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En Garde in the bunker…

The toxic fumes emanating from both Nadler and Schiff in Washington D.C. last Wednesday during the two Kabuki Theater ‘hearings’ taking place in both House and Senate, had me thinking over the weekend along the lines of just when the DemoMarxists should repent to We the American people for their history of Segregational slavery; the KKK; lynching; continued funding of the anti-black Planned Parenthood; abortion; homosexuality; euthanasia; getting rid of airplanes, cows, skyscrapers; not forgetting all the history of Communism within the party; and this ongoing and ridiculous Russia fiasco.

It seems to me the party, and those involved therein, is more than past its ‘sell-by’ date to committing hara-kiri and self-dissolving itself. Very appropriate for the Party of death, taxes and immorality.

Forgive me for my comparison, but it seems to me that the DemoMarxists as a party have morphed back to their tried and true MO of attempting to marginalize GOP attorneys-general. They did it with great but undeserved success way back when in Bush 43 days with Alberto Gonzales, then later with Jeff Sessions of course – maybe others, if memory serves me.

Thelma and Louise ending …

Yours truly learned a long time ago to never underestimate (by the way, anybody else remember Bush 43 and ‘misunderestimate’?!) the stubborn stupidity of DemoMarxist voters; especially those who are NOT walking away from their party in droves joining the existing #WalkAway campaign started by a disaffected Dem (who also happens to be homosexual). They are also NOT writing each other on their sites that Nadler and Schiff are political embarrassments flogging a dead horse and should be cleared out.

But is this a surprise from the same group that was determined to elect Hillary Rob’em, the most personally-corrupt and hypocritical candidate ever to campaign for the Presidency; the very same who stuck with her serial sexual assaulter of a husband?

The only problem with their overall strategy this time around is that it doesn’t look like AG William (Bill) Barr is the type that will be bullied and intimidated. Pelosi and her sidekicks, ‘Thelma and Louise’, are trying to get their licks in now, as silly as they are, before Barr brings the hammer down on the crime organization that passes itself off as a political party.

David Catron, American Spectator, and his opener: ‘Thelma Nadler and Louise Schiff’ …

In the final scene of Thelma and Louise, when Detective Hal Slocumb realizes that those wacky chicks are about to drive that ’66 Thunderbird over the edge of the Grand Canyon, he runs after them in a futile attempt to prevent their senseless descent toward self-destruction. Slocumb, played by Harvey Keitel, does a good job of conveying the impotent despair that moderate Democrats like Steny Hoyer must feel while watching Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff accelerate toward the electoral abyss that awaits their party if they insist on relitigating Russiagate and rummaging through the President’s tax and business records.

If they continue to mine the Mueller report for presidential malfeasance and conduct multiple investigations into Trump’s business and tax matters, the effect on Democratic electoral prospects will be comparable to the damage done to that dusty T-Bird after Louise stomps on the gas. The electorate has had enough of collusion conspiracy theorists and Trump truthers. This is reflected in the latest public opinion polls as well as the ratings of cable networks that continue to push the most implausible narratives of White House skullduggery. CNN, for example, managed to lose more than a quarter of its viewers in April…[-]

[-]… That Schiff is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is terrifying. Even after the special counsel probe found “no collusion,” Schiff has maintained that there was indeed collusion “in plain sight.” His persistence in this evidence-free claim eventually resulted in a unanimous Republican call for his resignation from the chairmanship of the committee. This made no impression on his apparently absent sense of integrity. His committee has issued subpoenas to Deutsche Bank, Capital One, Citigroup, JPMorgan, Chase, and Bank of America seeking records on President Trump’s personal finances.

Continue to completion in link down below…

‘Thelma Nadler’ Macy’s parade float…

This latest iteration of DemoMarxist lunacy is familiar from other news sources, but it was certainly worth the laughs a second time around.

Seems like the DemoMarxists are suffering from an odd combination of their fears and their unmitigated conceits. On the one hand, they believe deep down they are the government and this ‘constitutional republic’ thing is something they have to tolerate until they can replace it with something better. But their fear of what is going to happen to their party is forcing them to reveal their conceited arrogant side. Poor, poor DemoMarxists. So many of them are caught between a rock, a hard place and the inside of a jail cell.

When Thelma and Louise went over that cliff there was no chain attached to Detective Hal Slocumb’s leg taking him with them. Unlike a scene in a movie, voters keep voting for what they want and the damage done isn’t limited to those in that particular car flying off the cliff.

If we keep voting like Venezuelans, continuing to put Thelma Nadlers and Louise Schiffs into power, we too can fly off the cliff and destroy a once great Nation.

Thank GOD for the moment, that we have warrior-president Donald J. Trump at the helm – MAGA!


David Catron: Thelma Nadler and Louise Schiff

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