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Go ahead, make my..

One thing about the devilish left you can definitely count on is their insistence to make complete horses-asses of themselves in their futility to appear relevant. When all else fails, go to the nearest podium and start attempting to use words like, well, ‘exonerate’, for instance. Or ‘collusion’, ‘delusion’, and ‘confusion’.

What the interminable end to the Mueller Memo has wrought is a big fat and extemporaneous ‘nothing burger’, which brainiacs far better informed than we regular folks have been preaching for weeks and weeks (if not months and months).

Time has come to quit waffling around and get serious in coming to grips with, and bringing to justice, the real perpetrators of this outrageous and disgusting smear on the duly-elected president and his campaign. No kidding.

And yes folks, it leads directly up to Obama, Hillary Rob’em, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Joe Biden etc., etc., etc.

Which is why the devil’s leftist Democrat advocates are still continuing to wade into the swamp with these investigations, desperate not to get caught red handed in their lies, schemes, and abominations against We the People. Fact is, there is now no reason at all for anybody of a sane mind to vote for the devil’s Democrats in 2020 – not a single one.

Rather, what one really needs to do (if one has the time and inclination, that is) is to retrace steps all the way back to Nancy Pelosi and her massive fraud of certifying Obama as a presidential candidate way back in ’08 / ’09, which became the beginning of an eight year treasonous campaign to inflict as much chaos and damage as possible to We the people and the republic. The list of crimes has become almost too numerous to list.

Shades of the newsman turned evangelist Howard Beale and his quote from the movie ‘Network’: ‘I’m Mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore!’

But for now, Thomas Lifson in American Thinker on Sharryl Attkisson and ‘Key Question post Mueller’…

When unraveling a whole cloth of lies, it is important to start pulling on the correct thread.

Now that we know the entire theory of Trump-Russia “collusion” cooked up by the Hillary campaign was a pure fiction, it is time start inflicting the consequences on the miscreants. But that’s a process that could take time if and when AG Barr, or maybe US Attorney Peter Huber – commissioned by former AG Sessions to investigate possible FBI abuses – present evidence of criminality to a grand jury.

In the meantime, there is some posterior-kicking, aka public shaming, due. [And, I think] Sharyl Attkisson has identified the first targets in need of disgrace, especially because of where that disgrace will lead. If Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Power and Comey genuinely believed Trump ‘colluded’ with Russia and he didn’t, what does that say about the judgement of our one-time top intel types?

The biggest reason I want to start with shaming these people is what it says about the man that appointed them: Barack Obama. He entrusted our national security to a bunch of dishonest clowns. And their efforts have been aimed at covering up his culpability in the Hillary email scandal (because he received emails from her private account, and lied about not knowing she had one, thereby incriminating him in improper handling – “gross negligence” — of classified), and the even bigger scandal of authorizing spying on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Make no mistake: Obama is the prize. Unraveling the threads that lead directly to him would have a seismic impact on the course of American politics. All of the Democrats’ fantasizing about the SDNY indicting Trump and prosecuting him after he leaves the Oval Office would suddenly turn against their own champion.[end]

As the depths of Stalinist depravity is fully revealed to which the Obama White House, the CIA, FBI and DoJ stooped during and after the 2016 election, it’s now high time for the ‘silent majority’ to get off their rear-ends and demand that Obama, the Clintons, Biden, Jarrett, and everybody else involved be investigated and charged for their sedition against the Republic.

Besides the criminal use of America’s Intelligence resources to spy on and to subvert President Trump, We the People have endured two years of a diversionary political witch hunt initiated by Obama, Hillary Rob’em, their holdover-treasonous Democrats and the deep state big fake news media; and all in the name of ‘Russian Collusion’.

A Russian collusion delusion at best; an illusion of confusion at worst.

Heads definitely need to roll!

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – Thank GOD for We the People’s duly-elected President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


Joseph Klein, FrontPageMag: No Collusion

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker: Sharryl Attkisson asks the key question post-Mueller report

Must, must read, ‘sundance’ and Conservative Treehouse: Barr Principal Conclusion Three Years Background Research

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