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Somewhat ironically on the day that a former president and arguably one of the last survivors of The Greatest Generation (RIP President George H. W. Bush) is being lauded at his funeral for a lifetime service to the Constitutional Republic, we are also witness to the ongoing opening of a Pandora’s Box of questionable merit from a band of robbers, murderers and philanderers purporting to be civil American guardian citizens; when in fact, they are nothing more than a ‘nothing burger’ of gypsies, tramps and thieves, the sole purpose of which would be in bringing down the entirety of this republic and its duly-elected president.

Overextended example of hyperbole, you say? Au contraire. In the immortal words of Sgt Joe Friday ‘the facts, Ma’am, just the facts’.

The ongoing Mueller witch hunt and its latest ‘revelation’ introduced to We the People just yesterday, has accomplished only one thing – clearly exposing the corruption that permeates the Big Deep State lamestream Media and government bureaucracies, the FBI, the justice department, the judiciary, the legal ‘profession’ and the halls of the liberal leftist DemoMarxist Party and its nefarious DC Swamp members.

Yet, in collusion with ‘Big Enemydia’, we are expected to believe all things bad are because of (ahem) President Trump.

Witnessing the macabre injustice from the Mueller ‘investigation’ while the corruption and criminality of Obama, Hillary Rob’em and their minions goes unpunished, is like being on an operating table unable to move, speak, blink or even moan, yet fully conscious and able to feel everything being done with the deft hands of the surgeon and his scalpel.

Darn, some would emote, there are a lot of corrupt, evil people in government and even more gullible, stupid people extant in the nation; perhaps too many to allow it to survive as a Constitutional Republic.

But don’t lose heart – let us segue into Howard J. Warner and his piece in today’s American Thinker  ‘Flynn sentencing memo reveals sham that is the Mueller investigation’…

284px-American_Thinker_logoSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller has finally provided his team’s sentencing recommendation  for three-star general Michael Flynn. He has acknowledged that Flynn has provided 19 separate interviews with the Mueller team. The heavily redacted report provides no information concerning the testimony that Flynn provided. Flynn had pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI during the investigation of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.

Flynn has had to sell his home to pay his legal bills during this process. His 33-year career serving our country seems to have meant little to the prosecutors trying to get him to turn on Trump. Although we have no direct evidence for his sudden decision last year to plead guilty and cooperate, many believe that this was done to protect his son from being prosecuted. This is the type of prosecutorial overreach that borders on ethical violations. It certainly makes us wonder: what is prosecutorial discretion?

Shockingly, the basis for this investigation includes citation of the Logan Act of the 19th century, limiting foreign negotiations by the general public. Most observers believe that the transition team is not subject to this law, which has rarely been used and never successfully when challenged in court. Unfortunately, the FBI investigators reported that they did not believe that Flynn was intentionally lying when questioned about his interaction with then-Russian ambassador Kislyak.

Read full disclosure to completion right here…

In case you hadn’t figured it all out yet folks, the so-called ‘governing class’ in these United States is at war with the common man. Half the nation (ie the insane Left side of the Obama-era DemoMarxist party) doesn’t understand that, and is on the side of that self-identified ‘elite’. The freedom of individuals, like the unfortunate Flynn (himself an heroic personage) is being lost now, but the ultimate freedom of all is currently at greater risk.

As Howard J. Warner expresses in his wrap: ‘For any objective observer, the only collusion with Russia with any evidence came from the Clinton campaign in hiring Fusion GPS to secure the dossier from British agent Christopher Steele.’

‘Now we have complaints by Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone of prosecutorial abuse, which, taken together with statements of other individuals, casts great doubt upon the sincerity of the Mueller team. Perhaps the investigation is winding up, but some believe that Mueller will continue until Trump is out of office. Unfortunately, Flynn could not fight any longer due to his finances.’

‘The shame of this whole affair is the sham that has become our Justice Department, which has degenerated to the level of a third-world nation. Reports say Mueller is tying up loose ends. Let us hope this will end soon for the benefit of this republic. Now we await the Democrat committee chairs in the incoming House who have threatened further inquiries.  God help us! [end]

At the end of the day folks, this is where we’ve arrived at – It’s illegal to lie to the FBI but not illegal for the FBI to lie to you. And let us not forget the $30 million dollar tab spent by the profligate Mueller and his henchmen on what is turning out to be a scurrilous ‘nothing-burger’.

Think on THAT for a while as you go to sleep tonight…

As for me and my house – time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


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