Mueller bleachbit phone madness…

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Mueller bleachbit phone madness … To cut to the chase, Horowitz had to have known these phones were wiped. But more to the point of course is that his ‘report’ was basically a whitewash. It was the usual ‘mistakes were made’ routine that ignored the fact these ‘mistakes’ were made deliberately and for illicit purposes; both Barr and Durham have publicly disagreed with its findings.

Horowitz made no criminal referrals as far as we know, but he certainly should have done. Someone somewhere would have to wade through the entire report to see if he even mentioned the evidence tampering that had obviously taken place. Unless there was indeed, a coverup.

Mueller bleachbit phone madness

It would appear to yours truly that district attorneys have the prerogative to decide who to charge, when to charge, and how to charge them; generally referred-to as ‘in the public interest.’ However, the only reason such gaping loopholes exist is so that politicians can insert themselves into the legal processes. So, in reality the current system removes the ‘public interest’ edict to a degree that no justice can be had or expected for aggrieved parties. Why can’t store owners and insurance companies bring civil cases against rioters for instance? Just a matter of politics?!

Seems like these guys remembered their passwords perfectly well. They also remembered something else: that they knew from the beginning there was no ‘Russia collusion’ whatsoever, but they kept going with their ‘investigation,’ which was in reality a perjury and obstruction trap. And they remembered they didn’t want this exposed.

So they deliberately entered the wrong passcodes 10 times over a period of at least three hours to wipe their phones of embarrassing data that would’ve indeed revealed what they were doing. Consequently, rather than merely being disqualified from holding public office, they should be imprisoned for destruction of evidence and then disbarred, never ever to practice law again. Hope springs eternal…

Deborah Weiss, FrontPageMag: ‘Mueller Team Disinfects Phone Evidence enMasse’…

(Almost) Breaking News: Recently disclosed DOJ documents reveal that members of the Mueller team wiped their phones clean of any and all data prior to submitting them to the IG for his investigation. In total, there were 31 phones that were wiped clean (27 phones plus mobile phones that had been reassigned).

None of these phones were set to have their data backed up, so it is believed that the information cannot be recovered from a cloud or a backup server.

ALL of the people whose phones were wiped clean claimed to have had their phones wiped “by accident.”

Yes, ALL of the people whose phones were wiped clean just “coincidentally” wiped them clean after they learned that the IG was going to conduct an investigation into the roots of “Crossfire Hurricane” (the counterintelligence investigation of the alleged “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia). But they also wiped their phones clean before their phones were turned in to the Inspector General.

Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok also had no information on their phones by the time their phones got to the IG’s office. Lisa Page’s phone was somehow lost by the Special Counsel’s Office. Though it was eventually found, by the time it was received by the IG’s office, it had been reset to “factory settings” with no information on it. [-]

[+] … Even the higher-ups on the Mueller team “accidentally” wiped their phones clean. This includes the slimy prosecutor Andrew Weissman, who was Mueller’s deputy, known for his aggressive prosecutions, lack of integrity, and partisanship, as well as other top prosecutors on the case who were involved with actions like indicting Trump associates for process crimes. According to the Special Counsel’s Office records, the phone of James Quarles, Assistant Special Assistant Counsel, “wiped itself clean” without any help from him. [-]

[+] … All of this raises the question of why Chuck Todd’s show, which has only one host, is referred to as “the press.” Years ago, Meet the Press had a panel of press representatives. But now, the state of the media is so pathetic that if you meet Chuck Todd, you have indeed met the press.

The Mueller team’s en masse disinfecting of phones should have been breaking news headlines. Instead, the Sunday shows and much of the establishment media have failed to mention it at all. And the reason for that is, of course, obvious. [end]

Full link below, plus Conservative Treehouse

Mueller bleachbit phone madness…

There is no doubt that when you “cut down the law” (trust I’m doing justice to A Man for All Seasons correctly) you have no protection for yourself – unless you’re one of the top leaders. demoMarxocrats, like all statists, come in two flavors, Ruling Class and Useful Idiots. The Ruling Class doesn’t expect ever to be held accountable for any of its crimes, much less for conspiring against the rights of We the (63 million) People, and thus far, they haven’t been.

As for the Useful Idiots, the day they’re not so useful any more to the people wielding the real power (Soros, OBO#44, Pelosi, the Kamala Harris’s, DopeyJoes, the entire demoMarxocrat party) is the day they find themselves impoverished, imprisoned, or both.

But for now, the Weissmans, Strzoks, Brennans, Comeys, Clappers etc etc., see themselves as untouchable. Their time will come…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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