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I just had to do this folks – ‘Now for something completely mad’ – it was just too ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ not to be taken full advantage of. And thank GOD it’s Friday – (albeit, the 13th!)

Fact is, the American viewing public (some of it anyway) has been tortured for months with the longest, most pathetic “Horse Race” in history – EXCEPT: The DemoMarxocrats are running nothing more than the human equivalent of (pardon my language) Jack Asses, not champion thoroughbreds. And even then, it’s hard to choose which is the worst!

Constant ‘whittling down’ following each DemoMarxocrat wordfest still resulted in 10 brain-challenged wanna-be’s mouthing off at one another last night, this time in the city of Houston. Now for something completely mad – Three hours – THREE hours! Let that resonate for a while.

The big D clown car continues down the dusty road to destructive oblivion, there being no talk about securing the borders, controlling the out of control criminals, stopping China from ripping us off, getting Government out of our lives, jobs, jobs, jobs. Does anybody on the dark side ever pause to wonder just how they come across to We the People?

Mmmm.. E = mc2 resolved as: Insane Kabuki theater in Houston + Nadler impeach psychosis = Trump 2020 at the speed of light squared !!

Now for something completely mad – From left to right:

Klobuchar: Fake karate chops, painful to watch. Unhappy woman. Booker: Puppy, excitable. Fetch, Cory! Buttigieg: Syrupy snake-tongued liar. Sanders: Relentless anger. Those eyes. Biden: Can’t remember simple words. Looks down. Pathetic. Warren: Squirrelly. Fake empathy. Clueless. Harris: Tried to recover from Tulsi. Failed. Yang: Little-league coach for 7-10 year-old’s. O’Rourke: A reincarnated Nazi. Believe him. Castro: Yapping chihuahua in a booster chair.

Now for something completely mad.

A Monty Python flight of fancy posits ‘What if?’ … What if the DNC knows they can’t beat Trump in 2020 and they’re just paying these yahoos to ‘pretend’ they’re running for president? They’ve been ordered to act as crazy and unAmerican as possible because they think they should be able to eventually drum up a reason to get President Trump impeached?


Monica Showalter, American Thinker: ‘For those who couldn’t stand to watch, a quick reference guide‘…

Was it just too nasty to have to watch the third Democratic debate? Were the droning and bee ess just a little more than a sane person could handle?

John Podhoretz at the New York Post may have been alone in his office when he wrote this after viewing the dreck, but he spoke for many:

As the Democratic debate in Houston entered its third hour last night, I rose from my chair and said, “ABC, let the American people go!” And there was no one to cheer, for I was alone in my office.

Finally, there was to be one debate, 10 candidates, with frontrunners Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren facing each other at last. What happened was what Preminger’s Israelis would have called a “balagan” — bedlam, chaos, tumult, like trying to conduct a conversation at Times Square when the 1 and the 2 are pulling into the station simultaneously.

On issue after issue, the candidates engaged in unclear, confusing, halting policy discussions — that is, when they weren’t engaging in pettifoggery designed to occlude our understanding of their views rather than clarifying them.

Yep, it was a dog, way too long for a lot of us, so here’s a quickie reference guide:

Issues & Insights has a well curated list of all the gross lowlights from all of the Democrats as they did their debate here.

The Washington Post has its own summary of winners and losers, fairly neutral in perspective, considering, readable with a subscription here.

Slate has a chronological listing of what went down, loaded with revolting leftist bias but useful in its own way here.

The Washington Post also has an easily searchable actual transcript of the whole mess, to check out every last miserable gaffe here.

More summaries:

Axios has its five takeaways with a left-leaning slant here.

The Hill has its five takeaways here. has its five takeaways here.

ABC News has its five takeaways here.

(They all do five takeaways!)

And don’t miss RealClearPolitics, which always is worth a look.

And following that motley crew, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-president Donald J Trump – MAGA! KAG!


See also Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: The stupidest moment of all in last night’s Democrat debate


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