Mudd security clearance meltdown

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As if We the People don’t have enough deranged and unhinged spin-meisters nestled comfortably within the environs of the alphabet soup Deep State Big Fake News ‘Academies of Scientific Obfuscation and Doublethink’, (see George Orwell, 1984), than along comes a stark example of what I’m about to illustrate. Philip Mudd.

As a former member of the ‘thank God I have a good job that pays very well’ brigade, I’m self-reminded that on my various moves up the corporate ladder of success (which generally meant leaving what you had for something more challenging) you’d be more than lucky if you got a pat on the back and a handshake to send you on your way than anything whatsoever to do with elevating you to something better.

Everything else got cleared away as soon as you walked out the door. In other words, you were ‘expunged’ from all records.

Fast forward to today to all those millions of ‘lifers’ entrenched in government bureaucracies, and it begins to get serious. Our MAGA warrior-president has begun to hit these cry-baby Socialist Communists where it hurts; in their pocketbooks and portfolios. One ought to think that he would immediately revoke security clearances for all persons who are retired or have left the civil service, plus for any elected Congresscritter-dwellers who are no longer serving in office.

Not one of these people need clearance and nobody in the Government needs to speak to them about anything anyway. And should it be deigned for anyone to discuss actions taken by such people in the past, they should give assistance only where it is absolutely required. Otherwise – ‘Nyet’! (a little touch of Russian collusion for you there)

Next subject. I’m sure I’m not the only one sick and tired of these ‘holier than thou’ unelected yokels acting like they should have more access to (ahem!) ‘Government Secrets’ than We The People have. Our Government is completely fubar, so thank God for our fearless president cutting security clearances to traitors of the Republic – brilliant move!

Penetrates straight through the security ‘breeches’ and totally emasculates them. Brennan and his band of bawling castrati!

On to ‘sundance’ and his revelation in today’s Conservative Treehouse, titled ‘Unhinged, Unstable, and Very Disturbed Philip Mudd’ …

Personifying what happens when the financial value of a national security clearance is threatened; and highlighting how clearance is traded as currency within the permanent administrative/consulting state; ex CIA official Philip Mudd goes into a rage during a CNN discussion where his personal value would be diminished by losing a security clearance.

If this is the mental stability of people within the intelligence community, who are supposed to be professional consultants available for ongoing advice, well, there’s the problem.

Well, well, well, eh? The title really should read ‘Watch Mudd completely lose control and become again the 3 year old child his tiny mind has regressed to.’ … or, better yet – ‘Calm Intelligent Black Trump Supporter owns Angry Washed-Up Deep State Official’.

Money, power, and corruption.

Look again at the second to last paragraph from ‘sundance’: ‘[Mr. Mudd] now serves as Senior Global Adviser to Oxford Analytical, a British-based firm specializing in advising multinational companies.’ Then look at all the connections and how often Oxford Analytical comes up when addressing the Mueller coup attempt. And that is but one place from many that he is speaking at, influencing, etc.

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