McConnell mayhem us versus them

Go ahead, make my…

When the going gets tough, you can betchya ‘Mitch Milquetoast’ bends over and grabs his ankles in abject surrender for whatever he decided to do before he decided to do anything that somebody decided he had to do; that is to do with the Republic; the Senate; the House; the Judiciary; the China deal; the demented village idiot, and heck, throw in ‘Uncle Tom Cobley and all’! Why not?

Mitch McConnell-Milquetoast is a man for all seasons after all.

Most, if not all United States voters long forgot what it was like to hear a PRESIDENT, a LEADER, a UNIFIER talk and plan out the future strategies and actually make them happen!. An added bonus is hearing him rip his predecessor(s) a new, bigger one each and every time he hit the rally stage while dancing to “Y-M-C-A”!

On the other hand the deadbeats on the left talk of unity while keeping up the jabs, snipes, and insults. It makes one want to commit felonious assault or worse on these malcontent miseries of mayhem. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to take those vote counters in Georgia or Philly and sweat them like Kiefer Sutherland in 24 until they talked?

McConnell mayhem us versus them…

Meanwhile, the so-called “President-elect” is putting together the worst cabinet ever seen. Not one person has been picked for competence. Mitch and the Senate RINOs will have no trouble confirming crooks and commies for their former colleague, Ole Joe.

Then there’s ‘Fred from Florida’ telling me “both of my Republican Senators, Rubio and Scott, are going to hear from me. If they don’t support Trump all the way, they won’t ever get another vote from me. If this fraudulent election is allowed to stand, it won’t matter anyway. I sure hope Trump can pull a rabbit out of his hat.”

Always remember, one thing the Trump presidency has done, if nothing else (although the ‘nothing else’ is HUGE in its accomplishments) the scabs in government are never affected like the great unwashed. Wuhan for instance, is a great example. How has government employment been affected by the lockdowns?

Only we the little people have to follow the rules of their masters. We are living in a time of slavery at its worst. The masters do as they please, openly and without remorse. Until we have a moment like the French revolution, where the elites are literally hauled out of their palaces, we will be slaves doing their bidding. We need a Million Man March on Washington on Inauguration Day. The Left does this all the time. Our time is now.

Yes, I know I’m dreaming – somewhat. But I do detect a movement about to emerge along the lines of the Howard Beal meltdown in the 1976 movie Network: I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore! 

Robert Arvay, American Thinker: ‘Whole Government in on this Fraudulent Election?’ …

Every once in a while, most of us wind up in situations where we are completely baffled. It may be a simple situation, such as having looked literally everywhere for our reading glasses, and not having found them. Did they violate the laws of physics and just vanish? One knows that that cannot be true, and yet, as the old saying goes, once one has ruled out every logical possibility, only the illogical remains, no matter how unlikely it is.

Another situation is the one we are in now. Any informed person, with a modicum of sense, can see that the presidential election results, at best, are not to be trusted and at worst are rampantly fraudulent. Yet it seems that court after court, and investigative agencies one after the other, are turning a blind eye. Are they violating the laws of physics?

It turns out that the reading glasses did not disappear; they were in place, but pushed up, on one’s forehead all along. There was a logical explanation after all.

And sadly, it turns out that the courts and government agencies were not turning a blind eye. They have been, all along, part of the fraud. No matter how unlikely that seems, it is the only answer remaining. [-]

[+] … In other words, we lost this battle a long time ago. As soon as Trump was elected president in 2016, the dark state realized that it had blundered. Its members had underestimated the degree of fraud it would need to defeat him. This time, they removed all possibility of failure, and even then, they needed vastly more fraud than even they had anticipated. Stuffing the ballot boxes was not enough; they had to call time out, for a few hours, so they could print yet more ballots. Indeed, they printed so many more that the sheer number of them made it obvious that they were cheating. [-]

[+] … Had the election been honest, Trump would have won so overwhelmingly that the Democrat Party, for one, would have become a thing of the past. Trillions of dollars were at stake worldwide, including in China. People go to war for that kind of money and that level of power.

It is unsurprising, then, that there was nothing, literally nothing, from which the dark state would refrain, in its attack — not even if it destroys the republic. This was the final banzai charge. It was do or die.

There is only one remaining backstop that can defeat the dark state. It is we, the people, the heirs of 1776. In that year, the Founders declared their concerns not only for themselves, but for their as yet unborn “posterity.” They cared about us. Will we care as much for our descendants? [end]

Full link below plus others…

McConnell mayhem us versus them … Time to get rid of the ship of fools…

Fact is that Turtle McConnell doesn’t want to vote because he knows he and his friends will cut themselves out of the cash cow. If he votes ‘yay’, we kick him out – ‘nay’ they cut him off. At some point corruption-McConnell needs to face the music and do what is right for the American people and not just for him and his cronies in the Chamber of Commerce. What a disgrace.

Maybe “Cocaine Mitch” is in for the ride of his life in the next 5 weeks; Thomas Jefferson’s “Tree of Liberty” is a hard task master. We have one party, and we have 80 million voters who aren’t in that party. This one party doesn’t like us, and us ‘being gone’ is at the top of their wish list. They have the moral ineptitude to proceed with that wish.

If the President doesn’t pull off a miracle, of being our next President, which he clearly and legally won, we have no more Republic. Welcome to our ‘Last Stand’. Make it count!

McConnell mayhem us versus them…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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  1. According to your article, it won’t take too long to rock that boat!!! ‘….though the wind howls, the mountain does not bow to it….’

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