Not too-Sharpton race-baits Floyd

En Garde in the bunker…

Tawana Brawley hoax. Crown Heights pogrom. Freddie’s Fashion Mart massacre. IRS still chasing him for $698,470.99 in back taxes … that would be the ‘revered’ Reverend Al Sharpton, Harlem man of the cloth who never turns down a good riot or two for his own self-aggrandizement.

Mmmmm …. sounds to yours truly that his best buddy aka ‘little barrackie’ has set him loose again to go hustle more white guilt benjamins from the same ol’ crown heights ‘diamond merchants’ he hustled before; Al not too-Sharpton who still owes the IRS the aforementioned $700,000 … the very same!

Meanwhile back in the ‘truth serum for all’ news bucket, one Candace Owens is getting reamed by yonder black folks (she is, ahem, one of them) simply because she (gasp!!) exposes the truth about Floyd both good and bad and how the orchestration is close and similar to the long-ago and far-away episode of George Floyd as Rodney King in the totally outrageous Los Angeles black meltdown of 1991. Cause and effect generally don’t separate, since they’re ultimately one and the same.

Not too-Sharpton race-baits all rises up to the top..

Don’t miss her piece in the link below.

Then there are the things that hang around too long, becoming kind of moldy and rotten … Millions of us wish OBO#44 could have told the truth about letting the public see any new legislation for 72 hours before any congressional vote. He lied. More millions of us wish OBO#44 could’ve told the truth about Benghazi. He lied. Even more millions of us wish OBO#44 could have told the truth about Fast and Furious Gun Running. He lied. Scads more millions of us wish OBO#44 could have told the truth about OBO#44-Care saving families on average $2500 maracas per year. He lied. And since yours truly was one of the millions of us high-wired without our knowledge, we wish OBO#44 could have told the truth about the weaponization of the IRS, CIA, and DOJ and all the other alphabet-soup agency intrusions into the private citizenry. He lied.

OBO#44 could have told the truth about a lot of things; a whole lot. But he left most of it up to his minions. Al not too-Sharpton and the ‘Revrund’ Jackson among them. All liars.

Let’s get to the truth-seekers … David Horowitz, FrontPageMag: ‘George Floyd’s Memorial’ …

In a twisted way it is fitting that the most destructive week for America in living memory should be topped off by a memorial featuring the nation’s chief racial arsonist Al Sharpton. The memorial remembered pieces of the life of George Floyd who was brutally killed by a policeman pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck until he shut off the handcuffed man’s air supply and he died. Not the least unexpectedly, the malevolent Sharpton used the platform the mourners provided to stoke the fires of racial hatred, attacking all of white America because black America’s problems and miseries stemmed from the fact that “for 401 years white America has had its knees on our necks” – or words to that effect.

Sharpton’s four-hundred and one years ago was actually 1619, when the creation of the United States of America was still 168 years in the future, but why quibble over arithmetic when you are intent on indicting a whole race of people so you can blame them for your problems? “Four-hundred years of slavery” of course has long been a common battle cry of the racial demagogues who 50 plus years ago overwhelmed and then corrupted the civil rights movement turning it into a racial shakedown operation after the death of Martin Luther King.

That American knee that Sharpton kept referring to , of course produced the revolutionary declaration that all men are created equal and have a God-given right to liberty, which ended 3,000 years of normalizing slavery – which still exists in Africa today. That American knee inspired 350,000 mainly white Union soldiers to lay down their lives to free African slaves, and through many years of struggle created a society in which American blacks have more rights, more power, more wealth, privilege and opportunity than blacks anywhere on earth including all the black nations in Africa which have been independent for 60 years and all those in the West Indies, which in the case of Haiti have been self-ruled for over 200 years.

Compelling completion in link below…

Not too-Sharpton race-baits Floyd…

It was vintage not too-Sharpton race baiting, calling people, ‘roaches’. The only things missing were ‘white interlopers’, ‘pinning back yarmulkas’, and physical attacks on Jews and Korean store owners as soon as the service was done. For not too-Sharpton, the whole service was all about him and his tawdry career. And the media is calling his speech ‘moving’.

Vomit, I declare – vomit!

These are the fools and ignoramuses the hustlers are speaking to. A memorial for a career criminal. A gilded casket and instant sainthood for a violent meth user. This is society un-moored from any ties to faith in a just and holy God.

The big problem is the one Thomas Edison commented upon famously when he declared: 5% of the people think; 10% think that they think; and the remaining 85% would rather die than think! Hustlers like the demoMarxocrat turnips in the shadows of not too-Sharpton, aim their nonsense toward the bottom end of the 85%. These bottom-enders, knowing nothing worth knowing, are totally capable of believing anything and everything they’re told!.

I’m no saint, but I don’t expect anyone to make me one.

On the other hand, there’s warrior-president Donald J. Trump, ready, willing, and able to take on the criminals through the curative MAGA Pill – PDJT making America great one patriot at a time – MAGA! KAG!


David Horowitz, FrontPageMag: George Floyd’s Memorial

Peter Barry Chowka, American Thinker: Conservative Black Icon Candace Owens Creates Firestorm

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