Nunes ‘offs’ whistleblower as ‘DOA’

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Thank God that we have a Devin Nunes battling in the trenches. Brilliant!

But I digress and am getting ahead of myself. As we await patiently the reports from AG Barr, IG Horowitz and US attorney Durham, one has to wonder if this shifty-Schiff DemoMarxocrat spectacle is part of a strategy to distract We the People from what we know is about to happen.

Everyone knows (or ought to) how many crimes and misdemeanors were committed by the #44 bunch, the Clinton campaign and the DNC to sabotage the Trump campaign and his truly-elected presidency.

The DemoMarxocrat party has morphed into nothing more than a criminal gang hellbent on retaking power on what they consider ‘their turf’, by any means necessary, consequences be damned.

This impeachment fraud of a ‘hearing’ may well be their last gasp in that effort.

Devin Nunes and president .. two warriors together

The evidence that needs to be understood is that the whistleblower law doesn’t even apply in this case. The leaker and the “whistleblower” (one and the same, or both) need to be identified and terminated forthwith. Since when is an anonymous source based on hearsay the grounds for ANY type of action against ANY President of the United States?

An unknown, unidentified, individual’s third-hand account of a supposed violation of the law is not a “whistleblower” situation. It is gossip, pure and simple. Innuendo is not proof. Third hand inference about a supposed “crime” is not evidence.

This entire “investigation” is naught but DemoMarxocrat grandstanding in their ongoing attempt to defame our duly and honestly elected President. It is nothing more nor less, than utter bullcrap. Hopefully and trustfully, Barr, Horowitz and Durham are about to blow open the culture of corruption and crime that is the prevalent hallmark of the DemoMarxocrat party. It all rests on their shoulders.

And We the People hope they’re up to it.

Monica Showalter, American  Thinker: Smackdown – Devin Nunes Torches ‘whistleblower’ Report…

With the Thursday morning release of a declassified version of the famed ‘whistleblower’ report, the left and its media arm are having a field day. Headlines such as these are pretty much all that’s out there, with this sampling curated by the Drudge Report: / Seven-day scramble ends with big gamble / Majority of House members now support impeachment / All circumstantial evidence? / Trump Team Bets Backfire!

After all, the report itself serves as the latest basis for initiating impeachment against President Trump, something the left has been champing at the bit to do ever since before President Trump took office. They’ve tried several times before, most notably with the failed Russia-Russia-Russia gambit and now see this whistleblower report as their last-ditch chance.

Now they’ve got a report from another embittered deep-stater hiding behind a veil of anonymity trying yet again, with page one beginning in this unpromising matter:

Fortunately, someone who knows how deep state works probably better than anyone was able to see through the kultursmog and torch the whole thing as junk. Rep. Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican minority member on the House Intelligence Committee had a spectacular retort, one that surely would rank with Sen. Lindsey Graham 2.0’s spectacular speech to Democrats after their sneaky string of shenanigans surrounding the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

Link to completion down below…

Yet another frame-up attempt. This one even more lame than the last. Pelosi has to somehow corral her ultra-liberal progressives (HAH!! good luck on that!) or there will never be a chance for DemoMarxocrats to win Congress or the presidency ever again. We the American people aren’t stupid (other than the other 50% that is) and Trump has the truth on his side; plus the support of his voters.

Just got done watching the IC Director of National Security testify, to the DNC firing squad, he was masterful, he answered within the scope of his duties, without straying from the facts. The DNC jackals kept trying to ask him the same question, over and over and that was this hypothetical, or the whistle-blowers report which I had assumed they would “glom” onto which they did and tried to make the Director agree with their proposition.

Not one was able to do so. Yet another victory for our warrior-president!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Full Monica Showalter: Devin Nunes Torches ‘whistleblower’ Report

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