 50-60’ish they would regard the upper echelons of the FBI, NSA, CIA, DNI, and all the other alphabet-soup protectionist intelligentsia as having morphed into criminal and even possibly traitorous organizations, they no doubt would have laughed hysterically. But not so, in reality. It’s not the biggest political scandal of our times, it’s the biggest political crime of all time.

Surely the American nation throughout its history never had a government that used the POWERS OF GOVERNMENT ITSELF to attack their political opposition; say it ain’t so, Joe. The powers that be knew that a violent coup would be repudiated by We the (63 million) People, so the scabs used the next most powerful weapon at their disposal – the government itself. Watergate was a pin prick compared to this.

The corruption scandals of the late 19th century were petty crimes that are common throughout history; power always corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. FDR’s attempts to subvert the Constitution were quickly reversed, and weren’t secretive anyway. The secession of the South and the Civil War was a horrible time and horribly ill-founded, but at least the South was overt and had been from day one; they didn’t send assassins after the elected government, which would have been easy at that time.

BO#44 and his scurrying minions has been much, much worse, sneaky, lying, fake, willing to destroy the country out of pique; far worse than all of them put together. President Trump has it right on point – the biggest attempted coup in America’s history. Bar none.

Talking about which, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald J. Trump – doing his darnedest to do his very best each and every working day for the people of America – EVERY American – MAGA! KAG!


John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist: Obamagate isn’t a Conspiracy Theory, but a Huge Political Scandal

See also, John Leonard, American Thinker: Obamagate Must Result in Criminal Prosecutions

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